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The sad truth about many, many famous people is what path it took to get them there. We are not talking about the hard work and long hours they put in either. We are talking about the fact most people in Hollywood have sold out to Satan and Demonic forces to get to the pinnacle of where they are now.

We see it in Rock music, we see it in the Arts and Entertainment and we see in with famous actors and actresses too.

The fact is you will see the same types of stories time and time again with many “famous” people in Hollywood. You see common themes of the Occult. You’ll see Satanism and you’ll see Black Magic Rituals.

It’s not uncommon for people who involve themselves in this demonic lifestyle to be depressed, tormented and finally becoming such tortured souls that they take their own life.

The list of people who have admitted receiving powers from demonic entities is too numerous to mention, but a few you will recognize are: Robin Williams, Beyonce, Opra Winfrey, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley…..and the list goes on and on. Lionel Richie once said “No one gets out of this business alive.”

If you want to know more about the occult powers behind Rock Music, read:


The fact is many of these top entertainers have been put through mind altering MK ULTRA programming. The tortures that these people go through is so brutal it’s really amazing they are still alive.


The problem is, anytime you choose to traffic with the Devil in return for fame and fortune, you will end up depressed and on the road to destruction. We have seen it time and time again. There is no amount of money or any “celebrity” status you can achieve that is worth what you have to give up…..

When we are dealing with The New World Order and the Illuminati, we ALWAYS have to look at occult numerology involved. We see it here once again:

It’s very possible he was murdered as well. Let’s look at the below facts:

Look at the date. 11 august. 11 is prime occult number by the Illuminati.

The Numbers of the Serpent Occult Religion.

The most venerated occult numbers are: 3, 6, 9, 11, 13, and multiples thereof, especially 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77. A triplication of numbers is also considered sacred (possibly even more sacred) to the occultist: 111, 222, 333, and so fourth. The number 5 is the number of Death; also, an extremely scared number is the double 11, as in 11:11, or 11/11/11.

The number 7 and 12 are also an extremely important number universally. Seven is a number of complement and is considered a Divine number. Seven days in a week, seven colors to the rainbow. The occult will also use this number 7, but their favorite numbers are 11 and 6. The occult avoids using the numbers and multiplications of 4, 8, 10, and 12, unless they correlate with their prime numbers.

THE PROOF IS RIGHT HERE!!!! Williams is not giving the “okay” sign above and below. It is well known in occult illuminati circles that is the (3) sixes sign…..666.

Also look at the following numbers:

D.O.B: July 21, 1951= 6

D.O.D: August 11, 2014= 6

Was last seen at 10:00pm and found dead at 12:02= 6

Clearly see the 666

Williams was found dead in Tiburon, Ca. Looking up the name of location it clearly says that it is named after the shark, These species are obligate ram ventilators and would presumably asphyxiate if unable to move.

They say he died of asphyxiation.

His Name:

Robin- means shining, bright, fame/ mclaurin- Scottish (masons)/ william- helmet, protection.

He died on Monday also known as MOON DAY: which if seeing the moon from Sunday to Monday the moon was bigger Brighter and Shining like his name Robin!!

His Birthday was last month on the 21: which falls on the days in which people are kidnapped or held to prepare for sacrifice, he was in “Rehab” last month maybe being prepared for sacrifice….

The Occult and The Eye Of Horus

Williams is promoting the Eye Of Horus (BELOW)

It’s the same illuminati signal we see from many Rock Stars who are into the occult. Like Marilyn Manson:


Below is a video of Beyonce actually admitting to being possessed by an evil spirit named Sasha Fierce:

(BELOW) Beyonce flashing the sign of Horus

The hand sign is not random. It signifies something evil and flashing it during the Super Bowl tells a lot about who is running the show.

Keep in mind, Beyonce isn’t always under the influence of the demonic spirit, Sasha Fierce. Below is what she looks like normally before channeling these evil spirit guides:

(BELOW) is what she looks like after an elaborate on stage occultic ceremony in which she calls on demonic entities to possess her. It should be obvious these aren’t human looks, but demonic sneers. Her face and body take on a maniacal man like appearance as devils seize control of her body and vocal cords:

If you want to know the complete story on Beyonce, click here: BEYONCE, SATAN AND SASHA FIERCE

More stars promoting the occult and the eye of Horus


Michael Jackson:

Britney Spears:

Justin Bieber:

Numerous pop stars are controlled by the Occult:

Who’s who in the occult:

And it’s also on on the dollar bill. With the Latin phrase around it: “Annuit Ceoptis Novus Ordo Seclorum.” Which translates “Announcing The Birth of The New Order of The Ages.” You should be starting to see what is really happening.

