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Okay everyone, here’s what’s happening and what is going to happen. As you know all these “mass shootings” are orchestrated by intelligence agencies (CIA). They are not done by lone nuts and they are not random events. They are all related and carefully planned and orchestrated by illuminist globalists to trash the 2nd amendment and ultimately trash the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights to establish their “New World Order.” What they are telling us here is they are planning new events just like this one and most likely worse. They are NOT worried about “copycats”. They are actually warning you that they are planning events like this one that they will likely say it is a “copycat” massacre. DO YOU SEE THE GAME THEY ARE PLAYING AND HOW THE GAME REALLY WORKS?

UPDATE: Okay, here’s what’s going on with Uvalde police chief Pete Arrendondo and why he’s not talking and why this confrontation is so awkward. Arrendondo is no doubt a Freemason himself and answers to Freemasons and Illuminati factions that are way above him. If this event is completely staged, and there is all kind of evidence it is, then he would know that. His problem now is he can’t divulge the fact he knows this. Don’t feel bad for him though, he knew this kind of thing could happen when the corrupt Freemasonic lodge appointed him as police chief.


(BELOW) I want everyone to look at this photo and really examine it. Would there really be a photographer at this location at this very sensitive moment taking pictures as they please? ABSOLUTELY NOT! This would be roped off and no one would be allowed into this area because of the danger and NO ONE would be allowed to be here taking pictures! THIS IS PURE PROPAGANDA and nothing but a ‘photo op”. This would never be allowed if this were really happening in real time. THIS PHOTO ABSOLUTELY HAS TO BE STAGED!


Well we would like to say “here we go again” but it’s still a little too soon. But it doesn’t take much to see what’s going on here at Robb elementary school in Uvalde, Texas is nearly identical to the Sandy Hook incident. We see the crazed gunman, kills a family member, in this case a grandmother (at 11:00 am, Number 11 numerology again) and then goes on a shooting spree allegedly killing innocent children. Then immediately afterward, before families have had time to grieve, they immediately start giving TV interviews and shout for gun control.

See? This is the narrative they are pushing. Just like if there is a “virus” people will give up their inalienable rights, in the same way if the controllers can create enough fear about guns and create enough of these events, they are hoping people will give up their second amendment rights as well. Do you see the game they are playing here?


When I first heard of this “mass shooting” and before I heard any news reports, the first thing I thought was “Let me guess, his weapon of choice will be an AR-15”...... BINGO!!

I mean, isn’t it the gun always used? By the way, he buys them on May 22nd. There’s that multiple of 11 number again. BTW, do you know why the CIA always chooses an AR-15 for these events? Simple numerology. A-R are the first 18 letters of the alphabet plus 15 is 33. 33 is the power number for occultists.

(BELOW) From the phony Tulsa hospital shooting. An AR-15 again! You have got to be kidding me!!!! Can’t you see they are just mocking us? It looks like the stage director told him “Okay now open your eyes real big and look crazy for the camera…okay action!”

But wait! There’s more! Isn’t there always? It just so happens the Buffalo shooter Payton Gendron used an AR-15 as well. Looks like these people are having a good joke making sure to include the “dead end” sign in this photo op as well.

We’ve seen the same theme play out time and time again. You are going to get ridiculous interviews from the media with “family members” that make no sense. Then, people like us are going to point out the inconsistencies in those interviews and almost immediately those interviews will be scrubbed from the internet and the “family members” will never be heard from again. In this case, the shooter is an MK-ULTRA character (if he really exists) is identified as Salvador Ramos.


I watch these people who have supposedly lost family members in brutal fashion and within a few hours or days they are composed enough to do television interviews and most don’t even shed a tear or have red faces or even look like they have been crying. We’ve seen this time and time again with these supposed “grief stricken” family members. They actually give what psychiatrists call “duping delight”. That means in their “micro expressions” they are actually smiling/smirking because they think it’s amusing to get one over on people. Do these people look like they just lost someone in a gruesome massacre to you? It just doesn’t add up.

Signs and symbols are always present with the occultists who orchestrate these events. Everything you see has a deeper meaning, usually numerology references (11,22,33 etc) and pagan false ‘gods’.

