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Sherry Jackson: Former IRS Agent Turned Whistleblower!

__Barbara Hartwell Percival

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— I am outraged, heartbroken and utterly disgusted about what has happened to American Patriot, Liberty Activist, Whistleblower, and Spirit-filled Christian, Sherry Jackson.

I’ve been aware of Sherry’s activism since she first went public. But when I finally had the honor of speaking with her, when we both were invited as guests on a radio program (January 2008, The American Awakening hosted by Michael Herzog on Republic Broadcasting Network), I learned from speaking with her directly some of the atrocities perpetrated against her, many of which (not surprisingly) were the same terrible things which had happened to me, as well as to other government whistleblowers I know from various agencies (CIA, FBI, DIA, etc. etc.)

Sherry spoke about the libel campaigns publishing outrageous lies about her (ditto for me); the false witnesses who perjured themselves to demonize her (ditto for me); the false accusations that she was still IRS, a ” government plant” (ditto for me, re CIA). And so it goes…the injustices and outrages from evildoers escalating until the target is hard-pressed to bear up under the constant harassment and political persecution.

This, tragically, is what happens to any truthful person who takes a stand against government corruption; anyone who is dedicated to exposing bad guys; standing for Truth, Liberty and Justice (and often, we stand alone.) We are targeted for neutralization.

Sherry’s arrest, conviction and incarceration were all unlawful! Unlawful!

There is no law which requires American citizens to pay “federal income taxes”.


Sherry Jackson demanded: SHOW ME THE LAW!

No one could show her the law. Why not? Because there is NO LAW!

And yet, Sherry Jackson languishes in jail today, separated from her husband and children, ill and unable to get proper medical attention.

This is an outrage! An atrocity! An evil which cannot be allowed to stand!

And all who would call themselves Patriots, Christians or even Americans, must in good conscience stand up for our brothers and sisters in the cause of Liberty.

Don’t just sit there, bemoaning the demise of our once great country.


How can anyone with a conscience be silent, when we see this great American Patriot, Sherry Jackson, languishing in jail for a non-crime. This woman is not a criminal, but a hero!

For the love of God, DO SOMETHING, anything, before it is too late!

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Some excerpts below from: THE FEDERAL RESERVE SWINDLE

Waving Dollar

Do you want to know why everyone is in a financial bind? Do you want to know why banks are failing? Do you want to know what is really behind the government “bailout?” Well, let me tell you what is really wrong with your money…..It doesn’t exist! That’s right, there’s really no such thing as money. It’s all a figment of your government controlled imagination. Paper money isn’t backed by gold or silver. As a matter of fact, it isn’t backed by anything. It’s called “fiat” money.

Falling Money

The Federal Reserve system is the biggest swindle this nation has ever known. In the first place, the Federal Reserve isn’t Federal at all. It is a group of independent/private shareholders and most are not even from America. Our Constitution actually gives only Congress the power to print money…NOT the Federal Reserve.

As a matter of fact, our constitution forbids any organization like the Federal Reserve to even exist at all when it comes to our financial structure. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned corporation by 300 private share holders that also own international banks, and the shares are not available to purchase by the public. The Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air, then lends it to the US government with interest, which is paid out of our income taxes, which is why the government is always in debt. The Fed is not the government. Also the government is not permitted to audit them, so the government has no control over them.

So, they are making huge profits off of the citizen’s hard earned money and do not pay interest but charge interest.

Burning Money

When you find out how our banking system really works, you should be furious! First of all, banks operate on a system called the “fractional reserve system.” What that means is the banks only have to have 10% in assets of the money they lend out. So, if they lend you $100,000 to buy a house, all they are required to have in assets is $10,000. By the way, they cannot lend out any of their $10,000 in assets. But here’s the swindle. that $100,000 they lended to you goes on their books as an asset! That means they record your promise to pay as an asset and now they can loan out ten times that much or $1,100,000. Then the process starts again…once they loan out $1,100,000 that is recorded as an asset, now they can loan out $11,000,000…and on and on and on.

So, you might be wondering where all that money is coming from if they are only required to have 10% in assets. The answer is..IT COMES FROM THIN AIR! Literally! Banks print money from nothing. The original $100,000 lended to you by your bank is nothing but numbers on a computer screen which you are expected to pay back from your hard work with interest. After you are done paying for your house in thirty years, you will have paid over $300,000 for your home. That is money you legitimately earned on your job to pay back money that never existed! The same concept holds true for credit cards. If you default on them, you are expected to believe your credit card company took a loss. HARDLY! That money they lended you..along with the usury 19% interest, never actually came from anywhere. Are you starting to get it?

You see, our whole banking system is based in debt. That’s why the national deficit can never completely get paid off because if it did, there would be no money in circulation. When the federal reserve gives congress one billion dollars, that gets put into circulation and now America owes the Federal Reserve one billion dollars…plus interest! Do you see that?

If you think that sounds like a scam..it is! It gets even worse.

If you make $50,000 per year, you probably only get home with $33,000. That’s because it is eaten up in federal income tax. We have news for you…income tax is illegal. The definition of a tax is on bought goods and services, not on money you haven’t even received yet. So how do they get away with it? They trick you into “volunteering” to pay. You are deceived into signing a document agreeing to pay federal income tax to make it legally binding. Think about it….The IRS knows, or can find out exactly how much money you make a year. Why don’t they just send you a bill for how much you owe without having you fill out your 1040 forms? Because they can’t! YOU have to fill it out…tell them how much you owe and then sign it. That way, you legally volunteer to pay income tax. You hand your hard earned money over to the Federal Reserve.

Do you know when you fill out your W2 forms for your employer, that there is a box where you can check “EXEMPT”? Check it out. Just who do you think is exempt? YOU ARE!!! You probably don’t know you can opt out.

