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There are many good video’s that show beyond a doubt, the Zapruder film has in fact been altered and significantly altered as Author David Lifton points out. This one is one of the best in tracing what happened from start to finish. He also goes into detail about how Oswald was framed as well. Well worth the watch.

After you have read this article, you may want to come back to these videos. It’s a little long, but it needs to be to explain that the Zapruder film has been altered. It’s been fabricated to hide multiple gunshots. There is another film that has never seen by the public and can’t be found anywhere on the internet. From what we understand, the real film has extremely good quality. Professional quality. it shows the limo turn from Houston on to Elm street. It them shows the limo come to a complete stop where Kennedy is hit multiple times from multiple directions. The Zapruder film shows none of this. Here is a breakdown on why, without question, the Zapruder film has been altered.

To start with, the Zapruder film which is the only film in existence (at least publicly) of the assassination from beginning to end has been tampered with. It is the oldest trick in the book to put subliminal messages in print and film to trick the viewers brain into seeing something that isn’t there. Look first at Zapruder film frame 312.

Look in the grass over the driver of the limousine. You will see the word “SEX”. It has been superimposed over here so you can see where it is. Now look at Zapruder film frame 236. Look at the word “SEX” again in various places. See if you see them without us telling you where they are. Advertisers frequently use the word “sex” on the models foreheads in magazines. Here is the clip without the overlay.

(BELOW) In this clip, you see all kinds of strange markings. Some are words and some look like gang graffiti.

NASA uses the same tactics in their CGI images of the Globe:

If you want more information on “inbeds” click the article below:



We want you pay attention to a few things. One, “jump cuts”. When video tapes and films are edited by removing frames, either electronically or physically, the film will jump ahead to where the edits took place. The first jump cut is at the beginning of the film. You’ll see a pan of the top of Elm street and then all of the sudden, the limo appears out of thin air. You’ll see jump cuts as the limo comes out from behind the Stemmons freeway sign as well as when Kennedy is hit in the right temple. The thing here is even after the film has been altered to hide multiple shots, it’s still obvious that Kennedy is hit from the right front which could only mean a shot from behind the picket fence along the grassy knoll.

In addition to subliminals, (inbeds) all through the Z-film, there are missing frames, frames reversed and frames that have been blacked out. The film has been tampered with to hide all the evidence of multiple shooters. The same is true of the Nix film filmed on the other side of Dealey Plaza as well.

This stunning new proof of the fabrication of the two most important films of the assassination focuses attention on the agency in immediate control of the most important evidence in the assassination, which was the Secret Service. Indeed, there are more than 15 indications of Secret Service complicity in setting up JFK for the hit, including leaving two Secret Service agents at Love Field; ordering the vehicles in the wrong sequence, with the President’s first instead of in the middle of the motorcade; not welding manhole covers; not covering the open windows; allowing the crowd to spill out into the street; ordering the 112th Military Intelligence unit to “stand down”; directing the accompanying motorcycle officers to not ride forward beyond the rear wheels;

taking an improper motorcade route; not responding when shots began to be fired; pulling the limo to the left and to a halt to insure he would be killed; using a bucket of water and sponge to clean blood and brains from the back seat at Parkland Hospital; sending the limo back to Ford Motor Company to be dismantled and rebuilt; and removing autopsy photos and X-rays from Bethesda, making them unavailable during preparation of the autopsy report. The fabrication and distortion of the photographic record is the final missing piece of the complex puzzle of the cover-up in the assassination.

Among the most important proofs of film alteration have been those provided by Doug Horne, who became Senior Analyst for Military Affairs for the civilian board (technically, the Assassination Records Review Board or the “ARRB”), and by Rich DellaRosa, who reports having viewed the unaltered film on three occasions.

Horne interviewed Homer McMahon, who was then in charge of the color photo section of the National Photo Interpretation Center, who told him that an agent identifying himself as “William Smith” brought him a copy of the film the night of the assassination, asking him to prepare a briefing board for an unidentified official.

He said he had viewed the film at least ten times and determined that there had been six to eight impacts from at least three different directions. Horne’s report appears in Murder in Dealey Plaza (2000) along with studies of the medical evidence demonstrating that JFK was hit four times: once in the throat (from in front), once in the back (from behind), and twice in the head (from behind and from in front). So if Connally was hit as many as three times (from the side), there were as many as seven impacts from three directions.

Another fascinating source of information has come from Rich DellaRosa, who today moderates a research site at JFKresearch.com. He reports having seen what appears to be the original film on three occasions. He observed the limo driver steer to the left. The stop was so sudden that it jostled the occupants.

If you want to listen to DellaRosa’s account, you can hear it here:

This observation is confirmed by close study of the Zapruder film itself, where frames show passengers being thrown forward immediately after the head shot at Frame 313. This indicates that the sequence of events has been reversed. There were actually two head shots before the vehicle resumed its forward movement.

DellaRosa’s report can be found as Appendix E of The Great Zapruder Film Hoax (2003), which includes a color photo section that reveals the massive blow-out to the President’s head, which is visible in Frame 374. It corresponds closely to diagrams from physicians and Mantik’s study of the alteration of the cranial X-rays. These fabrications were used to discount witness reports (at least 40, including at Parkland and at Bethsda) of such a blowout.

