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Your rights are being taken away, minute by minute and day by day. The illuminati are hoping you don’t notice. It’s the bullfrog syndrome. If you put a bullfrog in water and suddenly turn up the heat, he will jump out. However, if you increase the heat gradually, he will boil to death. The Global Elite hope that they can just boil you to death as they gradually take away your freedoms and your constitution. There is legislation right now before Congress that will take away information such as TheConspiracyZone. They don’t want you to know the truth and they are trying to pass laws right now to keep you from knowing the truth. We want to hear your comments. Please take a few seconds to comment on the articles and radio broadcasts you hear and see on this site in the “comment ’ section. You can also e-mail us at www.TheConspiracyZone@msn.com The time is now to speak up and let the world know what you think. We welcome all comments…good and bad, but please..JUST COMMENT one way or the other. Remember, all it took for Hitler to get into power was for good people to stand back….and do nothing. Please let us know what you think. Joe Monoco

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By J Monoco 10/01/2008 08:35 AM

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