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The Easy Cash Phenomenon




A new whiteboard graphic documentary covering the JFK assassination in full. From the people involved, to the shooting itself. Including footage of the zapruder film re-altered with sound, an animation of Dealey Plaza, and JFK speech. Does not contain copyright materials and complies with fair use. Feel free to share this video, and help spread the word about Lee Harvey Oswald, Lyndon Baines Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Jack Ruby, J. Edgar Hoover and the whole story. Contact me with any JFK information or questions on helping with the mindmap.


A covert coup d’état occured when JFK was executed by people from his own government, in a conspiracy between the CIA, the FBI, the Israeli Mossad, (the Meyer Lansky led Jewish branch of), the mafia, arms-trade business owners who wanted the war in Vietnam to continue (JFK had plans to withdraw), the Freemasons, and last but not least Lyndon B. Johnson.

Several high-level military officers believed that the killing of JFK was in fact a coup d’etat carried out by elements of the CIA working with the Israeli Mossad. Kennedy was attempting to halt the development of nuclear weapons by the Israelis, while simultaneously planning to disband the CIA and disengage our military troops from the Indo-China area, stop the Vietnam war and ban the Federal Reserve.

Add to that various other sinister motives of several other parties and individuals, and you have a vast conspiracy.

The result was that on that fatal day, November 22, 1963, several killers were lined up to make sure JFK would meet his doomed fate. Harvey Oswald was set up as a patsy.

The cover-up was carried out by many, some of whom were (and are) serving the government, some of whom worked for other entities like the mafia. Almost 200 witnesses of the event or related facts were murdered, including the conspirator’s patsy Oswald and his murderer Jack Ruby.

For serious researchers it’s clear that the murders of Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy were also the result of conspiracies.

The assassin’s (James Files) view from the knoll. An easy shot. An expert shooter will make this shot one hundred out of one hundred times:

(BELOW) This is about where the limo would have been positioned after coming to a complete stop:

(BELOW) Gun smoke from the knoll:

How ironic it is their family name should be Kennedy, which comes from “Can-not-die”...

By the way, Abraham Zapruder – the man who shot the footage discussed on this page – was a 32nd degree Freemason and an active member of 2 CIA proprietary organizations: The Dallas Council On World Affairs and The Crusade For A Free Europe… Just a coincidence?

The Assassination of John Kennedy is a complex issue with many people involved. As many as 40 people had first hand knowledge of his assassination. We’ll give what we believe is the most comprehensive view in this nine part series on the events of November 22. 1963 that you will find anywhere. We’ll tell you why he was killed and who actually carried out the killing. Just hang on and don’t look back….....Here we Go!

Pictured Above Is An Overhead View Of Dealey Plaza (site of the assassination of President Kennedy).

The Numbers Correspond With Locations Of Various Landmarks & Witnesses…

(1) Abraham Zapruder

(2) Triple Underpass

(3) Witness James Tague

(4) Witness Howard Brennan

(5) Bill Newman & Family

(6) Witness Jean Hill

(7) Texas School Book Depository

(8) Grassy Knoll & Picket Fence

(9) Location of 1st Shot

(10) Location of Fatal Shot

(11) Lee Bowers’ Railroad Tower (behind TSBD)

(12) Direction of Motorcade

Uhhhhh, is it my imagination or are these two useless Dallas motorcycle policemen and secret service just sitting there watching JFK get shot?

(BELOW) At least a half dozen shots have just been fired and JFK had been hit at least four times, and these Keystone cops don’t have a clue what just happened immediately behind them….apparently, they don’t know what gun shots sound like…

Now, look at the Below photo. They have just arrested three tramps. The policeman in front is holding his rifle like he’s on a pheasant hunt, while the fake Dallas policeman wayyyyyy in back has pants on that doesn’t even come close to fitting him….and look how he’s carrying his rifle.



Likely location of the shooter who fired the shot that hit JFK in the throat.

