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We at The Conspiracy Zone never like to try and make predictions. What we always try to do is put together information and show “probabilities” and “possibilities.” We personally don’t think the illuminists would try another 9/11 here at these Olympics, because sites like this are all over it! They wanted to pull a tragedy on Super Bowl 47, but because we and sites like ours, are aware, they backed off. THAT IS WHAT WE WANT TO DO, IS KEEP THEM ON THE RUN! As long as we inform you about their plans, the less likely they are to pull off another false flag! So, if at the end of these Olympics, if there is not a New World Order catastrophe, that means we have done our job in preventing it by informing you! LET’S KEEP IT UP! WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

The reason we think it’s important to point things like this out is because the Illuminists like to catch people completely off guard.

So, if they have a false flag “terrorist” event planned and too many people have figured it out, they often times will scrap their plans and wait for a better time. So, if they do have something planned for the Winter Games in Sochi and the world at large gets wind of it, they likely won’t try to pull if off as planned.

We have inside information that there was a false flag attack planned at Super Bowl 47 between the Ravens and 49ers that was aborted because too many people found out. As you can see below we were given hints in these Sports Illustrated covers. You can see one used the word “GORE”..loosely referring to 49er back Frank Gore.

Then they used the title: “There Will Be Blood” referring to the Harbaugh brothers. But both headlines have double meanings if they really were planning another false flag terror event.

So, the illuminati want to remain in the dark BUT in occult circles they are obligated to telegraph their punches so to speak. So they do give us warnings but it’s done in such a way that it’s extremely difficult to unravel until AFTER the event had taken place. Look how they told us about 9/11 in advance in this episode of “The Simpson’s” in the short video below. It’s clearly a reference to 9/11 with the words “New York” and the twin towers in the background:

Two of the mascots for the Winter Games are ‘Snowflake’, an icey fallen star and ‘Ray of Light’, an illuminated being who, according to the official Sochi 2014 website both came down to Earth in a selfless quest for acceptance, sound familiar? Or is this yet more predictive programming to help bring about the acceptance of otherworldly entities being a part of our future, or even current reality?

We see some fundamental occult symbolism also being incorporated into a variation of the official Olympic logo in the form of a white pentagram, sitting on a slightly less hidden, inverted blue pentagram behind. Which represents the sinister Goat God that those behind ritualistic global events like the Olympics collectively revere.

Now let’s see if this card from “The Illuminati Card Game” is making a prediction

Watch this short video and see if you think there might be an attack planned on Sochi

In this shocking expose, we will present proof the events of 9/11 was planned by the Illuminati as far back as 1995. Austin, Texas based Steven Jackson board games came up with a game called “Illuminati—The New World Order game.” What makes this so bizarre is it outlined the attacks of 9/11 exactly as it was carried out …back in 1995! So this Illuminati “card game” has been very accurate in the past concerning the events of 9/11.

NOTE: We don’t believe for a minute a man named Seven Jackson could have done this by himself…....If he even exists! This card game is put out by high ranked illuminati members telling their people in advance how they plan to bring in the New World Order and how they will carry it out.

The company, S.J. Games created the roll-playing game which is somewhat similar to the game “Monopoly” only with this game, the players gain occultic power. I don’t believe for a minute that S.J. Games is an innocent maker of fantasy games. I believe Steve Jackson is a front for an illuminati faction that is outlining their diabolical plans. Here is the proof:

The first card you will see is entitled “Terrorist Nuke” As you can see, it clearly outlines an attack on the world trade center. It also shows an explosion exactly where the second tower was hit…...SIX YEARS LATER!! I also firmly believe that both towers were in fact brought down by a “mini-nuke” which also contained Thermite. That is why the towers burned white hot for month after the attack and there was molten steel at the bottom of the collapsed towers.

If this next card doesn’t convince you, nothing will. It is entitled “Pentagon” Which clearly shows the Pentagon burning 6 years before the actual attack.

The third card in entitled “Population reduction” Here, you can see a skyline which resembles New York City and you can see a “demon smoke face” just like we saw in New York during the attacks. It is an occult practice to conjure “Fire demons” during ritual sacrifices and the twin towers with the 3000 people who were killed were part of this illuminati sacrifice ritual. Remember this card was created 6 years before the attacks with uncanny accuracy.

Below: Real smoke demon face taken on 9/11:

The next card is entitled “Combined Disasters’ Which is exactly what Illuminists like to do to instill fear into the population. During the 9/11 attacks, they combined the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and the Pennsylvania crash.


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