Look at another thing all these deaths have in common. It just doesn’t add up:

Alright, here’s my thing with these celebrities who supposedly died of circumstances “not related to TPTB or “star whackers” or the Illuminati”. Here are the facts that have surrounded almost every celebrity that has died:

Whitney Houston – died of “drugs” – ALONE in the bathroom.

Heath Ledger – died of “drugs” – ALONE in his home.

Phillip Seymour Hoffman – died of “drugs” – ALONE in his bathroom.

Jim Morrison – died of “drugs” – ALONE in the bathroom.

David Carradine – died of “asphyxia” – ALONE in hotel room.

Michael Jackson – died of “drugs” – ALONE in home.

Robin Williams – died of “asphyxia” (just like David Carradine – how ironic??) – ALONE in his home, was found/discovered, presumably by his wife.

Cory Monteith – died of “drugs” – ALONE in hotel room

Kurt Cobain – died of “suicide” – ALONE in his hotel (no one believes Kurt committed suicide – at least not the smart people anyway.)

Jimi Hendrix – died of “drugs” – ALONE in home.

Janis Joplin – died of “drugs” – ALONE in her home.

Marilyn Monroe – died of “drugs” – ALONE in her home.

River Phoenix – who died of “drugs” not ALONE but on the street, with his brother Joaquin who after his brother’s death becomes HUGE star – how convenient?

Anna Nicole Smith – died of “drugs” – ALONE in a hotel.

Amy Winehouse – died of “drugs” – ALONE in her home.

Brittany Murphy – died of “pneumonia” – ALONE in her room.

Looks like we are seeing a pattern here.

We think the below commentary is very well researched:

Robin Williams: The Sad Truth The Media Won’t Tell You

By: Joe Schimmel

Everybody is currently talking about Robin Williams and his tragic suicide. Many are puzzled as to how a man, who made so many people laugh, could be so depressed that he would violently end his life. What people are not learning is the deeper truth about the insidious forces that tormented Robin Williams and drove him to suicide.

Robin Williams acknowledged that he had opened himself up to transformative demonic powers that aided him on stage. Without the aid of such demonic powers, it is likely that you would have never have heard of Robin Williams and many other famous celebrities. Williams also recognized that these powers had manifested a very evil influence on stage and that there could be a hefty price to pay for their assistance. Williams told James Kaplan of US Weekly:

“Yeah! Literally, it’s like possession ‑ all of a sudden you’re in, and because it’s in front of a live audience, you just get this energy that just starts going…But there’s also that thing ‑ it is possession. In the old days you’d be burned for it…But there is something empowering about it. I mean, it is a place where you are totally ‑ it is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, where you really can become this other force.

Maybe that’s why I don’t need to play evil characters [in movies], ‘cause sometimes onstage you can cross that line and come back. Clubs are a weird kind of petri dish environment. I mean, that’s where people can get as dark as they can in comedy ‑ in the name of comedy, be talking about outrageous stuff and somehow come out the other side. I mean, that’s one place where you really want to push it” (Robin Williams, “Robin Williams,” by James Kaplan, US Weekly, January, 1999, p. 53).

Williams’ last statement quoted above answers the question as to why the demonic powers use entertainers. Their goal is to promote evil and darkness and increase mankind’s rebellion against God.

Williams went on to say on the heels of that admission:

“The people I’ve admired ‑ Jonathan [Winters], in his best days, was out. Gone. But the price he paid for it was deep” (Ibid).

Sadly, it seems that the price Robin Williams has now paid is just as deep as that of his idol, Jonathan Winters. In fact, in the same US Weekly Interview, James Kaplan says:

“With a gift for mimicry and improvisation that verged on demonic possession, Williams could even approach the artistry of his idol Jonathan Winters—a man whose genius took him, once or twice, over the edge into mental illness. Williams’ own version of hell has been extensively chronicled” (Ibid).

Like Robin Williams, Jonathan Winters had to contend with the tormenting demonic powers he utilized for fame and fortune. “These voices are always screaming to get out,” Winters told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, further admitting “They follow me around pretty much all day and night.”

At the height of Winter’s success, he voluntarily committed himself to a psychiatric hospital for eight months. Winters would later claim that if he were not careful, the authorities would put him back in the “zoo,” an obvious reference to the mental institution. Winters, like Williams, often fell into deep depression and struggled with heavy drinking.