(BELOW) The longer red line shows the possible line of fire of the frontal shot that hit JFK in the throat. In all of the numerous books, articles, and Internet sites that I have studied, this theory has never before been proposed. The shorter orange line originates from the storm drain sewer opening on the south side of Elm Street. I have already explained this theory above. But, there is one big problem with that theory and that is the vertical angle. If one were to follow the projected path of the bullet from JFK’s throat through the hole in the limo windshield, located to the left/driver’s side of the higher rear view mirror, the bullet would have originated in a slightly upward vertical origin because Jack’s throat wound was just above his neck tie knot… and this was lower than the windshield hole. Consistent with this scenario would place the shooter in the other twin grassy knoll directly south of Elm Street, across Main Street, to the other parking area in Dealey Plaza along Commerce Street. Here, the shooter would have the perfect angle consistent with JFK’s throat wound, both vertically and horizontally. The shooter probably used a rifle with a scope, but, while aiming for Jack’s head, did not take into account the extra distance and simple gravity—which pulled the trajectory of the bullet down from his forehead to his throat! The angle and resistance of the supposed bullet-proof glass could have slowed-down and deflected the trajectory of the bullet downward also. I must admit that it has never been verified that a through-hole was made when the bullet hit the windshield. Maybe the windshield was, indeed, bullet proof. In that case, then he was hit in his throat from a bullet fired from his front-right, but by a different assassin than the Z313 headshot shooter… because the bullets were different: The Z210 being a non-exploding bullet; The Z313 being an exploding bullet.


John Kennedy was popular among the public, but often hated among his peers. There were many factions that wanted him dead. Kennedy wanted Americans off the criminal (and illegal) federal reserve fraud system where money is not backed by anything, (called fiat money). Kennedy printed billions of dollars of United States Notes. Look at a dollar bill you have now It says “Federal Reserve Note”. That means folks….IT AIN’T OUR MONEY!!!

It belongs to the illuminati families we expose in later writings. Kennedy passed bill 111100 which would have taken all Americans off this suffocating system. In other words you would have NEVER had Federal taxes taken out of your paycheck! If you made $40,000 dollars a year..you made $40,000 a year…not $31,000 after taxes!

The fact is, it’s not even a legitimate tax to take a portion of your paycheck before you even get it. It’s extortion by the Illuminati extremists to fund their illegal wars and personal agendas. When Kennedy was killed, all the United States notes where taken out of circulation and not a word was said to the American public about it. John F. Kennedy issued an Executive Order 11110, requiring the Treasury Department to start printing and issuing silver certificates for the silver then remaining in the US Treasury.

Kennedy decided that by returning to the constitution, which states that only Congress shall coin and regulate money, the soaring national debt could be reduced by not paying interest to the bankers of the Federal Reserve System, who print paper money then loan it to the government at interest. This was the reason he signed Executive Order 11110 which called for the issuance of $4,292,893,815 in United States Notes through the U.S. Treasury rather than the Federal Reserve System.

John F. Kennedy’s United States Note. —

That same day, Kennedy signed a bill changing the backing of one and two dollar bills from silver to gold, adding strength to the weakened U.S. currency.

Kennedy’s comptroller of the currency, James J. Saxon, had been at odds with the powerful Federal Reserve Board for some time, encouraging broader investment and lending powers for banks that were not part of the Federal Reserve system. Saxon also had decided that non-Reserve banks could underwrite state and local general obligation bonds, again weakening the dominant Federal Reserve banks.

Kennedy’s E.O. was never implemented following his assassination, and shortly afterwards, United States silver coins were taken out of circulation and replaced with the copper clad slugs in use today. These two events, the failure to print new silver certificates, and the substitution of worthless slugs for our silver coins, may explain why the Warren Commission included on its panel John J. McCloy, a man with no experience in crime, law enforcement, or national security, but who had been the President of the Chase Manhattan Bank.

Read more about Kennedy’s Executive Order to abolish the Illegal Federal Reserve here:


Kennedy also threatened to “fracture the CIA into a million pieces” which threatened men like George Bush who was high ranking in the CIA at the time. Kennedy also wanted to bring “Your sons and daughters home before Christmas” speaking of the Vietnam war….which was all about offshore oil.

That didn’t sit well with wealthy American oil barons (including George Bush) who were making a mint off the war which your sons and daughters were dying for.

We’ll take a close look at all of them. Kennedy was far from perfect in his personal life, but as you will see, had he have lived, the lives of every American would have been vastly different than it is today.


Key witnesses were never found.

