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The United States federal government has violated our constitution by ruling against Jesse Ventura when a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit by the former Minnesota Governor in which he sought to challenge the use of dangerous full-body scans and unconstitutional pat-downs which amount to sexual assault at airport checkpoints. Ventura says that the titanium hip implanted in him in 2008 sets off metal detectors and that agents previously used hand-held wands to scan his body. He was subjected to a body pat-down (molestation) after an airport metal detector went off last November. Then the TSA agents that stuck their hands down his pants, even asked him for an autograph after…..UNREAL! —

What makes this latest criminal action by the federal government so despicable is they didn’t even give Ventura a trial which is GUARANTEED by our constitution. In the United States, every person has a constitutional right to a trial by jury, which arises in federal court from Article Three of the United States Constitution, which states in part, “The Trial of all Crimes…shall be by Jury; and such Trial shall be held in the State where the said Crimes shall have been committed.” The right was expanded with the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Then to add to this insult, the judge did not let Ventura and his lawyers view the verdict. The final ruling and the reasoning behind it is being kept secret because of “National Security”. Ventura, understandably livid after the ruling and says he is thinking about running for President to put a stop to this kind of Tyranny.

Ventura explained how the judge in the TSA case sat on the ruling for 10 months, a delay that prevented Ventura from taking the case to the U.S. Court of Appeals and exercising his right to a jury trial.

“They will not let any constitutional decision go to a jury, I cannot have a jury trial, they’re not allowing me….they threw me out of court, they waited 10 months so that my 60 days after filing to go to the Court of Appeals would expire while I waited for her to make the decision,” said Ventura.

Ventura pointed out that this is a very similar situation that sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos faced in the 68’ Olympics when they donned black gloves and raised their fists during the national anthem to let people know they are being denied their civil rights right here in America.

“I can’t go in front of a jury of my peers and have them decide whether my constitution, bill of rights, 4th amendment is being violated because the government won’t let me – now that’s oppression, that is not freedom,” added the former Governor.

Ventura warned Americans not to sit back and pretend that TSA abuse was only occurring at airports, pointing out that TSA VIPR teams are also now being deployed on regular highways.

“Don’t you realize that in a matter of years you’re going to have to show an ID to go to Iowa if you live in Minnesota,” said Ventura, pointing out that Border Patrol agents were also now being stationed hundreds of miles inland.

During the interview, Ventura also re-iterated his ‘come and get me’ plea to the Libertarian Party, indicating he would run for President as a third party candidate in an effort to bring further attention to America’s decline into a police state.

In the below video, a six year old is molested by a TSA agant:

You have got to be kidding me! Is this perverted TSA agent really looking for a bomb? Most likely she’s just a pervert closet lesbian trying to cop a feel. I suspect alot of TSA agents are sexual deviants.


Another elderly flier claims TSA strip-search at JFK By Elaine Porterfield, msnbc.com contributor

Ruth Sherman, an 88-year-old frequent flier with JetBlue, has flown from New York to Florida many times, but never has she been taken aside and asked to pull her pants down and show her colostomy bag, as she asserts occurred at Kennedy Airport recently.

It makes Sherman the second elderly woman in recent days to claim that TSA agents forced her to expose herself during a pre-flight security screening. Lenore Zimmerman, a Long Beach, N.Y., resident, says she was required by TSA security screeners to take off her pants as part of a search on Nov. 29. That search likewise took place at the JetBlue terminal at Kennedy.

Sherman, who was returning home Nov. 28 after celebrating Thanksgiving with family in New York, said her initial X-ray screening apparently showed a bulge from her colostomy bag on the side of her body. Screeners then pulled her aside and gave her a pat-down with their hands, including touching her on her legs and her torso near her breasts and around her arms, she said.

That triggered the screeners to order yet another level of search.

“It was awful,” Sherman told msnbc.com from her home in Sunrise, Fla. “They asked me to come into another room. I said ‘Don’t touch me — you have dirty hands.’ I had on plain sweatpants and a top. They made me pull my sweatpants down with my underwear. They invaded my privacy.

“I was so taken aback. I’m on medication, and I didn’t want to get high blood pressure. It was a horrible situation.”

Greg Soule, a TSA spokesman, said it was too early to make a comment on Sherman’s allegations but confirmed that they are looking into them.

“At this point all we can say … is we’re reviewing the allegations,” Soule said. “It takes time to pull video. And we have not yet received a complaint from the flier.”

One thing is known, he said: “Is removal of underwear proper for (someone with) a colostomy bag? The answer is no.”

Meanwhile, JetBlue had little to say. “We’re cooperating with the TSA and ask that you refer to them for additional information,” said Allison Steinberg, a spokeswoman for the airline.

Sherman says it just befuddles her that anyone could mistake her for a terrorist threat. “I said to (the TSA agent), ‘Why are you doing this? I don’t have a bomb here. I’m not blowing myself up.’ ”


-Mike Adams

The real agenda of the TSA has absolutely nothing to do with airport security (TSA security is a joke) and everything to do with “prisoner training” the public. It’s all about humiliation and dehumanization. It’s about teaching the slave citizens that they are animals to be ordered around by a bunch of lawless government tyrants who only impersonate actual law enforcement officers (TSA “officers” are not sworn officers in any way, and they have no law enforcement training).

