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How easily fooled were the people who bought the unbelievably transparent “unraveling lie” of 9/11? It is perhaps easy to say with hindsight, but the issue is if perhaps people have a tendency to believe precisely what they themselves wish to believe; and if the “official explanation” is not correct then the implication would be that many of those who were supposed to lead and protect the American people are nothing but a coven of corrupt and brutal criminals. And that is perhaps even harder for many people to believe.

Are you trying to tell me, that this is the man…..

whom managed to outwit not merely the admittedly criminal (but very well informed) CIA and FBI, but all 16 US intelligence agencies, all intelligence agencies of our allies including Mossad, the National Security Council, the State Department, NORAD, airport security four times on one morning, air traffic control, the President and Congress all from a cave in Afghanistan while on a kidney dialysis machine using only a cell phone and a laptop? —h1. BY THE WAY, THE FBI SAYS BIN LADEN WAS LEFT-HANDED…SO WHY IS HE HOLDING THE REMOTE IN HIS RIGHT HAND?

Are you trying to tell me that this man…

outsmarted every intelligence gathering organization in the world, with nothing but a laptop…and cell phone?

Are you trying to tell me that this man….

has enough money to orchestrate 9/11, but can’t live anywhere but here with a cheap cell phone, cheap TV, cheap basement, cheap clothes, cheap lap top and cheap photographer? WHO TOOK THIS PICTURE? The person who took the pic, would have to have more intelligence than the entire United States Military to get that close to him. Remember, the United States doesn’t know where he is at that point….but this photographer does….

Are you trying to tell me, that this is the man…..

that got 19 hijackers who have never, ever flown commercial airplanes in their lives to take over four planes with nothing but boxcutters then knock down 3 skyscrapers with two planes…then fly another one into the Pentagon in spite of the fact it’s the most heavily guarded airspace in the world?

Are you trying to tell me, that this is the man….

that once lived in Afghanistan….but somehow got away….then moved to Tora Bora…...but somehow got away….then lived in Abottabad for years where even the most sophisticated tracking technology in the history of the world couldn’t find him there…for over a decade?

Are you trying to tell me that this is the man….

whom has access to a television studio complete with cameras, lights and sound and was then able to release videotape after videotape to the world…making threat after threat and all the world’s intelligence couldn’t figure out where he was taping or how he got the videotapes to the media without being detected in spite of the fact we have satellites and infrared technology that can take pictures of every square inch the the planet?

Are you trying to tell me that this is the man….

whom has the brilliance to devise, plan and carry out the most evil attack on the United States (The most powerful empire the world has ever known), is living like a homeless person, in a poorly lit, poverty ridden basement watching an 18’ by 24’ inch TV with unsafe wires exposed all around him and the United States government doesn’t know he’s there?

Are you trying to tell me that this is the man….

whom was killed by a Navy seal team which threw his body into the ocean before anyone bothered to tell the world about it and before forensics could come in a positively identify him?

Are you trying to tell me that this is the man….

whom George W. Bush vowed to find and make pay for the 9/11 crime in spite of the fact the Bin Laden family were business partners with the Bush’s in an investing company called The Carlyle Group?

Are you trying to tell me that this is the man….

whom the U.S. government claims pulled off the most sophisticated attack in the history of the world…but was never indicted for the crime?

Are you trying to tell me that this is the man…

Whom went to all this trouble to do all this damage with the loss of thousands of lives and is only ax to grind was “he hates our freedoms”?



Lets see, trust the Government?

Lets see. Lets think back.

This is the same Government that put the plague in blankets given to American Indians?

This is the same Government that knew about Pearl Harbor before the attack and did nothing?

This is the same Government that replaced the windshield on the Presidential Limo to hide a bullet hole from historical truth?

This is the same Government that tested the plague on New Orleans public transit?

This is the same Government that planned operation North Woods, almost kidnapping and killing college students and blaming it on Castro?

This the same Government that killed JFK, Bobby Kennedy and MLK to change the direction of the people?

This is the same Government that left Katrina victims cooking in the hot sun for weeks to test the will of the poor people to rise up against their government.?

This is the same Government that lost several nuclear missiles on a warthog plane flying in Colorado, and no investigation was ever done?

This is the same Government that planted a different black box in the rubble of the flight 93 9/11 crash and was later caught doing so in the trial of a an alleged terrorist?

This is the same Government that hired Stanley Kubrick to dress up the moon landings in an Arizona desert?

This is the same Government that flew a plane over the Pentagon at the same time hitting the Pentagon with a bunker busting missile? (yes I can prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt with one video)

This is the same Government that subsidizes tobacco farmers, while collecting taxes on cigarettes, while making them illegal to smoke in public places and federal areas, while raising taxes on smokers in the health care bill?

This is the same Government that let Ruby just walk right into a chain of custody exchange inside a locked down police station?

This is the same Government that gave away the Panama Canal?

