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The magic bullet was found on Connally’s stretcher on his way to surgery. We can now prove that to be a complete falsehood as we hear Connelly’s doctor tell the press that the bullet was still in his leg after he came out of surgery! THE SINGLE BULLET THEORY IS OFFICIALLY A LIE! CASE CLOSED!

It’s time to get the real story out!

(some excerpts adapted from material written by Edward T.Haslam, author of Dr. Mary’s Monkey)

Americans who believe in our Justice system know that Lee Harvey Oswald is legally innocent. The law says “innocent until proven guilty.” Not only was he never found guilty of killing either Officer Tippit or President Kennedy, he was never given a trial nor even allowed his legal right to an attorney. He should have been protected by federal marshals to prevent his murder while in the custody of the Dallas Police, but he was not. We can’t change what happened, but we can change what people know about it. We should never let America forget that our justice system failed us (and Lee) at the critical moment. If Lee had lived to talk, the lies would have been exposed many years ago. Lee died so their lies could live.

Here is a short video report from photo expert Jack White. He provides proof positive the Oswald “backyard” photos are fakes:

The day following the assassination two photographs and the negative to one of these were found by Dallas police in the garage of the Irving home where Oswald’s wife was staying. These two were designated as Warren Commission Exhibits (CE) 133-A and B. In 1976 the Senate Intelligence Committee discovered yet another backyard photo in the hands of the widow of a Dallas policeman. Mrs. Roscoe White said her husband once told her the picture would be very valuable some day. In this heretofore unknown version of the backyard photo, Oswald is depicted holding the rifle in his left hand and newspapers in his right.

This is the same pose used by Dallas police in reenacting the photo for the Warren Commission — clear evidence that authorities were aware of the suppressed picture long before it became known to the public. This photo has been identified as CE 133-C by researchers. In the same study, Thomas himself provides a summary of far more detailed testimony from Jack White, a longtime analyst of JFK photos and films, who presented his findings of fakery to the HSCA but which the HSCA chose to disregard. Here are his observations:

1) STANDING OFF CENTER: White concluded that Oswald is standing off center and outside the weight bearing alignment of his feet. A person could not stand in such a position.

2) PROPORTIONS: When the body proportions are brought into alignment from the knees to the head by adjusting the size of the photographs, one head is much larger than the other.

3) OVERALL BODY SHADOWS: Although the photos were supposed to have been taken just seconds apart, the overall body shadows in the photographs are all different. In 133-A the photograph has a 10 o’clock shadow, 133-B a 12 o’clock shadow and 133-C a 10 o’clock shadow again.

4) ARM AND ELBOWS: White said that the elbow is too high in one photograph and the elbow doesn’t show up on the one photograph of the arm were Oswald is holding the rifle. Attempts to duplicate this pose have been unsuccessful.

5) HANDS AND FINGERS: In the photographs, the left hand and finger looks normal. Yet the right hand is missing fingernails and the hand appears too stubby to be normal.

6) WATCH: The photographs reveal that Oswald is wearing a watch but all witnesses have stated that Oswald did not wear and didn’t own a watch. No watch was found among the possessions of Oswald and he was not wearing one when he was arrested.

7) RIFLE: When the photographs are blown up to the actual height of Oswald that was 5’9″, the rifle in the photograph is too long. When the rifle is adjusted in the photograph to it’s proper length, Oswald’s height is six inches too short.

8) SCOPE: White noted that in the photograph the rear end of the rifle scope is missing and pants wrinkles appear where the end of the scope is supposed to be, raising the prospect that the photo was retouched before being found by the Dallas police.

9) FACE: The face shows Oswald with a broad flat chin but Oswald’s Dallas Police mug shots depicted him with a pointed and cleft chin. There is a line that breaks up the grain of the photograph that runs across the chin that many say is where a cut took place to paste Oswald’s face onto the photograph. This strongly supports Oswald’s complaint to police that someone had pasted his face onto another’s body.

10) PHOTOGRAPHIC OVERLAY: When Mr. White took 133-A and 133-B, adjusted and overlaid them, nothing in the background or figure matched up as expected in two separate photos made moments apart with a handheld camera, as stated in the official testimony. However, the face of Oswald was a complete match on both photographs. This could only be explained if someone made a composite photo by pasting the same Oswald face on both pictures.

11) FACE SHADOWS: Both photos show the same V-shaped shadow below the nose. However, on one of the photos Oswald’s head is tilted but the shadow does not adjust for this tilt.

12) NECK SHADOWS: On one of the photos there is light on the right side of the neck but the same photo shows the rifle casting a shadow in the opposite angle.