In the below picture, you can see three men standing on the steps with the best view of the Presidents murder. Only one (the man in the middle) has been identified. One of these men was Emmet Hudson, who is now deceased. Hudson was a groundskeeper for Dealey Plaza who was thoroughly interviewed on record about what he saw. His recollection of the events is sketchy at best as evidenced by claiming the time between the first and second shots were two minutes apart. But the other men may have a great story as they obviously had the best view of the assassination of anyone there that day. The man on the right is an unidentified black male – having been described as black by Hudson and appearing to be so in the photographs. This man’s actions were fairly well documented in film. Within seconds of the shots, the men on the steps appear to be aware of what is happening. They appear panicked, one of them waves his hands and the black man looks around frantically and then runs up the steps. The other man in the red shirt has never been identified either, but you can see they both panic as they witness one of the most horrific crime scenes in American history.

Possible explanation about this couple:

According to Joe McBride’s ‘Into the Nightmare’ (pps. 551-552 Kindle version) it was Evelyn and Arthur King, brother and sister and students at SMU at the time, who were sitting on the bench and eating their lunch which included soda pop.

McBride quotes another researcher Joe Backes who says that Evelyn confirmed for him as recently as 2009 that she saw from her vantage point on the bench a man in a hoodie rapidly pass her on the bench and go to the corner of the cement retaining wall, and then she saw a man in a police uniform, at the picket fence line, fire a shot at the President. She hit the ground when she heard the shot (s?) and that’s what caused the soda pop bottle to crash.

(BELOW) Immediately after the shooting, you can see one of the men here next to the bench were Abraham Zapruder’s secretary, Marilyn Sitzman described seeing a black couple before the shots rang out. It appears the man has a wife or girlfriend (sister) who is holding a baby. If this man is alive today, he would, without a doubt, be able to verify our long standing belief that a shot came from behind the picket fence.

Finding them:

Time may be running short as years become decades. If alive today, this couple would likely be in their early 70’s. Chances are at least one of them is alive. There is very little that is known for sure about them. We can be sure that there was a couple present that day who fit the description and who had a young child. They appear to be the best candidate for being the couple on the knoll.

Here’s what can be determined:

  • A man and a woman, both African American and both lived in Dallas or the greater Dallas area. (It seems unlikely that someone would have traveled a long distance)

1. They were described as being “young” and “20’s” – This puts their dates of birth sometime between the mid 1930’s and early 1940’s

2. They had a child who was probably born in early 1963 or 1962. It’s possible the child was born in 1960-1961 (although the child does appear a bit small for a two or three year old)

3. As there are no other children seen and given their age – this was probably their first child. Thus we’re seeking a couple who had their first child in the early 1960’s.

4. They were most probably married (given the social consequences of having a child out of wedlock in the early 1960’s – most couples who stayed together would be married if they had a child and likely were married before)

5. They probably owned a car and were likely fairly middle class.

6. Possibly the best clue: The man on the steps with Emmet Hudson worked “On Industrial” – a reference to Industrial Blvd in Dallas. This man was likely the one seen with the woman on the bench behind the retaining wall. However, even if he was not, he would still be an important witness.

The woman who is most likely this man’s wife holding the baby is likely the figure most people refer to as the “black dog man”, named because the figure looks like a black dog sitting atop the concrete barrier (BELOW). Sitzman said there was a “colored” couple sitting on the bench. The man walked down and stood on the steps and the woman stood up for a second and then sat back down. Even though she is dressed in white, the figure looks dark because she is in the shade. We think that mystery is now cleared up.

There is a high probability that this couple would have mentioned seeing the assassination to friends or family. If the topic came up they may have said something like “You know, I was there when it happened, it was a real shocking thing to see” or something of that nature. It’s also possible that their child would have mentioned it, stating that he or she was in Dealey Plaza when the assassination happened, but was only a baby and either could not remember it or had only a very vague memory of it. Today he or she would be around the age of 48, give or take a year or so.

Do you know anyone who matches this description? An elderly black man or woman (or both) who lived in Dallas in the early 1960s, had their first child in the early 1960’s, was born in the 1930’s or 1940’s, owned a car, worked on Industrial Blvd? Perhaps it’s an uncle or aunt. A friend of the family. A co-worker or former co-worker, a neighbor. If you went to school in the area in the early 1970’s, perhaps there was an African American classmate who mentioned being a baby at the time and being at the location? If you have any information please contact us at:

theconspiracyzone@msn.com —

(BELOW) The man on the right is the man who killed J.D Tippet: He is Gary Eugene Marlow. At the time of Tippit’s murder he was between 25 and 35 and had no widely known connection to the assassination. The man on the left is the grassy knoll shooter, James Files who was 21 at the time. You can listen to his story in length below.

