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Okay, so now the patsy has been identified as Chris Harper-Mercer. This is a fake.

We’ll keep updating you with the most recent videos exposing this hoax.

In this video you’ll find out what the agenda of the power elite is. All the predetermined characteristics of this man are the exact things the Illuminati want to turn the world against…..He is a created character.. OK, just the other day the lamestream news turned from its attacks on Russia for the Russian Federation taking action against the American fraud known as “ISIS” to turn its attention to a brand spanking new “shooting” in Oregon….. I was alerted to this “shooting” yesterday morning and indeed have been following all the reports coming from the liars in our media, and of course from reports coming through the alternative media as well… From the very beginning of this latest “shooting” I smelled a rat, and lo and behold after looking over so much data, I am firmly believing this to be an absolute 100% bona fide hoax….

To help understand the strange circumstances behind this latest fraud shooting, I want to turn to a most excellent video that comes from Youtube user “RedsilverJ”.... This video that I have right here for all to see for themselves, definitely shows that we are dealing with another fraud for the same purpose of all the other fraud shootings… To create shock and horror in the American public to the point that they will gladly surrender their last defense against their own criminal government, their guns…

Don’t the power elite ever get tired of the same old tactics? It’s the same pattern, lone crazy shooter. Not a Conspiracy, he acted alone, bla, bla, bla. The power elite are staging events like this in places where we would normally feel safe. In high schools, at shopping malls, on live TV interviews (which we have exposed) and on College campuses. They want you to feel like there is no place to hide and no place you can go to feel safe. It’s a classic case of imposing trauma on the American public, to get you to agree with their pre-planned agenda…DON’T BE FOOLED AGAIN!

The Crisis actors are getting worse and worse:

Currently NBC is telling us this:

Multiple people were killed in a shooting at an Oregon community college on Thursday, fire officials said.

The shooter at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg was “down,” a Douglas County fire official confirmed to NBC News.

UPDATE: At 3:35 pm CST,(3+3+5=11) a guest on CNN reported that no one in adjacent rooms or adjacent buildings heard any gun shots. CNN is also reporting, quote “it’s also concerning that we don’t know the condition of the shooter, is he alive, is he dead?” At 4:00 pm CST CNN’s Wold Blizter reported that the shooter, a 20-year old male, is dead.]

A media conference was claimed to be scheduled for noon in Oregon but did not eventuate.

BBC reporting “at least” fifteen deaths and twenty injured.Shooting began in a science room named Snyder Hall..

US Ambassador to the UK tells BBC US must institute tighter gun laws.

Local media are saying that the Oregon police cannot tell them whether the assailant is even dead or alive.

That is the first really odd, troubling sign. If the local police do not know then who would know?

Dead or alive the assailant is in custody according to them so how could they be unsure as to whether the individual is still alive or under arrest?

Unless they’re still ironing out some of the “wrinkles” in the script.

Oregon College Shooting MSNBC

At least one female was shot in the chest at the college, the official said.

Umpqua is a two-year school with roughly 3,300 full-time students and 16,000 part-time students. It was established in 1964.

KTLA weighs in with this:

A suspected gunman was detained Thursday after reportedly killing at least 10 people at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College, according to CNN.

And USA Today says:

As many as 10 people were killed and 20 injured when a shooter opened fire at Umpqua Community College Thursday in southern Oregon, Oregon State Police told KGW-TV.

The shooter was killed, according to police.

Police received a call of an active shooter in a classroom at the college at 10:30 a.m., local time, according to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

“Active shooter at UCC. Please stay away from the area,” Fire District No. 2 that serves Douglas County said on Twitter.

Sara Mattison, a reporter for KVAL television, said she could see a female student covered in blood get into a car and leave the campus. Mattison also saw parents crying and looking for their children at the campus.

The college, located six miles north of Roseburg, Ore., normally has 3,000 full-time students and 16,000 part-timers. Authorities quickly spread the word and called on residents and students not to go to the campus.

credit below to nodisinfo:

In this image (BELOW) this huckster is assisted by the man seen in the image, far left, this time through his taking on the tissue paper prop:

Oregon, it would seem, has legions of such fabricators. Here is another one, sporting a large tattoo, who attempts, though in an asinine way, to fake tearfulness: She’s holding the cell phone as a prop, too, on instruction from her Zionist masters, feigning as if she is calling someone about the horror of this (non) shooting.

Now comes the mother, father, and son team, happy to sell their souls for the benefits they earn for the lie. Surely, the parents are in the casual mode, here, just are the people in the background. Yet, the son, oh that son, he is in such shock and grief, so sad, so pouring with tears that he must cover his eyes.

Here is yet another team of fraudsters, presumably mother and daughter. While the daughter does her fake shock act – and not very well, it might be added – the mother upholds the lie by carrying both water bottles. “Just one each; these hoaxes are getting expensive.” oregonhoax5 Even a child can view this and see it is an act and that there is nothing about it which is real.

It’s an entire family of liars and cheats, make no mistake about it. Selling their souls to the devil they have betrayed all those others willing to stand up for what is right, willing to risk even their lives fighting against the evil empire. Too, the water bottle is ever-present in this hoax. A crisis actor sickened by dehydration would surely upset the fabricated system and leave the schemers vulnerable to litigation.

