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“If Obama Is Elected President—Will He Be Assassinated?”

Scuttlebutt is streaking throughout the Internet that Obama will be assassinated soon after he ascends to the Oval Office. Remembering that the Illuminati loves to telegraph their punches ahead of time, we conclude that this scenario might actually occur! Make sure and read our latest article on this in “IF BARACK OBAMA IS ELECTED PRESIDENT, WILL HE BE ASSASSINATED?”

I can’t tell you how many people have asked me if Barack Obama is the Antichrist. Short answer..he is NOT. Is he antichrist?..possibly. The fact is, we don’t know much about Obama. But, from all the articles you have read here on Theconspiracyzone, you should be discerning that Obama might be a fraud. Let’s look at some commentary about who this man might be,.


Over 37,000 hits to the search engine of Google are asking this question. We’ll use a few excerpts from Elisabeth S. Elijah Nikomia in this article who we think has some fairly good insights into the man: Barack Obama..

Since when is someone who is running for President of the USA been worshipped? Even a handshake of Obama, is passed on to others as though YAH himself had touched them? How foolish, even when he blows his nose he is applauded! Senator Obama is reported as the “most dangerous man to ever seek the Presidency of the United States”.

His surreal Messianic aura makes him all the more dangerous.

“In a few short months, the young and relatively unknown politician Barack Hussein Obama may very well be elevated to the presidency of the United States and command the mightiest military in world history. Would the eloquent and charismatic Obama unite, inspire and renew a troubled nation, as tens of millions of voters passionately believe? Or is it possible he’s a Manchurian candidate – harboring an ominous secret agenda few understand, a man destined to wreak havoc on America should he become president?”

The only thing worse that I can think of is Barack Hussein Obama putting Oprah Winfrey in a position in the White House! Make no mistake about it, Winfrey is the major force behind this surprising Obama movement. Americans you have been warned. Oprah Winfrey is a big time occultist just waiting to suck the world into her bizarre political aspirations. Winfrey has gone on record as saying she believes there are the “spirits of dead slaves” inside her that guide her day to day. She also talked of the “universal hummm” which is the same occultic experience that Jimmy Paige of Led Zepplin sang about in the most occultic song of this age…”stairway to heaven.”

Oprah’s Production company “Harpo” is “Oprah” spelled backward. Thus showing a secret following for the teachings (the law of reversal) of another occultist Aleister Crowley. Make sure and read our article ” ALEISTER CROWLEY: THE MOST WICKED MAN THAT EVER LIVED! HIS TEACHINGS STILL GUIDE THE DIRECTION OF AMERICA! (THIS VERY IMPORTANT ARTICLE IS NOW UPDATED)!!!”

We thought author Jason Kovac had an interesting insight into Winfrey. “Oprah freely confesses to demonic possession as a tool to enhance her influencing performances before the camera.” She said:

“I tried to empty myself and let the spirit of Sethe inhabit me…Every morning, before my scenes, I lit candles and said the names of these slaves. I prayed every day to the ancestors”.

Oprah’s motion picture, Beloved, gives an account of a woman who is haunted by the spirit of her dead daughter; which is a Biblically condemned story that advocates communication with the dead. Expressing her strong agreement to cinematically express such themes, Oprah recalls her conversation with Beloved’s author Toni Morrison. She stated:

“I told her I’d just read the book and what it meant to me and how I felt so strongly that the world needed to hear this story, and the way to do it was through film.”

Oprah sought after demonic possession in order to elicit a superior acting performance whereby she might gain a greater influence over her viewers. Beloved’s Director, Jonathon Demme, who is also the director of The Silence of the Lambs, recalled:

“Oprah had explained to me when we originally met that it was her goal and intention to channel the spirit of Margaret Garner…This very infusion of humanity past accounts to a significant degree for Oprah’s stunning alchemy, her astonishing abandonment of self in her Beloved performance.” Oprah Winfrey preaches a new age gospel that says any leader can be a Jesus. She says there are many paths to Heaven.

