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And you thought that the Bush’s and the Clinton’s were enemies that didn’t like each other….looks like the joke is on the American public.

The truth is, Christians should not be supporting either party. They are both hell bent on destroying America and establishing a satanic New World Order!

Listen to God’s final judgment upon America. Revelation 18:

(18:2) “And he cried mightily with a strong voice, `Babylon the great is fallen, and is become the (resort) of (demons), and the (dwelling place) of every foul spirit, and the cage of every unclean and hateful bird.’”

This Babylon has become thoroughly inhabited by Satan and his demons. Remember our earlier discussions of such disgusting, vile American sins, the very nature of which are filled with demons and their activity? These sins have become so pervasive that God is finally moved to physical judgment.

(18:5) “For her crimes and transgressions—are piled up as high as heaven and God has remembered her wickedness and her crimes and calls them up for settlement…”

This is a statement of staggering proportions. How high is it from earth to heaven? When these sins are stacked, they literally reach from earth to heaven, according to God’s accounting.

We may be only a few years from this type of destruction at the hands of Almighty God. What does God counsel the people living in this nation at this time?

(18:4) “Come out of her, MY people, that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues.’”

Remember, the results of this election were determined a long time ago, probably several years ago. The Illuminati always causes their choice for President to ascend to the White House. Through a series of manipulations from outright fraud to mass media propaganda the Elite always ensures that their choice is the one that prevails. It doesn’t matter which candidate wins, they both are controlled by the same Rothschild/Rockefeller bankers and both men are committed to establishing a New World Order.


Divide and conquer. That is the oldest trick in the book for tyrants to use on the unsuspecting population as they attempt to hide their evil agendas in plain sight. The fact is…there is no fundamental ideological difference at all between the rhetoric that is put out by the Republican and Democratic parties. The evil genius of this is to make Americans think there is a difference. It’s a classic “good cop” “bad cop” scam. It’s to make you think you have a choice…..and you don’t!

It’s no different than professional wrestling. The promoters for wrestling create a two party system…good guys and bad guys. Then they create tension between the two ideals and VIOLA!...people tune in by television by the millions every week and by the tens of thousands to witness this fiasco live all while the real people in control, namely the owner of the WWE, Vince McMahon, makes a fortune.

Understand, the Democrats and the Republicans are puppets for the international bankers that control both sides and the joke is on the gullible American public. Here is how the scam works. The powers that be don’t want a United America. So they created an unconstitutional two party system to split the nation, (more on that later). They then sell the Republican agenda to the religious right, the more affluent and the big corporations. They then sell the Democratic agenda to the minority groups, the less affluent and to the gay and lesbian movement.

Now you have these two groups at war with each other and their followers don’t realize they are backing the same agenda for both sides. It’s a big psy/ops operation and the followers on both sides are clueless! What is that agenda of the instigators of the Dems/Reps that is unknown to the public? It’s really very simple…..They want to do away with the Constitution, they want to pass laws that take away your freedoms. They want to take away private property and to make it so there are two sets of people…the rulers and the slaves…they ultimately want to set up the New World Order.

They then make it an emotional issue (between gays, Christians, minorities, affluent, less affluent, Republicans and Democrats) so the interest groups on both sides don’t/can’t see what the real issue is and who the real enemy is. They then make it so they have powerful groups on both sides. If you align yourselves with the Democratic party and you voted for Barack Obama in the last elections, you have been deceived. If you align yourselves with the Republican party and you voted for Mitt Romney in the last elections, you have been deceived.

Keep in mind, America is not a capitalist system, it is a fascist system where the mega wealthy corporations and the politicians are in bed together. You need to ask the right questions to get the correct conclusions. We have all heard that we are spending 450 million dollars a day in the war in Iraq. But the real question is…WHO IS MAKING THAT MONEY? You don’t have to look too far. It’s the defense contractors. It’s corporations like Halliburton and Dyncorp along with the politicians who get kickbacks for starting these illegal wars. People suffering and dying is profitable to these sociopaths than run these companies. Our troops are NOT fighting for your freedoms but are fighting for the profits of the defense contractors. Our occupation of Iraq is against our Constitution. Our occupation in Afghanistan is against our Constitution. Our occupation in Libya is against our Constitution…and the list goes on and on.


The origins of the (divide and conquer), two party system goes back to Rome with the Sadducees and Pharisees. The Sadducees would have been the Democrats (Liberals) of Jesus’ day and the Pharisees… the Republicans (Conservatives). Today, the Religious right have been fooled into thinking somehow the Republican ideals are closer to what Christianity is all about than what the Democrats believe. Lets see what Jesus had to say about BOTH sides:

Matthew 3:7 But when he saw many of the Pharisees and Sadducees coming to where he was baptizing, he said to them: “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee from the coming wrath? Matthew 16:6 “Be careful,” Jesus said to them. “Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.”Matthew 16:11 How is it you don’t understand that I was not talking to you about bread? But be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.” —

Hummmmm, doesn’t look like Jesus thought too highly of either and warned the people against following either party. The same would still hold true today.