Comedians, like many famous musicians, pay the price for their fame by becoming enslaved to the demonic forces that possess and torment them. Jim Morrison, the frontman of America’s most successful band in the 60’s, admitted that he had to drink “to silence the constant voices of the demons” (James Riordin, “Break on Through: The Life and Death of Jim Morrison,” p. 23). The Door’s photographer, Frank Lisciandro, stated that, “Jim drank to quiet the ceaseless clamor of the demons, ghosts and spirits. He drank because there were demons and voices and spirits shouting inside of his head and he found that one of the ways to quell them was with alcohol” (Ibid., p. 28).

Brian Wilson, considered the musical genius of the Beach Boys, claimed that he has been harassed by several different demonic spirit entities that so tormented him that he was bed ridden for years. Rolling Stone describes Wilson’s possession-like experience in ways that are reminiscent of scenes of Linda Blair from The Exorcist:

“Brian Wilson hears voices. They talk to him. They frighten him, distract him, confuse him…the voices are calling. His eyes roll toward the ceiling; they’ve gone blank. His brow is furrowed with thick worry lines. He is silent. Gone. He looks up, jerks his head back and forth for a few seconds, as if physically shaking away the voices” Former Warner Brother Records President, Larry Waronker, claims to have met at least five different entities possessing Brian Wilson’s body (Rolling Stone, August, 1988, p. 51-52).

Ozzy Osborne admitted, “I’ve got many, many demons that affect me on many, many levels” (Harry Shaw, “Ozzy Talking,” p. 126). Ozzie further admitted, “I remember sitting through the Exorcist a dozen times, saying to myself, ‘Yeah, I can relate to that” (Hit Parader, Nov. 1984, p. 49).

Most people are blind to this diabolical pattern of celebrities giving themselves over to satanic power for fame and fortune, only to be exploited, used and abused, and then spit out after Satan is done with them.

Heath Ledger’s life ended prematurely not long after he accepted the evil role of The Joker in The Dark Knight. While Ledger’s depression began after starring in the gay promotional film, Brokeback Mountain, after his death, headlines from Australia’s Herald Sun like, “Tragic Death: Heath Ledger Battled His Demons” and The Star, stating “If it was personal demons that conspired to destroy Heath Ledger, they were already making their presence felt many years before,” underscored the fact that Ledger was dealing with some dark forces.

Ledger said of The Joker character he would portray in The Dark Knight, “He’s a psychopathic, mass murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy.” However, to properly play the role to his satisfaction, Ledger would open himself up to evil spirits with even less empathy. “Well,” said Jack Nicholson, who had also played The Joker, “I warned him” (Source).

Unfortunately, Nicholson’s warning went unheeded and Ledger overcame his fears and ended up even meditating on becoming the evil Joker he would portray:

“I definitely feared it…Although anything that makes me afraid I guess excites me at the same time. I don’t know if I was fearless, but I certainly had to put on a brave face and believe that I have something up my sleeve. Something different…just closing my eyes and meditating on it…it was important to try to find a somewhat iconic voice and laugh. I ended up landing more in the realm of a psychopath, someone with very little to no conscience towards his acts” (Source).

Ledger told the New York Times that he “had trouble sleeping while portraying the Joker,” and that, “Last week I probably slept an average of two hours a night.” Ledger seems to have been so tormented that he told the Times, “I couldn’t stop thinking. My body was exhausted, and my mind was still going.” He went on to state that he took drugs, which would quell the unrest for only an hour (The Associated Press, January 23, 2008). Sadly, Ledger, died of a drug overdose shortly after the filming of The Dark Knight.

(ABOVE) Looks like Williams was also part of MK ULTRA and Monarch Programming as well

For more on Monarch Mind Control, click the following link: MONARCH MIND CONTROL, WHAT IS IT?

Robin Williams, like Morrison, Winters, Ledger and so many others who resort to drugs or alcohol in their attempt to quell the demonic voices that torment them, fail to realize – until it’s too late – that such drugs only draw one deeper into Satan’s insidious web. The truth is that only the Lord Jesus Christ has the power and authority to deliver humans from satanic powers. The scriptures reveal that the demonic powers tremble before God’s mighty power (James 2:19). It is in Jesus’ name that believers have victory over the demonic realm. God’s Word declares:

“For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil” (1 John 3:8).

“Therefore, since the children share in flesh and blood, He Himself likewise also partook of the same, that through death He might render powerless him who had the power of death, that is, the devil, and might free those who through fear of death were subject to slavery all their lives” (Hebrews 2:14-15).

“And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death” (Revelation 12:11).

Christians must guard their hearts from entertainers who are being used by dark forces to erode moral conviction and draw believers away from the light and love of Christ.