Make no mistake about it…If Obama is elected….Oprah Winfrey will in fact be the fist lady (not a typo) and the power behind the Presidency. Oprah Winfrey is spiritually one of the most dangerous women on the face of the planet. Not only has Oprah admitted to coming into contact with what is called the Universal Hum, but Roseanne, also a New Ager, has admitted to an initiation into this hum and others who have had contact with the occult attest to a sinister type of ringing or humming that lulls the mind and body in preparation for advanced occult indoctrination.

Oprah claims that once she broke into the other side, she encountered the sense of empowerment she sought for. This insidious pursuit of empowerment has led to selling her soul to demonic spirits for ingenious perpetration and temporal gain. Winfrey is Blatantly honest about her reliance on the spirit realm. In fact, Oprah takes her marching orders for her entertainment empire directly from the spirit world. Time magazine wrote of these spirit guides:

“Oprah Winfrey calls these her ‘go there’ moments, those spiritual episodes of divine guidance that far transcend the chatty exchanges with her studio audiences. Sometimes the epiphanies carry the voices of Negro slaves-Joe and Emily and Dara; Sue and Bess and Sara. Winfrey says that she has come to know each of them personally and calls them in at will to guide her in her work. She says the spirits began visiting her a few years ago”.

Oprah freely confesses to demonic possession as a tool to enhance her influencing performances before the camera. Oprah’s demonic submissions spit in the face of the Creator of the universe… Jesus Christ.

It’s also interesting to note in the bible all the un-godly, including the Nephilum (as well as Goliath) had six fingers and toes. Make out of this Oprah picture what you will: (BELOW).

Barack Hussein Obama and Oprah Winfrey. Is there an occult, or Antichrist connection? CNN (of all networks) was reporting that the Obama campaign and his followers are taking on a “cult-like atmosphere.” It was amazing. They were reporting as if it is getting so obvious what is happening that it is starting to scare even the liberal reporters at CNN! They are referring to him as a “Messiah-like figure”. CNN of all sources!”

The timing of his observation was odd. Just minutes earlier I saw a news item that said people are strangely “fainting” in Obama’s meetings. This is the same situation we have seen with many satan worshipping rock stars, including the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

He does not follow YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH in Greek called JESUS CHRIST. He is an advocate of same-sex marriage and practices the ‘secrets’ that is a new age gospel. Obama has said, ‘He regrets trying to intervene to save Terri Shindler’s (Shiavio) life.

Why are the newscasters repeating that some think of him like a Messiah? Why are women saying they are in love with him? His politics is all about change. But is this change good? Attend Barack Hussein Obama’s campaign speeches at the risk of your life and health. Ask yourself, why isn’t this on every news station, why hasn’t this been investigated?

People are fainting from watching his speeches… are they just over excited or is there occult powers at work here?

It has happened at: Los Angeles, California, Santa Barbara, California, Hartford, Connecticut, Madison, Wisconsin, Des Moines, Iowa, Seattle, Washington, Hanover, New Hampshire, and who knows how many other cities.

Are these fainting ladies at Barack Obama rallies really a coincidence or a setup? Check video below:

Beware, something strange is going on with Barack Hussein Obama that seems to be of the occult. He seems to have supernatural occult powers. Do these women mysteriously faint and not from excitement or heat? Many were in a crowd where some people were wearing coats and it appears to be serious enough to get Obama’s attention as he stopped his speech and tossed out water to them. Medical attention was sought and never once did it show the women getting to their feet again but rather carried out on stretchers.

Obama’s national background is from Kenya and his bloodline is Muslim. In his early youth until the age of 10 he claims he was raised Muslim. His grandmother’s picture was taken in Kenya, and she is holding a big chicken in her hands, but the chicken to me looks dead, but I can’t say for sure. Voodoo magic may be a part of all of this supernatural occult power. Never has any candidate had people falling under his power at a political speech.

Barack Obama has been introduced as “He Who Walks on Water,” Barack Obama, appeared with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s This Week…. As is usually the case when Sen. Obama speaks, people have been falling all over themselves today to swoon over the wisdom and eloquence of these remarks.