(BELOW) Marlow and Files together. Marlow passed away in 2007.

(BELOW) Here is another picture of Marlow….

Files explains what happened to officer Tippit. He says Giancana sent someone, (Marlow) to Tenth and Patton, to kill Oswald. Tippet pulled over next to Marlow, (thinking it was Oswald). Tippet tried to make Marlow get in the car so Marlow drilled Tippet three times with his pistol.

Of course Oswald was in the theater the whole time because he got there at 1:07.

Now on the video evidence:

The conspiracy and coverup in the Kennedy assassination is so broad that we believe EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO FILMED THE PRESIDENTS MOTORCADE IN DEALEY PLAZA HAS HAD THE ORIGINAL FILM ALTERED. Even the most famous of those films, the Zapruder film, is missing frames, has frames blacked out, has frames reversed and is not in our opinion an accurate recording of what happened on November 22nd, 1963.

We believe a few people in the Power Elite do in fact have complete films of the assassination unaltered. These films have not ever been shown to the public. The original film we have been told, show the motorcade making a wide turn from Houston street on the Elm street. It also shows a bullet hitting the Stemmons Freeway sign as well as the Presidents Limo coming to a complete stop where the President is shot twice in the head before the Limo speeds away. Once again, that film has never been shown in public. We will show you here all the known films of the assassination that have been released to the public.

Electric Green Divider


(BELOW) The Stabilized version:


Electric Green Divider


Electric Green Divider


Electric Green Divider


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Notice how every single one of these films have been edited at crucial moments. No doubt the originals are in the hands of the Power Elite. As of now, no one in the general public has seen them. We do suspect Howard Hunt had an original un-edited version of the Zapruder film. He did not, however, reveal it’s whereabouts on his deathbed.

Here is the confession of James Files which by the way, we have to keep re-posting after it gets deleted


Convenient Deaths

1963 – 1976

In the three year period following the assassination many witnesses died – mostly of unnatural causes. Many rumors crawling around about the high death rate during these years. They are supported by the mostly suspicious circumstances the victims died under. For a unknown shooter or even shooters, all these deaths have on thing in common: they are very convenient to those assassins since these witnesses took their knowledge with them into the grave. But see yourself and decide whether these deaths are purely coinsidently:

Date Name Connection with case Cause of death

11/63 Karyn Kupicinet Tv host’s daughter who was overheard telling of JFK’s death prior to 11/22/63 Murdered

12/63 Jack Zangretti Expressed foreknowledge of Ruby shooting Oswald Gunshot Victim

2/64 Eddy Benavides Lookalike brother to Tippit shooting witness, Domingo Benavides Gunshot to head

2/64 Betty MacDonald* Former Ruby employee who alibied Warren Reynolds shooting suspect. Suicide by hanging in Dallas Jail

3/64 Bill Chesher Thought to have information linking Oswald and Ruby Heart attack

3/64 Hank Killam* Husband of Ruby employee, knew Oswald acquaintance Throat cut

4/64 Bill Hunter* Reporter who was in Ruby’s apartment on 11/24/63 Accidental shooting by policeman

5/64 Gary Underhill* CIA agent who claimed Agency was involved Gunshot in head ruled suicide

5/64 Hugh Ward* Private investigator working with Guy Banister and David Ferrie Plane crash in Mexico

5/64 DeLesseps Morrison* New Orleans Mayor Passenger in Ward’s plane

8/64 Teresa Norton* Ruby employee Fatally shot

6/64 Guy Banister* x-FBI agent in New Orleans connected to Ferrie, CIA, Carlos Marcello & Oswald Heart attack

9/64 Jim Koethe* Reporter who was in Ruby’s apartment on 11/24/63 Blow to neck

9/64 C.D. Jackson “Life” magazine senior Vice-president who bought Zapruder film and locked it away Unknown

10/64 Mary Pinchot JFK “special” friend whose diary was taken by CIA chief James Angleton after her death Murdered

1/65 Paul Mandal “Life” writer who told of JFK turning to rear when shot in throat Cancer