13) COLLAR SIZE: The figure’s collar size can be determined from the photograph using a mathematical formula, which came out to size 16. Oswald wore a size 14-1/2 collar and all his clothes found among his personal belongings were in the 14.5 to 15-inch range.

14) BACKGROUNDS: White determined that one photograph had the top cropped off and the other photograph had the bottom cropped off making it appear as if they were two separate pictures. However, except for small differences, the backgrounds matched on both photographs, meaning the camera never changed position which contradicts the official story of Oswald’s wife reluctantly walking into the backyard to take the photo.

15) SMALL DIFFERENCES: For many months White was puzzled by the small differences he noted in the backgrounds as they were not off by much. After looking at the photographs some more he determined that on the background of one, the camera appeared to be slightly tilted. He then took another copy of the photo by tilting it on a board and everything came perfectly into alignment.

The next question we need answered is “Who was Lee Harvey Oswald?” His ID card for the marines says his name is Alex Hidell.

One thing we do know about him is he had nothing to do with the murder of President Kennedy.

To see how the power elite tried to frame him, first look at a picture in life magazine of him supposedly posing with a rifle in his backyard. (ABOVE).

Now let’s take a good look at those pictures. We’ve enlarged his hand holding the rifle. Hummmm, looks like someone cut off the ends of his fingers with a meat cleaver. (ABOVE).

Now take a close look at his chin.

You’ll see where someone has super imposed his head on a fake chin as you can see the chin is flat unlike a real chin which is rounded. (BELOW)

Next you can see a “ghost” Oswald which was found by the House Assassinations committee in FBI files which proves they were doctoring the photos with blank imaging which they later filled in with fake Oswald pictures. (ABOVE)

The last area of evidence that I found compelling, but other investigators often have not, is in the area of his hands, arms and the newspapers and rifle he is holding. Those backyard photos about are the only evidence linking Oswald to the murder weapon. A nitrate test on his cheek on the day of the assassination (to determine if he fired the rifle) was negative. There was a belated finding of his palm print on an inside part of the rifle, after it had been dismantled, which has understandably been greeted with skepticism in the JFK “conspiracy” community. There were no fingerprints on either the rifle or the pistol that were identified as Oswald’s murder weapons.

Oswald had to be an idiot if he was the real assassin. Earlier in 1963, he was arrested for the attempted murder of Edwin Walker. That was undoubtedly a set up/frame up, to portray him as violent and capable of murder. So, he obviously would have been suspect number one if he really shot JFK, employed in the building where the shots were fired, with a rifle he not only bought months earlier, but used in another assassination attempt.

With all those incriminating circumstances, we are supposed to believe that he carefully wiped his fingerprints off the rifle before he snuck out of the depository but forgot to get his “palm print” off? But then he also was so stupid that he just put the rifle in the corner of the depository between some crates then went down 4 flights of stairs, bought a coke and hung around the machine so a police officer could see him, and that he had no plan of escape, taking a bus and cab before lamely trying to hide in a theater? Far more likely is that the “safe house” plan that Hunt devised, evaporated when JFK was really shot, and Oswald did what he could, on his own, as the world’s most marked man. Let’s also not forget that Oswald was seen as late as 12:25 on the second floor of the depository. So you say, “Well since the limo came down Elm street at 12:30, Oswald had plenty of time to get to the 6th floor in 5 minutes.”

Well, what you don’t know is the motorcade was 5 minutes late that day!!!! In other words is was scheduled to come down Elm street in front of the depository at 12:25, not 12:30. Oswald would not have known it was late but would have been expecting it at 12:25, but at that time, we know he was on the second floor!! GET IT? OSWALD COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT!!

Now let’s listen to photo analyst expert Jack White as he goes over the fake Oswald photos in this article:


The top photograph is a photograph taken by AP photographer James Altgen immediately after President Kennedy was hit with the first bullet. What is important about the photo is that in the background Altgen also photographs who appears to be Lee Harvey Oswald standing in the first floor doorway of the Texas Schoolbook Depository at the very moment Kennedy was shot.

The second photos are blowups of the Oswald figure in the doorway. According to the official Warren Commission Report, Oswald was supposed to be shooting at Kennedy from the 6th floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository.

In order to cover for this obvious problem, the Warren Commission identified the individual in the doorway as Billy Lovelady, a fellow Book Depository employee who had a similar appearance to Oswald. Lovelady died on January 1979 from heart failure (the later House Committee Report on Assassinations was issued in March 1979, having begun in 1976). Lovelady identified himself as the person in the Altgens’ photo to the Warren Commission.

