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The United States of America no longer exists. Oh, it is here, in name only. But what was America was founded on? Why does this nation exist at all? It’s because of The Constitution and The Bill Of Rights. But, sad to say, they no longer play a major factor in protecting it citizens and guaranteeing it’s people that their God given rights will be preserved.

So, I ask you, if the principles that this once great Nation was founded are no longer enforced, then what are we left with? I’ll tell you what---An empty shell of broken lives, broken families and a government that no longer represents the people, but controls it’s people, enslaves it’s people and answers to no one for their criminal affairs.

All this happened as the people slept. It happened while you were watching American Idol. It happened while you were placing bets on the Super Bowl. It happened while you were forced to work 60 hours a week just so you could make ends meet. The American people for the most part can’t see or are not willing to see that there is a massive conspiracy very much alive and well that wants to see YOU stripped of YOUR rights, YOUR home and YOUR privacy.

America was intended to be run by it’s people not it’s government. America was never supposed to be run by “career” politicians. The requirement to become President was never supposed to be that one had to be an occultist, a Mason and a stooge of the illuminati handlers.

The dynamic I am referring to is a dark force that holds people everywhere in a willing bondage and servitude to the powerful elite who have seized upon, and now control, every enterprise and endeavor of humanity, We know there is a conspiracy of Luciferian elitists at work, and they are the ones who have turned that word conspiracy into one of ridicule. We know that things do not just happen to happen. Events happen because there are people who want them to happen, and they have risen to a position where they can make them happen. These illuminist hierarchs are allowed to continue and persist in their nefarious schemes primarily because the vast majority of people refuse to believe they exist. They do exist, however, in the highest places of government, religion, banking, education, industry, and other realms.

There is a new Sheriff in town now in Washington D.C. (District of Criminals). We like the following observation from David Meyer. “Only a few weeks ago, a new administration came into power in the United States. The circumstances surrounding this January 20th inauguration were both occult and conspiratorial. I watched with amazement as Barack Hussein Obama took the oath of office, and I found it hard to believe that America had gone so far down the road of deception as to allow this to happen. The new President took his oath of office facing the Egyptian obelisk known as the Washington Monument, and as people listened they thought that Chief Justice Roberts and Mr. Obama flubbed the sacred oath.

The word order of the oath was inverted, which is routinely done in witchcraft oaths and vows. The one misplaced word was “faithfully.” In order to satisfy potential critics, the oath was redone the next day, this time with no Bible. We must also note that it was done in the Map Room of the White House. No news reporters or photographers were allowed in, but an official photo, taken by the White House photographer, revealed that the oath was administered with Obama standing in front of a large portrait known as the Great Architect. Here let it be noted that in Masonic doctrine, the “Great Architect” is none other than Lucifer or Satan. His official title is the Supreme Architect of the Universe.

Various other strange things happened during the inauguration and subsequent activities. We must remember that before Obama came along, Ted Kennedy was known as the most liberal, left-wing senator of all time. Kennedy collapsed in a seizure and then revived later at a hospital.

In the world of the occult, this is a common occurrence when evil spirits leave one person and enter into another. We’ve seen this happen dozens of times with these occultists that are running and ruining our Nation. We’ve seen both George Bush Senior and George W. collapse and “fall over” for no apparent reason and the marks on W’s face afterward.

Keep in mind, Both George Bush’s are adepts of the Satanic Order Of Skull and Bones. These places and the people who function within them are real, and their god is Lucifer, also known as Satan.

One thing that should be disturbing to all Americans is the “godlike” worship many people are placing on Barack Obama. During the time of the inauguration in Washington, D.C., a parallel abomination was taking place in Des Moines, Iowa, where Obama had his first big win in his run for President. An artist made a realistic image of Obama, which was set on a donkey and led down the street to the capitol in Iowa. Secret Service type limousines with flags accompanied the antichrist Obama image, and people were given palm branches to lay before the donkey as it progressed slowly down Locust Street.

The title of the news article was “Obama’s Triumphal Entry: Gentle, Riding on Donkey.” Certainly you must remember the words of Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, who said, “When Obama talks, the Messiah is absolutely speaking.”

Now we are seeing Obama sacred medallions being worn around the neck on a chain. The medallion has Obama’s image struck in it with the words “Save Us.” On January 17th, 2009, the London Daily Mail featured the headline which began with the words “Obama Can Save Us.”

The question that arises is one of control. How does this spiritual oligarchy (rule by a few) control so many people? What force would it take to do that job efficiently? That force is fear, and the Bible makes that exceedingly clear in the verses above. When conditions are manufactured that make life so uncertain financially and in every other way, peace and tranquility disappear. When we are constantly put on guard against the threat of terror and terrorist attacks and when we see morality, character, and reference points of stability crumbling all around us, then the dynamic of fear sets in. When they have made cowards of us all through debt, worry, and uncertainty, the powers of darkness then control the masses of humanity.

These forces are now obviously at work, and conditions have never been exactly like this before! People everywhere, especially those of the United States, are falling into lock-step acceptance of every crazy and insane thing the government is putting upon them. People believe a lie through fear as they are being conditioned to receive Satan himself in the form of a man. Where are the people who can still think? Where are the fearless that will rise up and cry out against the outrageous evil that fills our land.

In John 5:43, the Lord Jesus said, “I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.”

Because we as a people continue to look in all the wrong places for leadership, our system is run on an occult timetable. Do you think the government “bailout” was in our best interest. Of Course not!!!! As a matter of fact, it wasn’t a “bailout” at all. It is just another step for a fascist economy to be put in place. It is another brick put in the Pyramid which will ultimately result in the government owning everyone and everything and Satan’s New World Order finally put in place which has been his agenda all along…..



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