Zoomed in, clearly, that water is the standard in these hoaxes. If it is there in abundance, the fabrication is confirmed.

It’s a team effort of fraudsters and hacks. Suddenly, the son no longer needs to deal with that grief and it switches over to the mother, who gives that infamous Obama finger the-eye falsifier’s sign.

It’s an entire family of liars and cheats, make no mistake about it. Selling their souls to the devil they have betrayed all those others willing to stand up for what is right, willing to risk even their lives fighting against the evil empire. Too, the water bottle is ever-present in this hoax. A crisis actor sickened by dehydration would surely upset the fabricated system and leave the schemers vulnerable to litigation.

Regardless, who can deny it? It is clearly a drill, and, thus, all those who claim it as real are liars. See how casual it all is except for the various fake hugging and grieving routines done before the camera:

TROUTDALE, OR – JUNE 10: Parents of Reynolds High School students console one another in a nearby parking lot after word of a school shooting June 10, 2014 in Troutdale, Oregon. Authorities said one student was fatally shot and the gunman was found dead at an Oregon high school (Photo by Natalie Behring/Getty Images)

Per, essentially, the Protocols of Zion the GMOs, refined sugar, vaccinations, and flouride have, in fact, done their job. It’s another circus act, Canadian-Moncton style, with a big man featured in front of everyone’s face, gesturing and posturing. He has made himself bigger-than-life by standing up on the vehicle frame. Better watch out; that doughnut belly could drop him down in a flash, and there might be a real casualty of this scam.

As you can see below, Roseburg, Oregon in situated on one of the key Ley Lines, where occult ceremonies are conducted and where planned tragedies or false flag operations almost always take place:

And here you can see 4 Ley Lines converge almost exactly around Roseburg:

This one also has Illuminati numerology written all over it. It happened on 10/1 = 11. The Illuminati (13 Ruling Crime Families) is a ritualistic organization that has been around since the Christian crusades. It has a special way of looking at numbers that we should all know about and uses the numbers for ritualistic witchcraft.

October is an important month for the Illuminists. No doubt this false flag occurring on the 1st is significant. Why? Sacrifice preparation: kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of person for human sacrifice for October 31st.__

The number 11 is the number of destruction and judgment and the death of man. Any event or thing assigned with the number 11 aids in the raising of the anti-Christ.

THE SIGNIFICANCE OF OTHER NUMBERS. Let’s break this down and you can see this is just another psyop using numerology. (BELOW)

Here are the meanings of the most significant numbers in the Illuminati system of numerology.

0 – For the Illuminati the number zero is symbolic of sun worshiping. It symbolizes the man who is reborn through occult rituals.

1 – This is the number of unity of mind, body and soul.

2 – This is the number of division rather than togetherness as is typical of other number system… It is the number of the total separation of Spirit.

3 – This is the number of royalty. It symbolizes the magical shape of the triangle. It symbolizes the Holy Trinity which is Nimrod Semiramis Tamus … or Osiris, Isis, Horus … or Satan, Eve and Cain

4 – The number of foundation. Aleister Crowley wrote a book called Book Four which was a complete guide to Magic.

5 – This is a number that protects members of the illuminati from Death. The Illuminati also use something called The Law of Fives which is the mind’s power to perceive truth in just about everything.

6 – The number of man. Taken from the belief that man was created on the sixth day of the week.

7 – This number is significant in several ways. There are 7 Creative powers of the Godhead There are 7 Great Ages of the Earth. There are 7 Races of mankind. There are 7 laws governing human life. There are 7 Schools of Mystery Religions. In Theosophy there is a seven step process of human evolution in which successive races evolve from a lower to a higher form of life.

8 – This is the number of the sun and the sun worshiper. It takes 8 years for Venus to orbit the sun 13 times which is significant to many occult groups including the Illuminati.

9 – The number of divine completion and the number of the fall of man.

10 – The number of law and authority. It is taken from the Ten Commandments.

11 – The number of destruction and judgment and the death of man. Any event or thing assigned with 11 is to aid the rising of the Dajjal/anti-Christ. In Latin the Devil’s name is LVX which translates as (50+5+10 = 65 =6+5 =11) Just as a point of interest, Armistice Day/Remembrance Day November 11 at 11:11 (Triple 11)

13 – Thirteen is simultaneously a lucky and unlucky number. It is considered to be a bad omen because the Knights Templars were arrested on October 13, 1307. However it is also the number of reincarnation and everlasting life. There are 13 members in covens and satanic cults – 12 regular members and one high priest. This is a mirroring of 12 jurors + 1 judge = 13. There are 13 high occult families that run the world.

27 – The number 27 = 9+9+9 the most powerful magnification of 9 as it symbolizes 3 nines.

39 – The number 39 = 13 + 13 + 13. The highest possible magnification of the number 13.

333 – The number 333 uses the number 3 three times. 333 stands for the one third of the angels that followed Lucifer and rebelled.