3/65 Tom Howard* Ruby’s first lawyer, was in Ruby’s apartment on 11/24/63 Heart attack

5/65 Maurice Gatlin* Pilot for Guy Banister Fatal fall

8/65 Mona B. Saenz* Texas Employment clerk who interviewed Oswald Hit by Dallas bus

?/65 David Goldstein Dallasite who helped FBI trace Oswald’s pistol Natural causes

9/65 Rose Cheramie* Knew of assassination in advance, told of riding to Dallas with Cubans Hit/run victim

11/65 Dorothy Kilgallen* Columnist who had private interview with Ruby, pledged to “break” JFK case Drug overdose

11/65 Mrs. Earl Smith* Close friend to Dorothy Kilgallen, died two daysafter columnist, may have kept Kilgallen’s notes Cause unknown

12/65 William Whaley* Cab driver who reportedly drove Oswald to Oak Cliff (The only Dallas taxi driver to die on duty) Motor collision

1966 Judge Joe Brown Presided over Ruby’s trial Heart attack

1966 Karen “Little Lynn” Carlin* Ruby employee who last talked with Ruby before Oswald shooting Gunshot victim

1/66 Earlene Roberts Oswald’s landlady Heart attack

2/66 Albert Bogard* Car salesman who said Oswald test drove new car Suicide

6/66 Capt. Frank Martin Dallas policeman who witnessed Oswald slaying, told Warren Commission “there’s a lot to be said but probably be better if I don’t say it” Sudden cancer

8/66 Lee Bowers Jr.* Witnessed men behind picket fence on Grassy Knoll Motor accident

9/66 Marilyn “Delila Walle* Ruby dancer Shot by husband after 1 month of marriage

10/66 Lt. William Pitzer* JFK autopsy photographer who described his duty as “horrifying experience” Gunshot ruled suicide

11/66 Jimmy Levens Fort Worth nightclub owner who hired Ruby employees Natural causes

11/66 James Worrell Jr.* Saw man flee rear of Texas School Book Depository Motor accident

1966 Clarence Oliver Dist. Atty. Investigator who worked Ruby case Unknown

12/66 Hank Suydam Life magazine official in charge of JFK stories Heart attack

1967 Leonard Pullin Civilian Navy employee who helped film “Last Two Days” about assassination One-car crash

1/67 Jack Ruby* Oswald’s slayer Lung cancer (he told family he was injected with cancer cells)

2/67 Harold Russell* Saw escape of Tippit killer killed by cop in bar brawl

2/67 David Ferrie* Acquaintance of Oswald, Garrison suspect and employee of Guy Banister Blow to neck (ruled accidental)

2/67 Eladio Del Valle* Anti-Castro Cuban associate of David Ferrie being sought by Garrison Gunshot wound, ax wound to head

3/67 Dr. Mary Sherman* Ferrie associate working on cancer research Died in fire (possibly shot)

1/68 A. D. Bowie Asst. Dallas District Attorney prosecuting Ruby Cancer

4/68 Hiram Ingram Dallas Deputy Sheriff, close friend to Roger Craig Sudden cancer

5/68 Dr. Nicholas Chetta New Orleans coroner who on death of Ferrie Heart attack

8/68 Philip Geraci* Friend of Perry Russo, told of Oswald/Shaw conversation Electrocution

1/69 Henry Delaune* Brother-in-law to coroner Chetta Murdered

1/69 E.R. Walthers* Dallas Deputy Sheriff who was involved in Depository search, claimed to have found .45-cal. slug Shot by felon

1969 Charles Mentesana Filmed rifle other than Mannlicher-Carcano being taken from Depository Heart attack

4/69 Mary Bledsoe Neighbor to Oswald, also knew David Ferrie Natural causes

4/69 John Crawford* Close friend to both Ruby and Wesley Frazier, who gave ride to Oswald on 11/22/63 Crash of private plane

7/69 Rev. Clyde Johnson* Scheduled to testify about Clay Shaw/Oswald connection Fatally shot

1970 George McGann* Underworld figure connected to Ruby friends, wife, Beverly, took film in Dealey Plaza Murdered

1/70 Darrell W. Garner Arrested for shooting Warren Reynolds, released after alibi from Betty MacDonald Drug overdose

8/70 Bill Decker Dallas Sheriff who saw bullet hit street in front of JFK Natural causes