When our Lord walked this earth, there were two major “parties” leading the Jewish people: the Pharisees and the Sadducees. Both of these groups posed major problems for Christ. Furthermore, though each group appeared to be opposed the other, neither of them represented the truth. We have a very similar situation today in the United States with the two major political parties. In fact, the two major parties are eerily similar to those two problem-groups of Jesus’ day.

Pharisees were the “conservatives” of their day. They believed in God and in personal morality. On the other hand, Sadducees were the “liberals” of their day. They were blatantly secular in philosophy and conduct. If they were yet with us today, Pharisees would doubtless feel right at home in the Republican Party, while Sadducees would fit right in with the Democratic Party. (Both a deception).

While the Pharisees and Sadducees fiercely fought each other, they were both the enemies of Christ. When it came to supporting error and opposing truth, they were united. The same is true today with the Republican and Democratic parties…and the sheeple (the American public), who are dumb down enough to support them, thinking they are doing God’s work. Republicans and Democrats only argue about things that have to do with enriching each party’s power and influence. On matters of substance for “We The People”, however, they are mostly united.

For example, neither party gives a flip about what the U.S. Constitution says. The only time they refer to it is when they seek an advantage over the other party. On the whole, elected public officials from both parties take their oath of office about as seriously as a lion takes the hissing of an opossum. Beyond that, neither party believes in the principle of limited government. The size and scope of the federal government continues to skyrocket regardless of which party is in power. Republicans increase government by incurring debt; Democrats increase government by raising taxes. The result is the same, government gets bigger and bigger, while “We the People’s” freedom gets smaller and smaller.

Furthermore, Pharisees and Sadducees alike supported Caesar. In fact, this was one of the central charges against Christ. He was seen as a rebel who refused to acknowledge the divine authority of Caesar. Because of this, Jesus was branded “unpatriotic.” This ultimately led to His crucifixion. Conservatives and Liberals today are fooling the populations into doing the same thing.

Anyone who refuses to acknowledge that then President Bush has been given divine authority to act outside the U.S. Constitution is branded as unpatriotic or worse. When W. was the President. several conservatives had even gone so far as to call G. W. Bush, “America’s King.” To them, Bush was Caesar, and America is an empire.

In the meantime, both parties (which include Barack Obama), continue to ignore or expunge the principles of truth and righteousness upon which our country was founded. Therefore, choosing between Republicans and Democrats is like choosing between Pharisees and Sadducees.**


Here’s another analogy. There were two breakfast cereals for kids back in the late 60’s called “Quisp” and the other “Quake”.


They were both manufactured by the same company and contained the exact same cereal, only packaged in different forms (Bush vs Obama vs Clinton etc…). The suits in the boardroom then had this brainstorm to have the kids vote on which cereal they liked better. Kids all over America voted for the brand they liked best and had no idea the two cereals were identical. I can just imagine the suits that created this con, bent over laughing at how stupid the kids were because they thought the two cereals were different. Are you starting to get the picture yet?

If you’ll read our Constitution, you’ll find nowhere any mention of this two party system. As a matter of fact, it is against our Constitution to have any special interest group controlling and influencing our Government. The Constitution created the House of Representatives, the Senate and the office of the President to do one thing…..TO MAKE SURE EACH GROUP FOLLOWS THE LAWS OF THE CONSTITUTION!


Our founding fathers never intended on having a “Republican” or “Democrat” controlled House or Senate. That separation of powers was never meant to be there so the Democrats or Republicans can have their way and promote their own special interests but it was rather put there to make sure tyranny didn’t take over the freedoms for all Americans and to make sure our Constitution was being followed.

The two party system is unconstitutional and is the main reason your freedoms are being eroded. Since our inherent God given rights and freedoms are no longer recognized by the tyrants who own both the Republican and Democratic parties, we are now subject to the will of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve fraud which controls our money and illegally takes a third of your paycheck with the equally illegal IRS serving as their goons and hatchet men. We are being controlled by the Illuminati backed Goldman Sachs/Federal Reserve and the Rothschild/Rockefeller agenda that hates our freedoms! That’s right, it’s not the Muslims that hate your freedoms but it’s people you know very well and foolishly put your trust and faith in.

This week’s news gives us another glimpse into the reality that there is no bottom line difference between the Democrat and the Republican leadership.

The vast majority of people believe there is a difference, only because they have fallen victim to “Unprecedented Falsehood”.

NEWS BRIEF: “Bush’s Third Term ’, Natural News, March 4, 2013

The infamous ” ‘divide and conquer’ approach is how evil is advanced, and how tyrants achieve their ultimate goals. It has been utilized over and over again throughout history because it dulls rational thought and turns populations into masses of mindless followers. And slowly, incrementally, like a frog boiling in a pot of water, freedoms are eliminated, liberty is stamped out, and the people become enslaved.”

What, exactly, is this author trying to say? He is saying that the same Republicans who are now taking President Obama to task because he has authorized unconstitutional drone assassination attacks on Americans on American soil, were the same politicians strangely silent when President Bush ordered unconstitutional arrest without due process and torture of American citizens starting immediately after the attacks of 9/11.

