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This years Super Bowl halftime entertainment was nothing short of a demonic worship service where fans witnessed Beyonce offer herself to a demonic entity named Sasha Fierce. You’ll notice her performance contained illuminati symbolism and Satanic rituals. At the end of the video, you’ll see Beyonce and her dancers all go to a symbolic Lake of Fire.

(BELOW) Beyonce flashing the sign of Horus

The hand sign is not random. It signifies something and flashing it during the Super Bowl tells a lot about who is running the show.

Also, to respond to the ridiculous claims of those mainstream articles: No, Beyoncé and Willow Smith are not IN the Illuminati. They are USED by the Illuminati-owned music industry to push an elite agenda. Pop artists are pawns who signed a contract binding them to the elite and requiring them to do their bidding. Most readers of this site know this already, but there is a growing push in mainstream media to discredit “conspiracy theories” by writing stuff like “Look at these idiots who think that Beyonce is part of an 18th century secret society”.

Keep in mind, Beyonce isn’t always under the influence of the demonic spirit, Sasha Fierce. Below is what she looks like normally before channeling these evil spirit guides:

(BELOW) is what she looks like after the occultic ceremony which she calls on demonic entities to possess her. It should be obvious these aren’t human looks, but demonic sneers. Her face and body take on a maniacal man like appearance as devils seize control of her body and vocal cords:

Here, in this freeze frame, her eyes appear to turn black

And here again

(Below) More demonic sneering

(Below) This look doesn’t even seem human

(Below) What in the world is this expression?

According to new reports, Beyonce’s Super Bowl halftime show suffered a ratings decline. This will not sit well with the spotlight hogger, who demands attention at every turn. The bad news doesn’t end there. After Knowles over the top, strange “Illuminati” performance, the singer had a nervous breakdown looking at the pictures of herself from the event. Maybe this is her wake up call to get her to stop channeling evil spirits.

Excerpts below from Vigilant Citizen

The entire show focused on duality and the multiplying of personalities, two concepts that are extremely important in Monarch mind control (read the article Origins and Techniques of Monarch Mind Control if you don’t know what I’m talking about).

The first and most visible cue to the concept of duality and alter personalities is the stage itself which consists of two faces that somewhat look like Beyoncé.

The stage is made up of two faces mirroring each other, an image evoking duality and multiple personalities.

The first part of the show contained a combination of symbols and visual effects that refer to the concepts of duality and multiple personalities.

Here we see one black silhouette (which is Beyoncé, the “core” personality) and two white silhouettes (alters persona’s?).

The two white silhouettes turn into real human Beyoncé look-a-likes who dance with her for a while. We then see a lot of lights flashing and confusing effects, making us wonder who is the real Beyoncé. The blurring between reality and illusion is a focal point of mind control and is aptly displayed here.

Even the saxophone girl, with her Masonic checkerboard pattern dress, conveys the concept of duality.

At one point, the screen behind Beyoncé displays the classic symbol representing the fracturing of personalities, one that is almost ALWAYS part of MK-themed narratives.

The screen that displayed alter persona’s and dualistic patterns shatters (emphasized with a loud sound effect), a symbol indicating the fracturing of persona in MK symbolism.

The first part of the show was therefore all about duality and multiple Beyoncés. Then, the group Destiny’s Child was randomly brought back from the late-90s to sing along with one of Beyoncé’s solo hits. During Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It), Beyoncé briefly flashes a hand sign – one that readers of this site probably already know all too well. This gesture generated a lot of media attention.


During the 3rd quarter of the football game, half of the lights go out. It was caused by a mysterious “anomaly” that caused the system to shut down. If you watched to above video you’ll see that Beyonce and her dancers end up in the lake of fire. It’s no coincidence that the lights went out at the end of the performance symbolizing being cast into outer darkness.

While the ad seemingly refers to the fourth quarter of the fiscal year, the literal meaning of the ad is still perplexing, considering what happened at the game.

If we combine this ad with the one I described in The 2013 Mercedes Super Bowl Commercial and its Occult Message, one can at least say that Mercedes-Benz brought a lot of strangeness to the Supe rBowl.

While things were somewhat more subdued and abstract in this year’s Super Bowl (versus the 2012 edition), there were still many elements that went right along the Agendas described on this site. When we combine all of the elements together, we realize that there’s a common and reoccurring theme going on, one that points directly to the “hidden hand” of the Illuminati and its many Agendas.

The mass media coverage of Beyoncé’s Illuminati hand sign, also reflects a new trend: Mass media are now directly addressing, discrediting and ridiculing “conspiracy theories” (I hate that term) in order to make sure that people do not start thinking too much about the strange things they are witnessing on TV. Media coverage of Sandy Hook also followed that trend as several TV personalities went on air to “debunk” the theories. Fortunately for the powers that be, most people still teared up when they saw the Sandy Hook chorus standing in the middle of the Super Dome, singing about how America is beautiful. Yes, America is beautiful, but the elite that run it, and who exploit people’s lives and emotions to push their own Agenda, is most definitely not.