Does America really want the President of the USA called by an unknown name? Lets take a look at this man’s name, it is a Muslim name. He admits he was raised a Muslim, he claims until the age of 10 years old. Barack Obama only uses the Christian Churches for his own political purposes. We suspect this man is not a Christian and we suspect it is a front to deceive the people.


The first name Barack means “blessing.” (Oddly, in the Hebrew language, the same word, barak, means “lightning.” For the Bible significance, see Luke 10:18.) The senator’s middle name means “handsome.” But, the last name Obama does not come from Arabic. It comes from the Luo language.

It means “crooked.” [1] Obama means “crooked,” “zigzag,” or “not in a straight line.” So, the meaning of his entire name — as it would be understood by diplomats from Africa or the Arab world is: “the blessing from the handsome one that is crooked.” So… is his name prophetic, or mere coincidence?

Obama is being promoted if elected, as America’s first Black President and proudly displays the middle name Hussein. Are the American’s memories so short to forget the powers behind the White House orchestrated and demanded the death of Saddam Hussein who the illuminati of this nation put here for their evil purposes? Isn’t “Obama” strangely similar to”Osama”. Make sure and read our article on “OSAMA BIN LADEN, YOU ARE LOOKING AT ANOTHER U.S. GOVERNMENT LIE!”

Remember, Oprah Winfrey already is preaching the doctrine of the antichrist, She has millions of followers and now has led those millions to Barack Hussein Obama! Hollywood is endorsing this man and yet when you listen to him, you have to wonder why. Oprah Winfrey along with Obama in the White House? Remember, if he gets elected Oprah will be giving orders behind the scenes if nothing else!

David Meyer of Lasttrumpetministries had the interesting observation.

“The name Barack is sometimes spelled Baraq, and Baraq is the name of the winged horse of Mohammed by which Islam is to fill the world and overcome it. Hussein means handsome one, and when you put those two names together they mean “the handsome one by whom Islam will fill the earth.”

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama had been running a heated race for the highest office in the land, and something most unusual happened during the recent Kentucky Derby that is most curious. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama visited the stables before the famous and traditional horse race. Barack Obama picked a horse named Big Brown to show, and that is the horse that won the race. Hillary Clinton put her arm around a filly named Eight Belles and picked her as the winner.

As both horses approached the finish line, Eight Belles went down and broke two ankles after finishing in second place. This horse, the only female in the race, had to be euthanized right on the track. (7) We must also note that before the race, when Hillary Clinton put her arm around the horse, she said she felt a “sisterhood with Eight Belles.” I found this story amazing because I remembered studying maritime law and what is meant by eight bells. According to maritime rules, watches are set up on board a ship that are of four hours duration. A bell is rung every one-half hour starting with one and working up to eight. Before every sounding of eight bells, the captain of the ship must give permission.

That law dates back to when eight bells was the signal for mutiny, which is the hostile takeover of the ship. Thus, eight bells mean one of two things: either the end of a watch or a hostile takeover. That is what the name of Hillary’s horse meant. Is this some kind of sign? Is our country at the end of a watch? Will there be a hostile takeover? Will there be death at the finish line? Certainly, there are strange spiritual forces at work in this occult-charged year of 2008.

There is much that could be said about John McCain, the Republican candidate for President of the United States.

As I write this, I am looking at a picture of John McCain standing at the Western Wall in the old city of Jerusalem. He is placing a prayer in the cracks of the wall. (8) Indeed, there are strange forces of antichrist at work, and looking at this picture caused me to remember that in the Gaelic language, McCain means the son of Cain. Genesis, chapter four, tells us that Cain was the first murderer, and two things were given to him. He was given a curse of the ground not producing for him, and he had a mark put on his body. Thus, Cain became the son of the mark, and the son of the curse. It is John McCain who publicly and brazenly stated that we could be in Iraq for another one hundred years!

John McCain, is like another President Bush. A war monger, and just to prove it, Bush has just endorsed Senator John McCain. John McCain is a dangerous man. Check out out article: JOHN McCAIN, WHY HE SHOULD NEVER, EVER BE PRESIDENT.