Okay, On the below photo this is supposed to be the father of Amerie Jo Garza who was killed. His name is identified as Alfred Garza III on the Today show. He doesn’t appear sad to me, he actually looks quite happy! I want you to look at his hat. There is a T and an X. In the “T” there is an AR-15. DO YOU SEE THAT? I challenge anyone to tell me how a man who just supposedly just lost a loved one who was brutally murdered with an AR-15 would have an AR-15 logo in his hat for an interview.That alone should tell you this whole charade was staged *


Here is Alfred Garza again. Just like we have seen before with these people wearing promotional items in these interviews with their Illuminati false “gods”. Now we see “MARVEL”. Why do we keep seeing various blatant occult promos with these “grieving” parents, past and present? This one is on TV talking about funeral services.

And what is Marvel comics about? It’s obvious. Once again, more pagan “god” occult references. You cannot miss it!

MARVEL, isn’t really comic at all. it’s full of indoctrination methods into the occult. Now, I want to show you this picture of another alleged Witness to this shooting, Briana Ruiz and her Son Daniel. Look at the boy’s hat, it’s a Starter NFL cap for the Atlanta Falcons, but they have taken the falcon off the front of his hat and replaced it with another logo. No Falcons merchandise has this logo and lettering. As far as we can tell, it’s “CAPTCHA” lettering with lucerferion font that your mind will pick up on subliminally and it says “RIFLE”.

Now in this photo, the father of Amerie Jo Garza is identified as Angel Garza on CNN. Who is the real father of Amerie Jo Garcia? CNN SPECIFICALLY SAID HE IS THE “FATHER” AND NOT STEPFATHER!!!! It wasn’t until CBS picked up on this when they realized the gaff and changed it to “stepfather”.

It gets even more bizarre in this circus of “who’s who” as CBS is now claiming Angel Garza is the “stepdad”. I guess different networks have to do damage control now. BTW, is this guy smiling after supposedly losing a loved one? I guess he decided to ditch the shades and the backwards hat for this interview and make sure his “Nike” logo shows. Yea, JUST DO IT! WAKE UP EVERYONE! THIS IS NOT HOW PEOPLE ACT WHEN GRIEVING THE LOSS OF LOVED ONES!!!!!! YOU ARE BEING PLAYED!!!!!

(BELOW) Make sure and get those matching shades on so you can look as cool as possible for your grief stricken interview for ABC. These men were identified as Casey and Brandon Elrod who are allegedly the father and uncle of a 10 year old identified only as “McKenna”. Sure, they just lost a daughter and niece an hour ago but are all shaded up for a TV interview now.

Then we have Matthew McConaughey come out and promote gun control for this whole charade. He’s a professional liar….I mean “actor” by trade and even he seems to think this whole thing is funny as he holds up a picture of one of the alleged “victims”.

(BELOW) Now look at this interview with a man who claims his name is Jessie Rodriquez. He has trouble remembering how to spell his name in the beginning. His daughter is Annabelle Rodriquez. At this time, they don’t know where she is. Then the mother comes on in the video at 2:15 and she was asked what grade her daughter is in, and she doesn’t know.

(BELOW) Now, I want you to watch this bizarre interview with 2nd grade student Edward Timothy and his mother who appears beside him complete with blood red lipstick and stage makeup (gotta look good for the cameras). He forgets his lines early. Then at :14 when he is asked “What did you think they were”? His mother whispers “GUNSHOTS”! He’s obviously being coached by this woman who is supposed to be his mother (called bird dogging). His story seems contrived. He even uses the term as this whole thing being a “drill” at 1:32 and then talks about a lady in a “purple” shirt at 1:04. (MORE REFERENCE TO THE OCCULT)

Then when the mom talks she actually looks to be smiling showing what psychologists call “duping delight.” That is, the fact they are “duping” you is funny and amusing to them, hence the smile. The mother basically smiles the whole time she’s talking. Then at 2:09, watch how his mother smiles when he says he “has a fear of guns now, because someone might shoot me” at 2:13.