Immediately following JFK’s assassination in Dallas, government agents fanned out through the crowd and confiscated all the films they could find that were being taken of Kennedy’s motorcade. One of several exceptions was Abraham Zapruder’s home movie which showed the entire assassination. This film was purchased by Time magazine. Time magazine promptly altered key frames and eliminated others in order to obstruct and eliminate key evidence of a conspiracy. Those home movies that were seized by the government that afternoon, were never seen or heard again.

Regis Kennedy, one of the FBI agents who was gathering up those home movies that afternoon, was served a summons by the House select committee on assassinations to explain what happened to all those home movies. On the very day he was to testify to that committee, he was found murdered. Over 200 key witnesses to JFK’s assassination, who could have testified to the truth of what happened that day, have died under mysterious circumstances, or have been outright murdered. Assassinating Kennedy, and putting their man Johnson into the presidency helped the military industrial complex and the shadow government reassert their power, and that will help you understand what’s been going on in America ever since Kennedy’s assassination.

This is another film about the mystery of the Zapruder film. It’s a little long, but well worth a watch:

The Zapruder Film Mystery from E2 Films on Vimeo.

These treasonous murderers are opposed to everything the United States is supposed to represent, such as truth, freedom and justice. This is why they go to such great lengths to keep their methods of operation, their true purpose, and even their existence, under a cloak of secrecy. If Americans knew the truth about all of this, they would rise up in anger and hold them all accountable. As long as these forces remain in control of the government, the cover up will continue.

The truth behind the JFK assassination will never be told by the establishment. You and I are subject to their corrupt and unjust court system, while they are above the law. International bankers and all of their branch organizations are at the head of this shadow government and the assassination of president Kennedy was nothing short of a coup implemented by them and their pawns in the media keep the American people from learning how their government has been overthrown by them and they have been, more or less, in complete control of the U.S. government ever since they assassinated JFK on November 22, 1963.

For a relatively small cadre of researchers, the Zapruder film alteration issue is moot. They have seen another film of the assassination, a better quality film. These fortunate folks have seen a film which closely matches the eyewitness accounts, and is very different from the extant Zapruder film. This “other” film shows the limousine turning from Houston Street onto Elm Street; it shows the limousine coming to a full, yet brief, stop; it shows a man stepping into the street with fist raised, possibly a signal for the driver to stop; it shows two shots to JFK’s head from two directions; and it shows a shower of brain particulate violently sprayed to the left rear.

It is important to note that none of the people who claim to have seen this film ever did so in the presence of any of the others. Nor did they view it in the same geographic location. Yet their descriptions of what they saw in the film match identically. For them, there is no question that the extant Zapruder film is a fabrication, part and parcel of a massive cover-up of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. There is a “real” film of Kennedy’s murder that a few people have seen and it is very different that the Zapruder film the public has seen. One of those who has seen this film is Mr. Richard DellaRosa.

JFKresearch.com was originated by Richard J. DellaRosa. In the wake of his March 2010 death, it is maintained by his daughter and his wife

DellaRosa was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and is the grandson of Italian immigrants. His interest in the JFK case began the day it happened and has continued ever since.

DellaRosa spent seven years in the U.S. Air Force as a Telecommunications Systems Control Technician and operated and maintained voice and data circuits worldwide in support of the Air Force Communications Command, U.S. Air Forces Europe and the Defense Communications Agency. He received training at the Aerospace Technical Training Center at Keesler AFB (Biloxi) Mississippi and was subsequently stationed at MacDill AFB (Tampa) Florida, Wiesbaden Air Base (Germany) and Andrews AFB (Camp Springs) Maryland.

He also worked for Southern Pacific Communication Company (SPRINT) as a Senior Technician and Staff Engineer in Washington DC and later in Chicago, IL.

Mr. DellaRosa is an honorary editor of the Assassination Research Journal for the advanced study of the death of JFK.

(BELOW) is more proof positive the Zapruder film has been faked/edited:

In the two top stills, they show Kennedy’s limo turning onto Elm street. There are five (5) people seen from the Stemmons street sign from the lower right to the woman in a tan dress standing right next to a woman in a red top with a black skirt. Now, to the (BELOW) pic, which was taken at the exact same moment..literally a split second before Kennedy was hit, from the opposite side of the street…now you see the same woman with a red top and black skirt on the far left…but she is now next to a man…..with different people beside him….DO YOU SEE THAT? The two films don’t match. When Kennedy’s limo went behind the sign, is not the same as the photo taken at the exact same moment from the other side of the street (BELOW)...

The government conspirators didn’t stop at editing the Zapruder film either. The Nix film of the assassination has been edited as well (BELOW):

(BELOW) Let’s hear this fact from Orville Nix himself:

(BELOW) Photo expert Jack White has doubts that Zapruder shot this film at all in this 11 part series:

We will put this video of Kennedy admitting that there is a NEW WORLD ORDER CONSPIRACY on all of his assassination articles (BELOW).




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    People probably will think you are crazy when you mention that there is subliminal writing in the frames of the Zapruder film. I studied subliminal advertising, and it's there and in the 1960's fashion. Moreover, it's all over the film, and not just the word "sex". I could tell the readers exactly what is written, but people only believe the truth about subliminal embeds when they find it themselves. There is a lot of nasty stuff directed at Kennedy and his wife.

  2. Bill wrote on 02/27/2011 06:33 PM

    The photo of Clint Hill on the back of the Limo is not Kennedy's foot but Hills foot. If you have seen a photo from the other side Clint Hill is semi spread eagle with his right leg on the trunk while protecting Mrs Kennedy and our dying President.Just tilt the photo to the left and you can tell it a right foot shoe. Thanks.

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