These same Republican politicians cooperated with President Bush as he passed the dictatorial Patriot Acts I and II, laws that, on paper, take away all our Constitutional rights, liberties and protections. Listen to this author again:

The Patriot Act authorized the illegal “massive surveillance and spying initiative, which is responsible for creating the illegal federal government security force we now know as the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), was merely a precursor to the more extreme initiatives that are now being enacted by the Obama administration.”

Returning to the issue of the extreme extent to which President Obama has carried the Bush policy of using drones against innocent civilians, we cannot but marvel at the degree to which Leftist politicians and citizens are not speaking out boldly against policies that have been always portrayed as examples of “Rightest dictatorships”.

The fact of the matter is that supporters of each end of the politician spectrum are silent when it is their man doing damage to the Constitution. This deplorable state of affairs is leaving the Constitution in tatters and is setting the stage for its ultimate destruction.

No free man who yet has an ounce of will power and self-respect may therefore submit to the completely out of control government of the United States of America. Any judgment or levy against any citizen or resident of the United States by any current officer of the three branches of government, or by any administrative agency thereof, is by definition corrupt, devoid of legitimacy and intolerable to men and women of good conscience because those who (with evil intent, malice aforethought and wickedly selfish heart) wield the bloody ax of law against our people are the real criminals far more dangerous and threatening to humanity than the millions of men and women imprisoned under Nazi like orders of this hideous regime.

In good conscience and by the remaining will power afforded by Providence I do not give my consent to be ruled by the present United States government because it is a global murderous and criminal enterprise bent on world inhumane domination at any cost.

Barbara Hartwell

That says it all!

By Joe Lanier

Joe Monoco



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  1. Steve Gaylord wrote on 08/14/2011 10:27 PM

    I always vote! But only for the 'Director of Parks and Recreation' or 'Dog Catcher.'

  2. Amanda Faerie wrote on 01/08/2013 03:26 AM

    I always knew politics and government were bs-but its nice to read/hear others state the same! :) For an extremely brief time, I joined politics. A mostly-unheard of party in Toronto took my friend and I on-board as they felt we could help generate the youth vote. My friend and I joined because we kept hearing "Complaining about things won't make a difference-why not try to do something about it?" we naively believed the unheard-of party felt the same. After sitting in on a couple meetings, we noticed they were no different than any other party. All they cared about was who had what connections and how much money they had. (My friend and I have been broke our entire lives, so we had no input.) My friend and I were appointed to coming up with fundraising ideas-along with a snooty, middle-aged woman who always gave us dirty looks. She did not work with us. At the next meeting, my friend and I suggested that since they wanted to fundraise a week or two before Gay Pride that we should do a disco rainbow party or a rainbow bbq or SOMETHING Pride-themed as that would show we WERE different from the rest-it would make papers and open up not only the youth vote but also the g/l/b/t votes. Snooty Tooty suggested we do a Carribana themed event (2 months BEFORE Carribana) "because the food is cheaper." I said "Why not wait 2 months? It'll be a huge slap-in-the-face of the gay community." she nixed the idea, going on about cheap food. My and my friends idea went ignored. That was the last meet we attended, dropping out because we weren't going to lend our names and faces to something so crooked. Fuck the tip of the iceberg, we saw ice cubes and that was enough. (Snooty Toot also bragged about her son being good friends w Russel Peters, and her foreign maids brought in from overseas living in her basement...probably illegally.)

  3. MrJustice wrote on 03/20/2013 12:12 PM

    Thanks! I've always thought that the whole idea of a two party system seemed more of a hinderence then help to our constitution. I am glad I am not the only one that feels like the Republican VS Democrat is a phys op *Good Cop* *Bad Cop* scenario gone bad. (no pun intended) Several years ago There has been attempts to make a 3rd party called The Constitution Party done by people from ALL walks of life but those people quickly ran out of funds and didn't have enough back bone to get support so that party got pushed to the side by the MSM so we are back to the drawing board. Time for The Lord to come back I say!

  4. Kyle wrote on 03/20/2013 12:23 PM

    To Amanda Faerie. I am sorry you went thru that fuck but for right now it actually says in the bible that we are in a very cursed time period so any attempts to 'Do something about it' will be all for naught as God turns the other way for mankind. We are now on survival mode and God can only help us individually as Jesus is delayed on his promise due to wrestling with demons. These things are meant to happen and the world will get SO BAD people will beg for a savior to take care of them at ANY COST. We have a one way train ticket to the New World Order Starlight Express (NWOSE) and it's best to let them have the dance floor in the dance car and wear themselves out drunk. When these young hypocritical people grow older they'll eventually lean towards being moderates and vote for a 3rd party once they realize their New Age ideas are full on folly but right now it's the school of hard knocks for them. The angels of heaven themselves have abandoned this planet in general because of our downfall except a few rouges that help people. It will be a slow change rather then a mass sweeping one and until then hang on tight and store lots of food and basic supplies you'll need for long periods of supply shortages and infrastructures as the AGW alarmist tear down energy plants.

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