(BELOW: FROM USA TODAY) Then there is this picture with a guy in the foreground who is “acting” upset and holding his arms up (at least acting like he’s upset, it more looks like he’s constipated), and then there is some guy in the background holding his arms up as well, like someone is instructing him to pose and a little girl in front of him holding out her hand like she’s wanting money. I mean WTF? Is this a subliminal message by the orchestrators of this event that the people are getting paid money to go along with this and they are putting right in our faces with the little girl wanting money?

Also, more references to the occult here is this interview where the “victims” are getting designer caskets. Notice the goats head “baphomet” overlooking the casket:

You’ll often see baphomet symbolism like this in these Illuminati events:


Now, here’s another game they are playing. In the beginning, it was put out that Ramos was “transgender”. Then they said it wasn’t true and those were “erroneous” reports. The people who are orchestrating this entire event put those reports out on purpose just to screw with everyone! It’s called “leaked information” Nothing is reported and released that they don’t want out and they put those reports out intentionally!

That’s right, these reports and pictures were released intentionally to get a reaction to the news that he had no history of mental issues when clearly he did.

We have showed you interviews with family members right after the incident occurred and showed you things that just don’t add up. So hold on. There’s more. Here we go…...again.

But it doesn’t stop there. As in all these events, there is some sort of “drill” that happens either during or just before the “event” and the same goes for Uvalde. On 3/22 (more number 11’s) an “active shooter” drill took place at this same school at the same location:

More “Coincidences”.

Apparently ABC News is okay with mixing up events in their reports:

Then before I even looked into this, I thought, “Let me guess again, he’s a troubled youth, made threats and had no accomplices, he was a troubled loner and they will determine he acted alone within the first hours.”....... BINGO AGAIN!

So, how did such a poor kid manage to find several thousand dollars to buy these expensive weapons? He worked part-time at Wendy’s. He would need close to 4 grand and probably more than that for ammo. Sounds like “someone” funded him. He was supposedly “bullied” because he was so poor that other kids made fun of the way he dressed, but somehow he has at least 4 grand to shell out on two AR-15 weapons loaded with holographic sites. But that’s just the beginning! If he had all the firepower, with magazines and other accessories they claimed it would be OVER $9000!!!! Yep! makes perfect sense.

Now in this report they tell us that Ramos bought the weapons “legally”. BUT, no one to this day tells us where he got the money to buy them. You’ll also notice in this report they didn’t tell us “how” he got the weapons, only that he got them. Where did he buy them? How did he pay? Who sold them to him? Where did he get the money? There is a lot about this story that makes no sense. They claim he crashed his pickup truck 100 yards away then headed toward the school. Look at the damage to the truck.

This much damage from simply running into a ditch? You gotta be kidding!

The wheels are completely off. Not what you would expect from a crash in a “ditch”. And why did he crash and then decide to walk the rest of the way with weapons even after his grandmother who he allegedly shot, called 911 and alerted the police. But somehow he still made his way to the school and walked at least 100 yards with fully loaded weapons and seven (7) 30 round magazines and a backpack with more ammo. By the way, he enters the school at 11:33 and is there for 77 minutes. More (11) numerology. Watch the report below from KHOU 11 and see if any of it makes sense.

Now look at this photo. There is a bag left outside the crashed vehicle and it looks like the AR-15 is sitting on top of the bag. How do they explain this?

Then I thought, once again, before I even looked deeply into this, “Let me guess again, he has a mugshot with an MK-ULTRA stare and he dies in a shootout with police….....YEP! I GUESSED RIGHT AGAIN!

Then I thought, “Okay, before any family members have had time to even process this event, they will get on national TV and call for gun control.”.........YEP!!!!

If this follows the typical pattern, watch for them to release video after video of family members calling for gun control even before they have started to grieve the loss of a loved one. These videos generally don’t stand up to scrutiny because many times they aren’t real family members. Then after awhile they will be scrubbed from the web entirely and the people interviewed are never heard from again.