America, we are close to being doomed, and I believe that this might be the last election. Will the Great Tribulation start with the next President? George Bush, has been used to take away any illusion that America is the land of the free and the brave anymore. America is no different than a police state and law abiding citizens are treated as criminals or suspects until they can prove themselves innocent. I’ve experienced this personally, fighting an illegal foreclosure on my home…...Maybe illuminati orchestrated? They don’t like me telling the truth from my home? It started with the Twin Towers horror of 9/11/2001. This illuminati horror was also used to rape Americans of their privacy and freedoms they once enjoyed. It was perfectly orchestrated to do this, because of fear.

America has not even been attacked by a foreign troop coming on our soil regardless of what you have been told. The Government forced the Americans to surrender any rights to privacy. The Republicans did this, the Democrats did this, the illuminists did this. It was all orchestrated right before the public’s eyes as freedom of speech and freedom of the press were declared illegal! Now the press is forced to reveal their sources or go to jail. Fear, intimidation, manipulation, mind control, mind manipulation, abominations legalized. Did you ever think America would defend the right to torture suspects? I remember when the American Government would rebuke, and fight against any country or nation that would condone and do such things.

I feel sorry for this generation of children and teenagers. You wonder if it could get much worse. They are bombarded by commercials and TV programs that now make homosexuality look normal. They see 10,000 murders every year on television. The powers that be in Hollywood makes every kind of sexual perversity look normal, with foul curse words included. So few people will speak out against it. Because they are afraid, intimidated and scared. Ultimately, we’ll withhold judgment on Barack Obama. Let’s hope he will do goods things once in office. It’s always important to be skeptical and not just accept things at face value. Especially when it comes to National elections. One way or the other, we need to pray for Obama and pray for America as well…


Barack Obama claims to be a Christian, well, let’s see what he REALLY thinks of the Bible: (BELOW).

Well, let’s take this another step. Let’s look at Obama’s slip up where he admits he’s a Muslim:

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JESSIE VENTURA “I believe very strongly that if an independent candidate like myself – a rogue – were to get into the President’s race legitimately, if the polls looked like he had a chance to win, I believe that candidate would either be physically assassinated or would be assassinated credibility-wise or in some manner by our government because I do not believe they would ever allow a true independent or a citizen to become President of the United States,” said Ventura.

Sidenote to the above statement by Ventura, while he is correct on his position here, we suspect that Ventura is in fact controlled opposition himself

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  1. Georgeanne wrote on 04/07/2008 05:58 AM

    This article is long past due. I am sure we are seeing witchcraft in action in Obamas' meetings. Unfortunately so called christians have been sitting under false teachers for so long, they have been blinded. Wake up people and read your bibles. Get under sound doctrine so that you can stand in these last days! Be praying and bind these spirits of the antichrist. God help us all.

  2. WisperingWillow wrote on 04/17/2008 08:01 AM

    I new Obama couldnt be trusted He is a demon. I get sick just looking at the man. I get a feeling like throwing up. And when I change the channel it is gone. Look at the events now natural diasasters, famine, war, food crisis, people killing each other. Christians that are good are called evil. Does this sound like Revelation. What do you think will happen? Even Obama hates us Catholics he hates the Pope. He said that on TELEVISION. People wake up read your bibles get right with God. Before it is too late. Jesus is the right way the true path go to him not the enemy. Amen Amen I say to you I am the way the truth and the life noone goes to the father but by me says Jesus. Look at him please tell your sins to him on the cross. Lest you fear the lord you will not enter the kingdom even if you do not act as a little child. Do not say mean things about Mary either she is your Mother your heavenly Mother. Ask her to pray for you, this is called Interceding. It was writen in St. Paul.