555 – The number 555 = 15 = 1 + 5 = 6. When 555 is used 3 times and reduced to a number, it is a hidden 666. The only known meaning to the numbers of evil or sinister triple 5 is enlightenment or illumination.

666 – When 6 is used 3 times it is the number of the Beast.

777 – Aleister Crowley wrote a book called 777 that is significant to the Illumnati

999 – 999 is a hidden and an inverted 666 and symbolizes hidden evil.

Also, The Oregon High School Shooting was a Complete Fake! (THIS IS RELATED) The drills are both to accomplish the same agenda!

credit: Nodisinfo.com

What an absolute fake it is, fake beyond fake – the Oregon high school shooting hoax. In fact, it is so fake that a single picture alone proves the hoax.

Here is some of the standard story lines, as found in gossip blogs like the DailyMail and Hollywood Life:

At least 1 student is confirmed dead after student carrying a semi-automatic weapon and dressed in all-black opened fire inside Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon. Multiple injuries are reported, and one witness claims they saw a teacher covered in blood.

An unknown number of injuries are being reported out of Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon after an unidentified student gunman opened fire on the morning of Tuesday, June 10.t least two people are confirmed dead from this tragic incident, including one student and the gunman.

Oregon School Shooting: 2 Dead After Gunman Opens Fire Inside Locker Room Devastating news out of Troutdale, Oregon on Tuesday, June 10.

An active shooter was reported inside Reynolds High School, according to CNN at approximately 11:45am. At 12:20pm CNN reported that the shooter had been “neutralized” — meaning he is now dead. The shooter’s death was the first fatality reported in this tragic incident, and a second was confirmed by Portland Police during a press conference shortly after the tragedy struck. It was later confirmed that the gunman was, in fact, a student at Reynolds High School.

The shooting was first reported inside the locker room in the gymnasium, according to the Daily Mail. The shooter was allegedly dressed in all-black with a bulletproof vest and helmet.

Yet, as published in Hollywood Life, officially, the police make it clear that it did all begin in the morning (Note: there was nothing to begin, then, other than a drill):

How to tell a hoax from the real thing: (BELOW)


It is completely implausible that a shooting began at around 8:00 a.m. with a lone shooter only, a mere teenager, and then lasted for some four hours afterwards. This was without any intervention despite the presence, in advance, it must be added, of “multiple agencies?” This alone proves the event is an absolute hoax. So does the announcement in advance of the social media monikers, the hashtags and more.

The fact that all others are asked to say away at risk of their own peril and at risk of being confronted by armed men is also another proof the the degree of this scam.

The hoaxes are getting increasingly inane, as the Zionist cabal, forcing the issue, commits blunder after blunder. Too, if one of these events turns into a real killing, with real blood and actual injured or killed people, that, too will be an act of Zionist desperation.

The Illuminati are very much into their own classic system of number meanings that have had an impact on their cult and on humankind for centuries! Once more information comes out about this latest hoax, no doubt you could look at this list and find many of these numbers involved in this lasted false flag shooting.

We don’t have all the information yet about this latest farce to give the government a reason to abolish your Bill of Rights and your rights to bear Arms, But as I write this at 1:21pm Mountain time, here is what I guarantee will happen in the hours ahead. MARK MY WORDS!

1. This will be a lone nut and there will be no one else involved.

2. The killer either commits suicide or is killed by police.

3. Relatives will show up on CNN in less than 24 hours calling for stricter gun control laws.

4 The story narrative is closed early, a lone madman with no help, is the only possibility.

5 Gun control is the only answer.

We are not close to being finished with this story. Come back later today and we will have more updates!

Joe Monoco



If you don’t get it, here’s why:

1 Corinthians 2:14: But people who aren’t spiritual can’t receive these truths from God’s Spirit. It all sounds foolish to them and they can’t understand it, for only those who are spiritual can understand what the Spirit means.

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  1. joe wrote on 10/01/2015 10:35 PM

    The gunman was in jeans and a t-shirt yet had an assault rifle, a gun with a silencer (possibly) and two other guns, so four guns total. The victims had over 40 bullet wounds, so no idea how many other bullets that didn't hit their targets, but 40 hits is typical of the extreme accuracy of these supposed mentally insane individuals, plus a teacher was hit in the head, also requiring some skill. But, the very skilled shooter somehow doesn't injure any police officers. And of course no video of the shooting or anything, not even a video of the students huddling in the class rooms. I guess all those I-phones just stopped working, but wait, lots of people were tweeting. Hmm...

  2. annie wrote on 10/03/2015 05:38 AM

    yet another MOSSADISTICIA theatrical show....."manifesto" still being printed, will include detailed hate speeches and family pics of shooter with a collection of arsenal and a confederate flagin his youth with bowl haircut......yawn.....face inpalm giggle....its all a bitboring.

  3. Chuck wrote on 11/01/2015 10:38 AM

    "LIVE TV SHOOTING" of 2 journalists in Roanoke, VA. Shooter (VESTER LEE FLANAGAN) magically changed clothes during his "gun attack" on the journalists. In other words, the whole "shooting" was FAKE. False Flag! See photo: http://i.imgur.com/u3SD4zJ.jpg

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