One problem with Lovelady’s claim is that he testified before the Warren Commission that he was sitting on the steps to the Texas Book Depository eating his lunch when the Presidential motorcade drove by. He stated that two fellow employees, Bill Shelley and Sarah Stanton, were “right behind” him. As one can see in the photo, nobody is standing behind the person in the doorway and that person is clearly standing in the doorway, not sitting on the steps. Lovelady stated that he then heard what he thought at the time were firecrackers. He did not know that President Kennedy had been shot until a coworker, Gloria Cavalry, ran up and told him. If it was Lovelady in the entranceway, he would not have had to been told that the President had been shot, because the man in the entranceway had a perfect line of sight to the assassination.

As one can see, the person in the entranceway is looking at Kennedy at the moment the first shot hit Kennedy; he would have seen the final shot explode President Kennedy’s head; he would have seen Mrs. Kennedy crawling on the trunk of the limousine grabbing his brains and the Secret Service agent jump in the limousine before it sped off. The whole purpose for people to be watching the motorcade was to see the President, and man in the entranceway was no exception; he was looking directly at President Kennedy as he was being shot.

Furthermore, if Lovelady were the man in the doorway, he would have testified to what he saw, but he did not, because he was sitting down on the steps eating his lunch; he was only able to testify to what he heard. That point is made clear by the question not asked by the Warren Commission counsel. The Counsel asked Lovelady what he heard, but he did not ask Lovelady what he saw. Why didn’t he ask Lovelady such a basic question like “what did you see?” Because he knew that Lovelady would testify that he did not see anything at the time of the shooting, because he was sitting down eating his lunch. If he did not see anything, then he could not have been the man in the doorway, because the man in the doorway is looking directly at the limousine at the time the first shot hits Kennedy! If Lovelady answered that he did not see anything, it would have established that it was Oswald in the doorway, and that was something the Warren Commission did not want established.

Another problem with that identification is that Lovelady stated that he wore a red and white vertically striped shirt that day.

Other photos taken on November 22, 1963 revealed that Lovelady was in fact wearing a large squared, bold patterned, red and blue plaid shirt. The man in the doorway could not be Lovelady, because it does not appear that the man is wearing either a striped or a plaid patterned shirt. The real fly in the Lovelady story is that the man in the doorway appears to be wearing the same clothing Oswald was wearing on that very day, the day Oswald was arrested, and the clothing is worn by him in exactly the same fashion as the man in the doorway: unbuttoned to the midsection. The fourth photograph down is a photograph taken of Oswald shortly after his arrest, the day President Kennedy was shot.

Notice, he is wearing the same tweed shirt and tee-shirt combination, with the shirt halfway open. Reportedly, color film photographs taken from a different angle that day, show the color of the shirt worn by the man in the doorway to be orange-brown. When Oswald was arrested, he was wearing the identical orange-brown shirt with missing buttons and tee-shirt underneath.

Reportedly, Oswald told the Dallas Police that he was standing in the doorway of the Texas Book Depository when Kennedy was shot, just as depicted in the photo. It appears that Oswald was just what he said he was: a “patsy.” The conspirators had to kill Oswald, because they new that the evidence against him would never stand up to courtroom scrutiny.

The fifth photo in the sequence is a montage of photos that appeared on pages 24 and 25 of the December 14, 1963 issue of Post. Notice in the fourth car back the Secret Service Agents in Vice President Lyndon Johnson’s detail are getting out of their cars to come to the protection of LBJ as the shots are heard. That indicates that the motorcade must have come to a complete stop, which is consistent with the numerous eyewitnesses who saw the motorcade come to a complete stop.

It is much easier to shoot a stationary target, and the conspirators planned to have the Kennedy limousine stopped. Oddly, Kennedy’s Secret Service detail had not yet even made a move to protect Kennedy after the first shot.

The below video is a great expose’ on who Oswald was, called LEE HARVEY OSWALD, SHEEP DIPPED PATSY:

Every witness that was close to the President at the time of the murder said the shots came from behind the picket fence to the front right of the motorcade.

We believe the man who fired from the picket fence is a man named James Files. WHO ACTUALLY FIRED THE SHOT THAT KILLED JFK .......Lead researcher on the subject, Robert Groden agrees:

We will put this video of Kennedy admitting that there is a NEW WORLD ORDER CONSPIRACY on all of his assassination articles:

Let’s take a closer look at Lovelady and the man in the doorway. Click Below:


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Let’s look at an interview with June Oswald….Lee Harvey Oswald’s daughter:

And here is in interview with his other daughter Rachel:



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