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Madonna performed at the 2012 Super Bowl XLVI halftime show last night with a lot of help from the pre-recorded music and musicians Nicki Minaj, M.I.A., Cee Lo Green and LMFAO.

All these performers are into the occult and satanism. It’s a requirement to get to where they are:

The singer was carried into the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, stadium by an army of men on a golden throne surrounded by giant wings, while singing “Vogue.” Madonna wore a crown of horns similar to the horns worn by ancient Mesopotamian people, such as the Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian and Assyrian, and the Vikings (Baphomet horns). The ancient royals used these horns because they believed their gods had horns or crowns of horns on their heads when they visited the people on Earth. Madonna, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. and some of the dancers also wore military style costumes that were designed to look like ancient garb worn in the same Mediterranean and Mesopotamian areas

None of the costumes were completely accurate, but conveyed the look Madonna and the set designers were trying to portray – Madonna is the queen. Illuminati New World Order members think they are direct descendants from the ancient alien gods who came to Earth in B.C. times and interbred with humans to make the current versions of humans.

The current royal families of the world believe they were given the “right to rule” from God or “gods,” which is a relic from the ancient alien-god creation stories. Madonna Wearing Ancient Mesopotamian Royal Style Horned Crown The accounts of these ancient people have been researched in the works by archaeologists Zecharia Sitchin, Erich Von Daniken and others.

Madonna and other entertainers are Satanic, low-level members of the Illuminati New World Order acting as pawns for the international banking and oil families, such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.

To begin the Super Bowl halftime show, Madonna performed “Vogue” and “Music.” Then the techno dance-rap group LMFAO, made of the son and grandson of Motown Records founder Berry Gordy, performed their songs “Party Rock Anthem” and “Sexy and I Know It” with her.

Rappers Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. joined Madonna to perform their new song “Give Me All Your Luvin’.”

The song is thought by many fans to be bashing Lady Gaga for copying Madonna’s “Express Yourself” to make “Born This Way.” Promoting her new single was the main reason Madonna appeared at the Super Bowl.

M.I.A. flicked off the crowd with her middle finger during the show, and it was seen by the live show’s viewers. Following, a marching band accompanied Madonna and Cee Lo Green to sing a portion of “Open Your Heart” and “Express Yourself.” They ended with a gospel choir to sing “Like a Prayer.” Then, with an optical illusion, the entire football field appeared to be sucked into a black hole that looked more like an eye, like the Illuminati Eye of Horus, and the performers disappeared (BELOW)

Halftime at the Super Bowl has turned into nothing short of a Satanic worship service.

by Nicolas Duplessis.

(The Illuminati always has to do its rituals between the New Moon and Full Moon. The Full Moon is in 2 more days, so it is their time for rituals & what better place than a Half Time show with millions of people?)

On top of us having a nearly full moon cycle tonight, on this second month, of day five in the year 2012, this moon cycle is very important to the Illuminati because any ritual that is done, will be full force because the power of the ritual will grow with the moon. While the full moon starts in 48 more hours, it is very important for the Illuminati Ritual to happen before that due date. (Madonna opened with a Roman Theme but she didn’t have a Roman Helmet, instead she had a ritual Lucifer horned crown of gold!)

(Red. Black. Gold. All of the colors used in Madonna’s Half Time Show)

(Madonna used Satan horns for her opening act)

Madonna comes out, and her first act is a Roman Theme Show to her track “Vogue”. But while it was a Roman costume theme, one couldn’t help but notice the two Satan horns coming up from Madonna’s head gear. The Romans didn’t wear helmets with horns nor can this be found in Egypt head gear being that she did mix in some Egyptian ritual dancing.

Also in Act 1-Vogue Track, which is a synchronized dance song, we see a black guy dancing around Madonna with Angel Wings and a harp. Lucifer, was the angel of music and the arts before he fell from heaven.

Also at the top of the show, the wings that appear to be feathers of an angel are really webbed wings, which are associated with Lucifer photos from the Roman Era.