The terrible irony is that many of these comics, such as Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters, who are portrayed in their public persona to be happy and filled with laughs, are in fact the most tormented and joyless souls on earth. Jesus gave the solemn warning “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” (Mark 8:36).

According to Robin Williams’ publicist, Williams had been struggling with “severe depression.” Famous comedian Chevy Chase said of Williams after his suicide “Robin and I were great friends, suffering from the same little-known disease: depression” (Source).

Jim Carry, who has his own battles with severe depression, said when asked about Robin Williams’ death, “Comedians are often plagued by thoughts and beliefs that no one understands them” (Source).

Several famous comedians have been diagnosed with mental illness and suffered from severe depression. Just to name a few: John Cleese, Paul Merton, Jim Carrey, Stephen Fry, Jonathan Winters, Ruby Wax, Dave Chappelle, Robin Williams, Chevy Chase, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Hugh Laurie, Maria Bamford, and Tony Hancock, who was considered the funniest comic actor of his time, ended up killing himself while filming a television series in Australia in 1968.

Jesus – not drugs or alcohol – is the Savior of the world and the only One who can deliver us from the penalty of sin, hell, death and enslavement from satanic powers. Jesus declared:

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10).

Jesus also declared:

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him. He who believes in Him is not judged; he who does not believe has been judged already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. This is the judgment, that the Light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the Light, for their deeds were evil. For everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come to the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. But he who practices the truth comes to the Light, so that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought in God” (John 3:16-21)

Depression can have many sources, but has only one ultimate remedy. True joy can only come from a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and the infilling of His Holy Spirit. The fruit of the Spirit is manifold and includes love and joy. Let us remember that there are a lot of hurting people out there like Robin Williams, who are filled with hopelessness and despair. May God make us sensitive to their needs and help us to show them His great love through our concern, willingness to help and sharing the gospel.

Please pray for the celebrities/mediums in Hollywood and so many in the music industry, that they would repent and find deliverance from the demonic forces that are exploiting them to wickedly influence the masses and come to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the King of kings and Lord of lords! Pray for those who clamor for their “entertainment,” and are adversely and incrementally affected. May the Lord guard each of our own hearts, as we seek discernment and seek to avoid the spiritual land mines that threaten our lives and those of our loved ones. May the Lord abundantly bless you as you seek His face and His glory!

The illuminati are notorious for telegraphing it’s punches. They seem to have done it again here:

There seemed to be an “uncanny coincidence” last night when news of Robin Williams’ apparent suicide came in just as a Family Guy episode centering around Robin Williams and a failed suicide attempt finished. The episode ‘Fatman and Robin’ sees Peter Griffin cursed with the ability to turn everything he touches into Robin Williams after he accuses God of hating the Mrs. Doubtfire actor during a thunderstorm. Driven to madness like King Midas, the curse leads Peter to try and commit suicide. The cartoon ended just minutes before the world learned that Williams had died at his northern California..

The BBC broadcast an episode of Family Guy about Robin Williams and a failed suicide attempt just minutes before it was revealed that the actor had been found hanged.

An extraordinary coincidence saw the ‘Viewer Mail #2’ episode shown on BBC Three between 11.25pm and 11.45pm on Monday, with the death announced by Reuters news agency at 11.56pm.

A sketch in the episode called ‘Fatman and Robin’ sees Peter Griffin, the father in the US comedy, gains the power to turn everyone in his fictional city of Quahog into Williams by touching them.

Here’s a short video on the subject:

By Joe Monoco



If you don’t get it, here’s why:

1 Corinthians 2:14: But people who aren’t spiritual can’t receive these truths from God’s Spirit. It all sounds foolish to them and they can’t understand it, for only those who are spiritual can understand what the Spirit means.

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  1. Berni Jacobs wrote on 08/21/2014 05:26 AM

    Thank you for an informative brilliant page, exposing lies, deceit and the evil pretending to be the ultimate ruler of this world, Satan, for it was not Satan who is the ultimate creator. Genesis in the beginning God created! When Satan offered the world to Jesus, Jesus must have been somewhat amused, how can you give to the son of God what already belongs to him and how do you propose to take it away? God says in His word, that His people are dying of lack of knowledge! We are instructed to seek and ye shall find, knock and the door will be opened. We cannot fight and enemy that knows us and the word of God backwards, but we are not encouraged to know the truth regarding satanism. Thank you for this site and please take your time in writing these articles, give in depth information and continue to bring the darkness to the light! In the name of Jesus, may we grow from strength to strength and may we face each and every battle with renewed love and determination.