Here’s the other thing that makes no sense and goes against all police protocols. It’s been less than 24 hours since this alleged shooting. The police can’t possibly be even close to tying up their investigation. So why are all the witnesses making statements to the press? Isn’t it standard procedure not to say anything about an ongoing investigation until it’s complete? Here are children giving all kinds of sensitive information to the press less than a day where 21 people lost their lives:

Okay, now I want you to watch this short video from the coach of the Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr. I don’t believe he is “in on it”. In other words, his emotional plea on “gun violence” is real and exactly what the orchestrators of these events wants everyone’s emotional state to be in. He specifically talks about gun violence in churches, in supermarkets and kids in schools.

In other words, the perpetrators controlling these events want everyone to not feel safe anywhere and that why they pick these venues. This is exactly what these planned catastrophes are for, be they real or false, and that is to get everyone outraged just like we see here so they can disarm the entire population. If it wasn’t for the fact we know what’s going on and what is behind these events and to what end they want, most people would feel exactly like this. They want us to feel like this, which is a logical way to feel, if you didn’t know about the evil forces behind these events and what their agenda really is.

Now we get this very bizarre interview allegedly with the gunman’s mother. Did she agree to do this interview beforehand? From her car? Why is she in her car? Was she ambushed by reporters and decided to talk anyway? KHOU TV gives her name as Adriana Martinez Reyes, but no other clues as to how found her or any other clues as to how this interview took place. She looks very young. She can’t be much older than 35…if that. What she says just doesn’t make a lot of sense.


Now, what’s the deal with all the “one eyed’ pictures from the children coming out of this school? Everyone who understands the occult will understand this significance. Who made them do this? Who put them up to it? Well, we’ll tell you WHY right now.


The ONE EYE symbolism is the same thing they have been putting in your face for decades. It’s their quest to announce a NEW WORLD ORDER and they can’t do it unless they crash the Constitution and Bill of Rights and disarm you first! They are basically telling you their agenda in plain sight by manipulating these children for those who have eyes to see it.

Yes, they have told us this since our money was printed with the “One Eye” symbolism. The eye in the triangle says, Annuit Choptus Novus Ordo Seclorum, which translates: ANNOUNCING THE BIRTH OF THE NEW ORDER OF THE AGES or NEW WORLD ORDER! COME ON PEOPLE! YOU CAN’T MISS IT!!!!! IT’S RIGHT THERE IN YOUR FACE!

And this story with the number 11 again and the “Monarch butterfly MK-ULTRA” symbolism. No I am not buying any child smeared blood on herself. This is just a sick attempt to sell more gore to this already suspicious event.


USA TODAY probably knows there are people who will figure this this out. In their headlines they say: “If you aren’t grieving, you don’t have a heart”. Okay, they know to pour fuel on the fire. This is for people who take everything the media says at face value and they are already trying to “vilify” the people who aren’t grieving and have figured what these events really are…..government sponsored events to trash the 2nd amendment!

It’s all about gun control! It should be painfully obvious! Just to show you there is no “Left vs Right” and both sides work for the same people, let’s look at how Joseph Biden and Donald Trump BOTH want to take away your guns!.

Just for you fooled “patriots” who think Donald Trump is on your side, listen to him say first hand he wants to take your guns without due process: This interview was from 2018.


Was this 100% scripted or did some people die? Our Opinion is it was 100% STAGED and there were NO FATALITIES! The sad fact is, the illuminati don’t have any trouble killing people for their ritual sacrifices. In events like this, they would rather have it scripted because that way they are in complete control…..If this was real, they have no control over their MK-ULTRA Manchurian candidate so that’s why most of these events are 100% staged. But let it be known they will ritually sacrifice people, but in this event, it doesn’t have the earmarks of a sacrifice.

It appears to be a scripted event from the evidence we have presented. But there remains lots of questions here in addition to the ones we presented. For now, it’s too early to tell one way or the other. One thing we know for sure…this did NOT go down like they are wanting us to believe…NO WAY, NO HOW! We’ll have more information as it becomes available on this issue.

If you want to know more about how scripted, fake news events work this is a good video. Scripted false flag news is an entire industry to get you to believe something that is entirely fiction. It’s much more than “spin” or exaggeration”. We are talking about 100% false Hollywood type created news events that are presented to the public as real events. It’s worse than you ever thought possible.


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