The latest example of all this involves a Hawaiian mother who recently attempted to board an airplane in Lihue, Hawaii. She was carrying a breast pump and several empty bottles to hold her breast milk later on. For those who may not know, many new moms frequently use breast pumps to fill bottles with their own natural mother’s milk which they later give to their children.

Remarkably, upon seeing these empty bottles, the TSA agent in charge lapsed into a power trip frenzy and told her that she could not carry empty bottles on the airplane!

Now the TSA targets empty bottles, too Hold on a second. First we’re told we can’t carry FULL bottles of water or other liquids because, we’re told, those liquids could be mixed together using some totally fictitious laboratory process to make a liquid bomb. Now we’re told we can’t carry EMPTY bottles on the airplane, too? How’s that? Are we soon going to be told that empty bottles pose a threat to national security because they might contain invisible bomb materials that nobody can see?

(Where does the TSA invent all this crap, anyway? Sometimes I think they just sit in the back room and play a break-time game called “Who can come up with the zaniest rule that the intimidated travelers will follow?”)

So, get this, the woman was told by the TSA that she would have to fill the empty bottles with breast milk before she could board the plane. This is apparently the TSA’s whacked-out logic on making sure none of those dangerous “empty bottles” get on the airplane, for whatever reason.

Except there is no “breast milking station” at the airport, of course. So where did the TSA direct this woman to go pump her breast milk? You guessed it…. the public restroom.

“I asked him if there was a private place I could pump and he said no, you can go in the women’s bathroom,” the woman said. “I had to stand in front of the mirrors and the sinks and pump my breast in front of every tourist that walked into that bathroom. I was embarrassed and humiliated and then angry that I was treated this way.”

You may have noticed this directive was issued by a male TSA agent. I can just see the scene now, with some pot-bellied sloth-like power-tripping pervert man saying, “Go milk your breasts in the bathroom!” and thinking to himself, “Or maybe I’ll milk ‘em for ya, what do you think about that?” It’s a fact, by the way, that the TSA conducts multiple naked body scanner screenings on attractive women so that the perverts running the scanning imagery boards can get off in the back room.

Getting back to the new mom, after she pumped the plastic bottles full of breast milk, she was then allowed to board! (Gosh, I’m surprised she wasn’t then raided at gunpoint by the FDA for trafficking raw milk!)

The TSA’s total mind game security hoax

Think about all this for a minute: if she had showed up with plastic bottles full of milk and explained they were breast milk, she would have been ordered to dump them down the drain under the “no liquids allowed over 3 ounces” rule. But when the bottles were empty, she was ordered to fill them with her own breast milk. Is the TSA just jacking with everybody to invent random, stupid requirements that have no rhyme or reason?

This is yet more evidence that TSA security is all just a big mind game. There’s no actual reasoning to any of it. You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. The TSA can stick their hands down your pants, finger your anus, remove your colostomy bag, undress your grandma behind the curtain NATURAL NEWS feel your childrens’ genitals, and now they can even order you to go into the bathroom and pump the milk out of your mammary glands!

You are just a slave now, get it? And slaves have no rights. No privacy. No due process and no Fourth Amendment protections against illegal searches. You are a slave under a system based on the total public humiliation of women while demanding complete obedience from everyone. Merely challenging the TSA’s authority causes you to be detained (arrested) as a possible terrorist.

Learn more: Natural News

This type of unconstitutional behavior by TSA agents is not only going on with cases like this, but it is going on every day in the illegal foreclosure scam as well. People who are having their homes illegally and forcefully taken from them are being told they can’t present evidence in court and in some cases the judges are even deciding not to hear the case from the home owners who can prove the lender has no legitimate reason to foreclose. In some cases, banks like Chase have foreclosed on people that they don’t even have a mortgage on and don’t even own the property! WAKE UP AMERICA! WE THE PEOPLE have to put a stop to this government which violates our constitution and bill of rights on a daily basis. If we don’t stand together and say we have had enough then one day you’ll wake up and find you are no longer free. You’ll find yourself to be a prisoner without any rights in your own country. We are not that far away. HOW LONG ARE YOU WILLING TO PUT UP WITH THIS?

In this short video, you’ll see TSA agents make a 71 year old man with a knee transplant take of his pants in public:

(2) Amendment IV—- The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated-

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  1. Ade Thompson wrote on 11/06/2011 07:08 PM

    Wow, Americans are finally waking up, rights and constitution isn't worth anything if its not enforced. When our pension pots and savings are being eroded by large financial institutions, do you really think they'd care about putting your ass through a scanner and touching your privates ? The government is going hand over heals in helping them, as they've been paid off. Unfortunately it seems that the USA is going down a very dark path indeed, openly destroying financial audit trails(18k Documents which could have been used to put those white collar financial grease monkeys behind bars for corruption] and trampling citizens rights seems to be the norm these days. Its like the Stanford experiment being played on a global scale ! Good luck Jesse on being president, the world does need a good kick up the arse as its effectively being run by a political/financial mob at the moment.

  2. bong wrote on 03/15/2012 01:41 PM

    I think its time for the American people who are aware of what is happening to start organizing yourselves into groups, start petitions as both individuals and as groups, write the politicians, stage demonstrations etc while you STILL CAN. If there is a large enoguh collection of groups amounting to at least 35 of a given geography's population then there is ample likelihood that your politicians and lobbyists will listen to you. Do not go quietly into the night people.

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