Oh yeah, and the Ravens won the game.

By Joe Monoco

Joe Monoco



If you don’t get it, here’s why:

1 Corinthians 2:14: But people who aren’t spiritual can’t receive these truths from God’s Spirit. It all sounds foolish to them and they can’t understand it, for only those who are spiritual can understand what the Spirit means.

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  1. daisy hernandez wrote on 02/23/2013 09:26 AM

    Thanks for giving us this information because there is so muchdeception out there especially in the government , I found this extremely helpful and eye opening I myself am newyork to your site and I am enjoying reading and educating my self on things I did not know about. Thankyou and keep up the good work sincerely daisy hernandez

  2. Debra wrote on 03/07/2013 08:47 PM

    It may not be insignificant that the only visit to Jerusalem during presidency will be six days before passover... by a man riding on a (greek-roman pagan god worshipping) democratic symbol called a "donkey". Around the biblical mystery of "the abomination of desolation" is an interpretation that the entire last week of Christ's life will be counterfeited by the anti-Christ ... and when he enters in Jerusalem, he will not drive out the moneychangers as Christ did, but will instead bring them with him (ie., illuminati); He will not weep over Jerusalem, he will gleefully attempt to divide it; March 23 is the day in Obamacare for which the seed-shaped chip implanting is mandated: not the accepted and restored harlot Mary symbolically annointing her Savior for death that will free all who would accept Him (GAlations 5:1&2); but use of goddless whores to get the masses annointed (ready from head down) for death impregnated in them with control that will enslave them - but "Loki" can bring them to their destiny... (Loki is used in internet technology to locate the precise location of a website visitor's location: goddess Isis is wathing us all ... and those in need of medical supplies will need Iris.. the flower once named after ..."good Freyda" ... that is, goddess Frigga - the goddess who is the chooser of the slain in battle; At the biblical Lord's supper, the betrayer could be identified if one watched carefully the hand that dipped in with Christ; the "slight of hand" is the illusionists trick to betray the world; at Jesus' unjust trial, mocking, and beating, He was "crowned" with thorns but He offered forgiveness to those who deserved condemnation; will the bible's prophetic "wound to the head" occur, and trigger "blame"-based condemnation of WWIII? "Easter" - celebrated on Sunday is about a fertility goddess, and the illuminati order of women which worships the "east" star. Will there be a "Black Monday" a black out of electronics (like what happened at superbowl... as is capable of being carried out against nations through EMP bombs?) - also called "Cyber Monday...derivative of Cybele - the black mother goddess who is said to represent earliest worship of female, motherhood - an early statue depicting her giving birth on the throne (Madonna - Superbowl pose); also associated with: Trojan horse; mediator between the boundaries known and unknown; privately funded cults (illuminati charities?); black meteorite iron; appeased by the building of the metroon - a meeting chamber for the city council. That Monday would happen on ... April 1st..April "fool you" day! Also, lots to look at in the skies... particulary Mercury ... the patron god of financial gain... who carries a standard with an eagle symblom on top... as does the U.S. ... as is the symbol in the Vatican garden (the gathering of the eagles/vultures from the bible? the counterfeit to Christ's willingness to suffer humbly and submit to God's redemption plan for all who will believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved?) For Jehovah God Yaweh so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son; that whosoever would believe on Him(willingly, voluntarily - not forced into submission) should not perish but have everlasting life! John 3:16 Maranatha! NOTE: I am not "predicting" these things. I am summarizing pieces of a theory.

  3. kittypie wrote on 03/21/2013 02:55 PM


  4. me wrote on 08/15/2013 08:15 PM

    look at the reverse image of the red lights in the middle of performance, you will see a clear picture of their god.

  5. Kenneth Boyd wrote on 02/20/2014 03:06 PM

    The world is in deep spiritual darkness as is plainly evident from looking around us and viewing things such as this. Supposed christian people support her, let there children listen to her music and look at you funny if you say something about, it calling you crazy. In the latter times some shall depart from the Faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils;Speaking lies in hypocricy;having their conscience seeared with a hot iron

  6. thrdek wrote on 02/26/2014 12:53 PM

    i hate her. DEVIL

  7. najmeh wrote on 01/29/2015 02:06 PM

    i dont know what is happening to the world. the Hollywood is turning to the home of spearatan. beyonce is nont the first and wont be the last. it started long time ago with Mitchell Jackson, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Katty Perry... the only thing that keep human human is religion and belif in God.

  8. Danielle wrote on 02/19/2015 03:50 AM

    Sadly, many still deny when the truth is blatantly right in front of them. Thank you for sharing truth. I have had so many people get upset with me when I try to tell them this, but, will keep sharing. Beyonce is a beautiful and talented girl that has taken a very dangerous path. I pray for her to be set free from this satanic bondage. I think she has horrible influences, including her family, but, she has to choose.

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