Did you know the IRS or the Federal Reserve has never been audited and answers to no one? If the Federal Reserve was a legal entity they would have their books open to the public. Their business should be one of public record, don’t you think? If they took X number of dollars from the “taxpayers” then they should be able to show how much money they took in and where they spent it. But they don’t. And the people don’t/can’t ask. Why not? You are entitled to know that. Let me tell you why you can’t know that. because the Federal Reserve doesn’t spend your money on schools or roads or anything else that is useful to the public. Instead your money goes right into the pockets of the international bankers…aka the Rockefellers, the Warburgs, Kuhn & Loeb etc. Not a bad gig huh? I wish I could devise a scheme to force every man woman and child in this country give me a third of their paycheck.

The part that is not used to make the super elite even more wealthy is used on illegal, immoral government black budget operations.

The IRS is also another illegal, unconstitutional organization. No organization has a right to “audit” anyone! The IRS are just hatchet men for the illegal Federal Reserve. You can fight these criminals. But you have to do it legally and you have to do it with knowledge and intelligence. You can’t just ignore them. In reality, they are but paper tigers with no teeth, but be alerted, there is a legal way to fight back.

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Barbara Hartwell Percival December 6, 2009


From Sherry Jackson’s Blog, 2002



Did you know that the Federal Reserve (FED) is a private, for-profit organization?

Did you know that the U.S. Government permits the FED to create money out of thin air – with no gold backing?

Did you know that the FED loans the money to the U.S. Government WITH INTEREST? (This interest makes up the Federal Debt)

Have you wondered why the U.S. Government does not print the money itself and eliminate paying interest to the private for-profit FED?

Did you know that 1999 payments to the private FED totaled $1,703,000,000,000? That is over $36 million dollars per hour!

Do you realize that because of the above, the children, grand children, great grand children and great, great grandchildren of the FED owners will NEVER have to work a day in their lives while you work 12 hours a day just to make ends meet?

Did you know that on January 15, 1984 the Grace Commission (a private sector, blue ribbon committee requested by President Ronald Regan) found that “100 percent of what is collected is absorbed SOLELY by interest on the Federal Debt….all individual Income Tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the service taxpayers EXPECT FROM GOVERNMENT!”

Did you know that President John F. Kennedy started creating United States dollars to replace the Federal Reserve dollars shortly before he was assassinated?

Did you know that in 1933 under Executive Order Number (6073) then President F.D. Roosevelt made it illegal for anyone to own or trade gold (Except Federal Reserve Banks) with jail and large fines for those that did not give up their gold? That executive order was only applicable in federal possessions and territories. The People were simply too naive to know that back then.

Would you be surprised to know that, based on the income of many Americans, if you were able to keep the amount of tax withheld from you annually, this tax savings would equal the equivalent of full payment for a decent sized home in only three years?


If you care, do your own research and either make a decision to be an Informed Slave or GET OFF THE PLANTATION! Don’t buy any research packages, just turn off WWF Smackdown, Moesha, Ally McBeal and Judge Mathis for at least a few days and check these sources:

“The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin ($20 book)








We love you, Sherry!

Addendum, December 18:

The latest from Sherry’s husband, Colin Jackson, sent by e-mail to a mutual friend/supporter:

I just got notice today that she may be back at Coleman. At this point, I really don’t know where she is.

I’m certain that Colin must be overwhelmed with all this, so in light of this latest, I would suggest that you go to the new Free Sherry Campaign website, for updates and to learn what you can do to help.


Also, please be vigilant and do all that is in your power to keep Sherry in the public eye. Keeping the case high profile is extremely important; as is holding accountable any and all government officials and prison authorities who are/were involved in any way.

Lastly, another message from Colin, taken from the Free Sherry website:

I feel the need to ask you to please, when you are corresponding with the prison, our Congressman and others, to be very clear but cordial. I do understand the emotions that come when you learn of wrongdoings and how you want to express those emotions. But, when anger and vile is expressed in those letters and phone calls, it works against what we are trying to accomplish. I spoke with my Congressman’s office and they are trying to work on Sherry’s behalf, but it’s very difficult for them sometimes when they are being screamed at and bombarded with negativity.

I pray and hope that you understand my position and that you will keep these things in mind as you continue to send letters and place phone calls for her freedom. I am forever indebted to all of you. God bless you.

In Christ, Colin

Update on Whistleblower, Political Prisoner, Ex-IRS Agent Sherry Jackson

I just received this e-mail message from Sherry’s husband, Colin Jackson. Please take note of the new location where Sherry has been moved.

And please, continue to do whatever is in your power to see that Sherry is set free and returned to her home, her husband and children.

Consider this; What would you do if it were YOUR wife; YOUR daughter; YOUR sister; YOUR mother?

Truth is, it could be any one of us, there but for the grace of God go you and I…..

Please, use your time, resources, talents, and for the love of God, DO SOMETHING.

Free Sherry Jackson!

Thank you and God bless you.

Barbara Hartwell Percival December 17, 2009

Hi Barbara,

Sherry was moved to a new facility on 12-16-09. Her spirit is strong but, I’m concerned about the kind of medical attention she may or may not get. I’m also concerned that our planned trip to see her this Christmas may be cancelled. Her new address is:

Sherry Peel Jackson Booking # 2009-003275 ID # 0227712 P.O. Box 188 219 East Anderson Ave. Bushnell, FL 33513 (352)793-0225

They said that the reason they moved her was because they are investigating whether or not she contacted the media (which is supposedly a violation of the BOP). A magazine came to the prison with her picture on the cover and a copy of the letter she wrote to Congressman Hank Johnson. She DID NOT contact any media and a very small investigation would show that without her being moved.

By the way, very nice website. Thanks a lot. God bless you. In Christ, Colin


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