8/70 Abraham Zapruder Took famous film of JFK assassination Natural causes

12/70 Salvatore Granello* Mobster linked to both Hoffa,Trafficante, and Castro assassination plots Murdered

1971 James Plumeri* Mobster tied to mob-CIA assassination plots Murdered

3/71 Clayton Fowler Ruby’s chief defense attorney Uknown

4/71 Gen. Charles Cabell* CIA deputy director connected to anti-Castro Cubans Collapsed and died after physical at Fort Myers

1972 Hale Boggs* House Majority Leader, member of Warren Commission who began to publicly express doubts about findings Disappeared on Alaskan plane flight 5/72 J. Edgar Hoover* FBI director who pushed “lone assassin” theory in JFK assassination Heart attack (no autopsy)

9/73 Thomas E. Davis* Gunrunner connected to both Ruby and CIA Electrocuted trying to steal wire

2/74 J.A. Milteer* Miami right-winger who predicted JFK’s death and capture of scapegoat Heater explosion

1974 Dave Yaras* Close friend to both Hoffa and Jack Ruby Murdered

7/74 Earl Warren Chief Justice who reluctantly chaired Warren Commission Heart failure

8/74 Clay Shaw* Prime suspect in Garrison case, reportedly a CIA contact with Ferrie and E. Howard Hunt Possible cancer

1974 Earle Cabell Mayor of Dallas on 11/22/63, whose brother, Gen. Charles Cabell was fired from CIA by JFK Natural causes

6/75 Sam Giancana* Chicago Mafia boss slated to tell about CIA-mob death plots to Senate Committee Murdered

7/75 Clyde Tolson J. Edgar Hoover’s assistant and roommate Natural causes

1975 Allen Sweatt Dallas Deputy Sheriff involved in investigation Natural causes

12/75 Gen. Earle Wheeler Contact between JFK and CIA Unknown

1976 Ralph Paul Ruby’s business partner connected with crime figures Heart attack

4/76 James Chaney Dallas motorcycle officer riding to JFK’s right rear who said JFK “struck in the face” with bullet Heart attack

4/76 Dr. Charles Gregory Governor John Connally’s physician Heart attack

6/76 William Harvey* CIA coordinator for CIA-mob assassination plans against Castro Complications from heart surgery

7/76 John Roselli* Mobster who testified to Senate Committee and was to appear again Stabbed and stuffed in metal drum

The HSCA Investigation

Just when the House Select Committee on Assassinations was investigating the JFK assassination, more suspicious deaths were coming up:

Date Name Connection with case Cause of Death

1/77 William Pawley* Former Brazilian Ambassador connected to Anti-Castro Cubans, crime figures Gunshot ruled suicide

3/77 George DeMohrenschildt* Close friend to both Oswald and Bouvier family (Jackie Kennedy’s parents), CIA contract agent Gunshot wound ruled suicide

3/77 Carlos Prio Soccaras* Former Cuban President, money man for anti-Castro Cubans Gunshot wound ruled suicide

3/77 Paul Raigorodsky Business friend of George DeMohrenschildt and wealthy oilmen Natural causes

5/77 Lou Staples* Dallas radio Talk Show host who told friends he would break assassination case Gunshot to head,ruled suicide

6/77 Louis Nichols Former No. 3 man in FBI, worked on JFK investigation Heart attack

8/77 Alan Belmont FBI official who testified to Warren Commission “Long illness”

8/77 James Cadigan FBI document expert who testified to Warren Commission Fall in home

8/77 Joseph C. Ayres* Chief steward on JFK’s Air Force One Shooting accident

8/77 Francis G. Powers* U-2 pilot downed over Russia in 1960 Helicopter crash (He reportedly ran out of fuel)

9/77 Kenneth O’Donnell JFK’s closest aide Natural causes

10/77 Donald Kaylor FBI fingerprint chemist Heart attack

10/77 J.M. English Former head of FBI Forensic Sciences Laboratory Heart attack

11/77 William Sullivan* Former No. 3 man in FBI, headed Division 5, counter- espionage and domestic intelligence Hunting accident

1978 C.L. “Lummie” Lewis Dallas Deputy Sheriff who arrested Mafia man Braden in Dealey Plaza Natural causes

9/78 Garland Slack Man who said Oswald fired at his target at rifle range Unknown