  2. iknowthetruth wrote on 08/28/2014 12:24 PM

    I believe it, you all live in a world of lies by the MSM who are controlled by satanist assclowns. Earth is not round it's concave and Space/our whole universe is actually inside concave Earth. Earth does in fact have a sky ceiling up 62k miles surrounded by ice. The maps you see in books or maps online, are all altered and fake. There are no planets the planets you see on tv/magazines, etc... aren't that big and really just small rocks inside Concave Earth. The moon & sun are holographic, they're just spotlights reflecting on the glass sky ceiling from inside the pyramids inside concave earth. In fact I believe the sun or moon is resting on or near it like a telescope all seeing eye, we could be living in a cell or an eye. We are helping build the kingdom of God. Heaven is actually a place that's real inside concave Earth. Africa is huge about 2-3x larger, also the Earth seems like it's expanding I wouldn't doubt it since there's more people populating the concave Earth the more room we can have and live the life we were suppose too unless this is Hell or in between heaven an hell. I know I'm not far off and I think I know the master plan. The US Air Force has been building weapons and NASA been helping con people for money and fake missions to the moon/mars and other made up BS, long story short, NASA is a con artist organization who are pretty much Nazi's. WW2 never ended they never surrendered or been defeated, they made a pact with the US and Russia and perhaps the UK but the UK is just one horrible place, you are looking at Martial Law soon or a massive football stadium sized EMP strike from China. Anyways sorry got side tracked there for a minute. Terrorist are made up there is no ISIS or ISIL or any of that, they want us to turn on each other but they want to make it easier for them to kill us before they take away your guns. Same thing been going on for centuries. Some of it is fear mongering so don't believe everything just use logic and instincts to figure out the obvious and don't become a sheep and follow the manipulation you're smarter than that. The US Air Force has been making UFO's and they want you to believe there's aliens when in reality there is no such thing just clones of foot soldiers plus the UFOS can be remote controlled and they want you to believe there's UFOs and aliens attacking when they invade but really it's the military the whole time.

  3. zahra wrote on 09/04/2014 05:13 AM

    DEATH RACE 666 List of few Famous People who died one after other on 666th Day JACK J. VALENTI (26 April 2007)- Longtime president of Motion Picture Association of America. Created MPAA film rating system. Regarded as one of the most influential pro-copyright lobbyists in the world. Died at his home in Washington from stroke complications. LARRY H. MILLER (20 February 2009)- Utah businessman, owner of the NBA's Utah Jazz and of the Salt Lake Bees, a Triple-A Minor League Baseball franchise. Also owned 53 automotive dealerships throughout the Western United States. Died at home due to complications from type II diabetes ( calciphylaxis) TOMMASO P.SCHIOPPA (18 December 2010)- European Italian banker and economist. Italy's Minister of Economy and Finances. Considered as a Founding Father of the European single currency. Former member of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group. Died after suffering a fatal heart attack during a dinner he had organized in Rome. KYLE BENETT (14 October 2012)- American professional Bicycle Motocross (BMX) Racer and Dirt Jumper. Stepson of BMX pro racer John Purse. Died at 33 due to road accident while driving at high speed. ROBIN WILLIAMS (11 August 2014)- American actor, comedian, and filmmaker. Hanged himself with a belt and died from asphyxiation at home. Barack Obama said of Williams: "He was one of a kind. He arrived in our lives as an alien but he ended up touching every element of the human spirit." ( what are the words?... lives, alien, human spirit... really?) On 7 June 2016 ???

  4. Empireuniverse wrote on 11/18/2014 03:59 AM

    great article and interesting comments. Check out my site for the truth: aliensrevealed.blogspot.com

  5. thetransmogrifer wrote on 11/24/2014 03:40 PM

    To accept Jesus or Satan is to accept and worship authority and all systems of authority are systems of political power. Power corrupts: abuse of power the ultimate aphrodisiac. I don't doubt that existence of Monarch Mind Control, or MKULTRA, nor do I deny the omnipotent Illuminati crime families generated out of books like the Egyptian Book of the dead. From my point of view, following and blindly obeying any system authority will yield the same results now attributed to big government and organized religion. The truth does not require belief.

  6. JS wrote on 12/13/2014 02:43 PM

    In the new movie called "Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb" there is obvious symbolism of Robin Williams' demise. His hands begin to seize symbolizing his Parkinson's Disease dementia hybrid. Then he insists on being dropped into oblivion symbolizing his suicide. Spread the word, continue the agenda brethren.

  7. I AM the late bloomer baby boomer wrote on 06/13/2015 05:06 PM

    despite the same talents as Elvis, The Beatles, and Michael Jackson,I resist Satans temtations for fame and fortune prefuring the excellency of Jesus to worldy fame

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