This is the same Government that owns 99% of Nevada and will not release it to the people?

This is the same Government that injects mercury and other poisons into peoples children bringing the autism rate to 1 in 150?

This is the same Government that begged the Curds to rise up against Saddam Hussein and then walked away not supporting them and millions died?

This is the same Government that allows 25 rat droppings and rat hair per jar of peanut butter cause of lobbyists?

This is the same Government that thinks “AFRICAN” is a race on a birth certificate?

This list could never end.

Do I trust them? No…No and HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!

From:Thecuttingedge March 28, 2012

I. The Pentagon admits it has no record of Osama bin Laden’s death!

No written notification, no email and no photos = Proof of the Lie!

NEWS BRIEF: “Pentagon has no records of Osama bin Laden’s death”, Fellowship of the Minds, by Dr. Eowyn, March 28, 2012

“Obama touts the Navy SEALS’ raid and killing of Osama bin Laden in his hideaway compound in Abbotabad, Pakistan, as one of, if not the greatest, achievements of his administration. Reportedly, the administration even disclosed details of the raid to Hollywood for an upcoming movie, Zero Dark Thirty, directed by Kathryn Bigelow.”

“The movie is scheduled to be released — SURPRISE! — on October 12, 2012, within a month of the presidential election.”

So, this movie might be President Obama’s “October Surprise”? Remember, an October Surprise is an event orchestrated by a political incumbent with the express aim of persuading people to vote for him, not his opponent. Since Presidential elections are held in the first of November, any dramatic event in October severely limits the ability of the opponent to stage a counterattack. Sometimes, the October Surprise is shown later to be fraudulent, but that has never reversed the election outcome.

Now, let us get this interesting and revealing news from the Pentagon.

”... the CIA defended its collaboration with the maker of Zero Dark Thirty. CIA spokesman Preston Golson said that such collaboration with filmmakers has precedent and is part of the CIA’s “public outreach.” Despite the CIA’s insistence, Congressman Peter King (R-Long Island), chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has demanded that the Pentagon and CIA inspectors general investigate whether the agencies breached policy in this case, in particular whether the filmmakers saw classified material or got access to personnel working under cover.”

Now, here is the Pentagon’s response to Congressman Peter King:

”... the Pentagon says it has no records — not one photo, not one video, not even an e-mail — of bin Laden’s death.”

Wow! The Pentagon was not officially informed by the Obama White House that Osama bin Laden had been killed by Navy Seal Team #6 on May 2, 2011.

President Obama had better set the record straight right now! Maybe he could:

Exhume Osama’s body to prove it was he who died.

Wait a minute! Osama’s body was dumped at sea “in accordance with Islamic tradition”. Can’t produce a body who was fed to the fishes almost one year ago.

Call on the members of Navy Seal Team #6 to provide eyewitness reports of their professional, lethal attack on bin Laden.

Wait a minute! All 22 members of Navy Seal Team #6 were killed in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011. Can produce dead Seals to give their testimony to the Pentagon.

We had long believed that Osama bin Laden had been dead for many years, and saw the holes in this current story as it was breaking. Do you remember our earlier stories that bin Laden had died years earlier?

“An important news item that flew under the radar for the most part last week was the assertion from former CIA operative turned whistleblower Robert Baer that Osama Bin Laden is long dead. The hugely respected intelligence & foreign policy expert told Terry Gross, host of National Public Radio show Fresh Air.

“There is voluminous evidence to suggest Bin Laden is long dead. According to French newspaper Le Figaro, Bin Laden was on a kidney dialysis machine after he had one shipped to his base in Kanawha, Afghanistan in 2000, and when the CIA personally visited him in a Dubai hospital. Other accounts suggest he was also suffering from Hepatitis C at the time and had only two years left to live.”

Actually, in our Daily News Updates in late October, 2001, we began to receive rumors that bin Laden had died! Later, in October , 2008, a former Bush CIA official stated that bin Laden was most certainly dead and that he had died a long time ago.

Once again, the American Government is caught red-handed lying to its citizens. No one can believe our government! But, the vast majority of citizens have always placed too much credence in our government officials, both politicians and military leaders.

Listen to the Master Plan for the New World Order as it talks about how important lying is to the overall scheme.

”... the word should not agree with the deeds of the diplomat.” [Protocol #7]

Not only is lying permitted, it is required! How can we ever believe anything any leader involved in the coming New World Order, say?

“What luck for rulers that people do not think?” (Adolf Hitler, Bavarian Illuminati)

Will this Hollywood ploy give President Obama the popularity surge he must have to win reelection?

Wake up America..before you don’t have an America to wake up to anymore.

Here’s help for those who can’t see the Osama Bin Laden lie. We have written an article on WHY SMART PEOPLE ARE EASY TO FOOL, click on it and maybe you’ll be on the road to discerning truth and why you have been blinded by the media…


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