1/79 Billy Lovelady Depository employee said to be the man in the doorway in AP photograph Complications from heart attack

6/80 Jesse Curry Dallas Police Chief at time of assassination Heart attack

6/80 Dr. John Holbrook Psychiatrist who testified Ruby was not insane Heart attack but pills, notes found,

1/81 Marguerite Oswald Mother of accused assassin Cancer

10/81 Frank Watts Chief felony prosecutor for Dallas D.A. Natural causes

1/82 Peter Gregory Original translator for Marina Oswald and Secret Service Natural causes

5/82 Dr. James Weston Pathologist allowed to see JFK autopsy material for HSCA Died while jogging, ruled natural causes

8/82 Will H. Griffin FBI agent who reportedly said Oswald was “definitely” an FBI informant Cancer

10/82 W. Marvin Gheesling FBI official who helped supervise JFK investigation “Long illness”

3/84 Roy Kellerman Secret Service agent in charge of JFK limousine Unknown

Following names are the recently known deaths.

Date Name Connection with case Cause of Death

10/92 Jim Garrison Former District Attorney of New Orleans, only one who sued in the JFK assassination case Natural causes

?/94 Perry Russo witness who told he had seen Shaw, Oswald and Ferrie talking about the killing of JFK Unknown

01/95 Rose Kennedy Mother of John F. Kennedy natural causes

01/95 L.C. Graves wrested Ruby’s revolver away from him after shooting Oswald natural causes

2/95 Irving L. Goldberg Judge who advised L. B. Johnson on transition of power natural causes

3/95 Philip L. Willis Dealey Plaza Witness, photographer Leukemia

5/95 Evelyn Norton Lincoln JFK’s personal secretary natural causes

5/95 Phil L. Barleson Defender of Ruby Heart attack

11/95 Richard Case Nagell CIA agent who claimed he uncovered a “large operation” aimed at killing JFK heart disease

12/95 James W. Altgens Dealey Plaza Witness, press photographer natural causes

1/96 Ralph W. Yarborough Dealey Plaza witness, rode in motorcade natural causes

7/96 Melvin Belli Lawyer of KJack Ruby Suffering stroke and pneumonia

8/96 Charles Brehm Dealey Plaza Witness Unknown

9/96 McGeorge Bundy Top aide to JFK and LBJ Heart attack

10/96 Rufus Youngblood Agent who shielded LBJ during the JFK murder Cancer

10/96 Larry Ray Harris Researcher Car accident

10/96 Lawrence Brantley Sold Jack Ruby the gun used to kill Oswald Complications from surgery

About 80 witnesses that had some direct knowledge of Kennedy’s murder were all dead by 1977…15 within the first year of the assassination….what are the odds? Let’s take a closer look:

Probability Analysis of Witness Deaths Within One Year of the JFK Assassination

Richard Charnin (TruthIsAll)

April 8, 2011

There has been much discussion and controversy regarding the large number of unnatural witness deaths that occurred in the first few years of the 1963 JFK assassination and during the 1976-77 House Select Committee investigation of the JFK and MLK assassinations. The deaths were a combination of homicides, suicides, accidents and undetermined origin. The HSCA determined that both murders were probably due to conspiracies, but did not name names. For a detailed listing of related deaths in the first few years after the assassination and the time of the 1976-1977 House Select Committee investigation, go here.

This analysis shows that the probability of 15 JFK-related deaths within one year of the assassination was infinitesimal and could not have been due to chance. Therefore one must conclude that the assassination was a conspiracy. In fact there were approximately 80 JFK-related deaths over the period from 1964-1977.

We have all the information we need for a robust analysis. The probability calculation is a function of the time interval (one year), the number of witnesses (1400), the number of deaths (15) and the unnatural death mortality rate (.000542).

A critical parameter is the total number of witnesses. As the number of witnesses increase, so does the probability that 15 would die of unnatural causes. The probability that at least 15 witnesses would die from unnatural causes in the year following the assassination is calculated three ways assuming the following:

For 1,400 witnesses, the probability is 1 in 167 trillion. This is the most likely base case estimate.

For 2,000 witnesses, the probability is 1 in 1 trillion, a conservative estimate

For 3,000 witnesses, the probability is 1 in 4 billion, an extremely conservative estimate.

For the odds of unnatural deaths, go here.