We see the male dancers doing acrobats for her track “Music”. During this chaos, there were two male dancers that got down on all fours, like the Muslims do when they pray to Allah. Most cheerleading teams, do not actually assume a prostration position when building a pyramid but in Satanic Rituals, it is believed that Lucifer or the devil would assume a prostration position and the witches would line up and kiss his anus as a sign of respect. We not only saw a classic Lucifer Ritual Pose but we also saw the quick building of a pyramid by her dancers. (The male dancers in Act 2 (Track: Music) made a quick pyramid and Madonna slithered through the pyramid like a snake. The pyramid in the photo is Satan’s Pyramid and an occult seal used to invoke Satan during rituals.)

In Freemason Bibles, which is basically the King James Bible, except on page 33 of the Freemason Bible, it informs the reader that Lucifer is the real God & that Lucifer is the real Jesus and also according to this Freemason Bible, it is indeed Lucifer that is the carrier of light. So, these people are masters at double talk and hiding their worship of Satan behind Christianity.

So, we see her final Act and she comes out in a black Sabbath witch’s gown, singing to her track “Like A Prayer” but yet this supposedly religious song doesn’t use the word Jesus, so who was she praying to when she dropped to her knees?

Her track “Like a Prayer” has lyrics saying “I close my eyes and I think I’m falling out of the sky.” This track tells the story of Lucifer, the Fallen Angel.

(Light sticks are used in Illuminati Rituals, to worship Lucifer, and they are often held by the observers of the rituals, as a way of participating (BELOW LEFT)

According to Lucifer Freemason Texts, Lucifer is the lord of light and to worship Lucifer one would wear a black robe (like Madonna had on) and by her having the entire stadium participate with her in this ritual by holding up lights to her ritual, she basically did a classic musician performance of casting a spell on her audience and fooling them into Satanic Worship.

Don’t forget that before Madonna put on the black robe, her dancers were in red, gold & black outfits and some were in red & white, which are colors that one uses to worship Lucifer. The entire show had a Lucifer color theme. (To worship Lucifer, one must wear mostly red and black. Madonna had on a black robe but the entire color scheme of the entire show was blk/red if you take into account her dancers starting in the second part of Act 2 with the cheer-leader rappers)

During the last act “Like a Prayer” we not only see lights that are made to look like Hell Fire & sometimes the beams of light even take on a giant, quick pyramid formation but also during this supposedly ”church song” she ends the show by dropping into the ground. This was a Satanic Ritual.

What did this ritual mean? This Satanic Ritual, is a classic petition to Satan, in an effort to call for chaos out of order. While many people think that the Illuminati wants order out of chaos, that is simply not true.

According to Illuminati text, the Fallen One, desires Chaos out of Order. They will take what is orderly and make it chaotic!

So, this ritual, done by Madonna along with millions of Americans, spells wars, disease and a crashing of the Old World Order. While the lights at the end said “World Peace”-it doesn’t matter what you see but instead you have to look at what they do and what is their definition of “peace”.

This is Hollywood and this is what Hollywood does best.

(MarkDice) Madonna and the other skanks who performed at the Super Bowl half time show were actually part of an elaborate occult ritual designed to convey the idea that they are gods to be worshiped. Mark Dice is a media analyst, social critic, political activist, and author who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture, and the role the mainstream media and elite secret societies play in shaping our lives.

Joe Monoco



If you don’t get it, here’s why:

1 Corinthians 2:14: But people who aren’t spiritual can’t receive these truths from God’s Spirit. It all sounds foolish to them and they can’t understand it, for only those who are spiritual can understand what the Spirit means.

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By J Monoco 02/06/2012 08:16 AM

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    Very insightful to point out that the Satanic colors are red, black, and gold. Black symbolizes the "black heart" of evil, red of course symbolizes innocent blood, and gold is for world domination. Sometimes they use purple which stands for spiritual authority, however purple is neutral and can be used for good also.

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