Probability of 1 year Lifetime suicide 0.000107 0.008197 homicide 0.000062 0.004739 accidental death 0.000359 0.027778 undetermined death 0.000014 0.001101

Total probability 0.000542 0.041815

The book Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination presents vital information on each of more than 1,400 individuals (from suspects to witnesses to investigators) related in any way to the murders of President John F. Kennedy, Dallas Police Officer J. D. Tippit and alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22 and 24, 1963. It is based on years of research using a wealth of data sources and a detailed analysis of the Warren Commission’s twenty-six volumes. This encyclopedic study includes entries on virtually all of the suspects, victims, witnesses, law enforcement officials and investigators involved in the assassination.

This graph displays a matrix of probabilities for a range of witnesses and unnatural deaths.

The Normal (Gaussian) probability distribution is by far the most important tool in statistical analysis. The Poisson distribution is derived from the Normal. It is used when the probability “P” for success in any one trial is very small but the number of trials N is so large that the expected number of successes (PN) is a moderate-sized quantity. The Poisson distribution is the perfect tool for calculating the probability that a given number of the total witness population would meet unnatural deaths within one year of the assassination.

Let N=1400 the number of witnesses and p = .000542 is the probability of an unnatural death.

Therefore, the expected number of unnatural deaths in a group of 1400 is equal to the probability of an unnatural death times the number of witnesses:

a = 0.7588 = pN = 0005421400

In other words, in any given year, we would normally expect ONE or zero unnatural death in a random group of 1400 people.

But within a year of the JFK assassination, the actual number of unnatural witness deaths was m=15.

There are two parameters in the Poisson probability function: the expected number (a) and the actual number (m) of unlikely events.

The Poisson probability is: P (m) = am * exp (-a) / m!

In Excel, the probability of an unlikely event = P = POISSON (x, a, type) where

x is the number of events; a is the expected numeric value; type is a logical value that determines the form of the probability distribution (discrete or cumulative)

Use the Poisson formula to compute the probability of exactly m=15 unnatural deaths for N = 1400 witnesses: P (15) = Poisson (15, 0.7588, false) = 5.70E-15

The calculation is:

P (15) = 0.758815 * exp (-.7588) / 15!

1 in 175,441,539,952,741 =1 in 175 trillion

But we want the probability of at least 15 unnatural deaths.

The probability is equal to 1 – the sum of the probabilities for 0 to 14 deaths:

P = [1 – (prob (0) + prob (1) + prob (2)… + prob (14)]

P (X > 14) = 1 – ∑P (i) where i=0, 14

P (X > 14) = 5.98E-15

P= 1 in 167,145,910,421,722 = 1 in 167 trillion

An actuary engaged by the London Times in 1963 calculated the probability that at least 18 witnesses would die of any cause within 3 years of the JFK assassination as 1 in 100,000 trillion. But in a response to a letter from the 1977 House Select Committee on Assassinations, London Sunday Times Legal Manager Anthony Whitaker wrote:

The following table shows the probability that at least X witnesses out of 1400 would die unnaturally in one year:

X Probability: 1 in


































We’ll run the below video on several of these articles about Kennedy’s assassination. It is JFK exposing the illuminati….the very people that had him killed! This is a portion of the speech that President John F. Kennedy gave at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on April 27, 1961. “The President and the Press” before the American Newspaper Publishers Association.

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Sex In The Zapruder Film

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By J Monoco 11/08/2009 10:08 AM

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    i am 51 now, when first saw it i wondered how can he be shot from behind and his head flew backward. With that being said, the devil will still lose in the end.

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    Excellent compilation of evidence, particularly the angles of shots fired. Some I've never considered and the one emanating from the far side of the plaza which could have been the throat shot, I find absolutely amazing. The picture of Marlow and Files is another amazing find. After all, who has previously named Gary Marlow as the killer of Tippit? Great job, guys!

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    goodness ... what an amazingly detailed job to make some justice to JFK ... considering gov't will ever do it ... congratulations ... had missed many of these videos, only knew the 3 or 4 most known to the public like Zapruder's. u sure about that number 8 shot to his head simultaneously with the fatal front shot number 9? from Zapruder's u can clearly see it is the frontal head shot (from the grassy knoll apparently) that blows off a chunk of his skull back and to the left ... I haven't seen ALL these videos yet I have to say though ...

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