  3. mooseheadblvd wrote on 05/15/2008 05:11 AM

    When Obama first started appearing on t.v., I didn't have a good or peaceful feeling about him. I kept hearing him referred to as "handsome", "attractive" and "appealing." I tried to see those qualities but absolutely couldn't. I find him to be very unattractive, which led me to believe that certain people see him in a different light than others do. My mother says she also sees him as "ugly." Why would anyone faint just looking at him?? I find that beyond bizarre. I'm thinking of a musician and a couple movie stars that are breath-takingly handsome, but upon seeing them, I'm 100% sure I wouldn't scream or get the vapors. I think Bill and Hillary are a scary couple but not as scary as Oprah and Obama. Going by some events that have occured recently, I have a tendancy to think that there is strong demonic activity surrounding Obama. Oprah is absolutely and openly deeply involved in the occult. I stopped watching her a few years back because she said some things that were mighty weird. Now I hear she has her own church. God help us all. If Obama was an authentic Christian, he wouldn't mention it. He wouldn't have to, because you know a true Christian "by their fruits" and not what they say. If anyone says they're Christian, just sit back and watch. Then you'll know. Well, I've gone on a bit much, so I'll close. I just want others to know that things aren't always as they seem. Please think, research, and use any discernment you may have, before you vote for Obama. Thank you for taking the time to read this and may God bless you through His Son, Jesus Christ.

  4. Najah wrote on 09/09/2008 10:32 PM

    We AMERICANS are intelligent people. Lets not read information, and formulate oppinions on indiviuals based on political affiliations. Yes, this is the new age era. It is different then what we are use too.But difference means there is a change; an we need a change in AMERICA. Yes, I am afraid because we are in the 21st century, and yes the clock is ticking toward the final hour....judgement day.. There isn't a right, or wrong political affiliation if your trust is in one GOD the only GOD of the UNIVERSE, not just AMERICA.. Yes, the antichrist is there, but we know who will will this battle. It is already written

  5. DDRT wrote on 02/03/2009 03:22 AM

    Oprah’s Production company “Harpo” is “Oprah” spelled backward. Thus showing a secret following for the teachings (the law of reversal) of another occultist Aleister CrowleY- While HARPO is her name backward, it is also the name of her character's HUSBAND in The Color Purple, which would also give more significant reason to use it. That is a weak argument for her being an occultist.. I would rather go with all the things that come out of her mouth - not that alone. THE VIDEO ON OBAMA "ADMITTING HE IS A MUSLIM" is obviously not the full interview, WHICH I HAVE WATCHED. WHEN YOU TAKE THE TIME TO WATCH THINGS IN FULL, YOU CAN DETERMINE THE CONTEXT RATHER THAN WILDING OUT OVER A SPIN ON A SOUND BITE. I GET SO SICK OF THE LACK OF CRITICAL THINKING AND GOSSIP AND LYING IN THE NAME OF GOD.. Get real! I don't believe he is either a "Christian or a Muslim" we have no solid evidence for EITHER... going to church for 20 years does not make you a Muslim, nor does going to a Muslim School in Indonesia as a CHILD, REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOUR STEP FATHER OR MOTHER PUT ON YOUR BIRTH CERtIFICATE. IN ALL LIKEIYHOOD, HE IS AN OCCULTIST JUST LIKE THE REST OF EM, OTHERWISE HE WOULD NOT BE IN POWER or WILL WIND UP LIKE KENNEDY! AT LEAST USE VALID INFO TO PROVE YOUR POINTS TO THE CRITICAL THINKING CROWD.

  6. Joe Monoco wrote on 02/03/2009 08:09 AM

    DDRT-------So you're saying the ONLY reason we gave for Oprah being an occultist is the name of her Production company? Do me a favor re-read the article and then come back to me with a more intelligent response. By the way, where do you think they came up with her husbands name in The Color Purple? Do your research and get back to us.....TheConspiracyZone...

  7. Erin wrote on 03/05/2010 01:25 AM

    Hi,everyone. I agree with this article's viewpoint about Oprah,and now, Pres. Obama. I believe we are either in the end days,or we are approaching them quite rapidly at full speed. I pray for all of you who read this article, and I agree with comments above that encourage us all to read our Bibles. There is the spirit of anti-christ present and will try to deceive the entire world.Read Revelations,and Jude, and Thessalonians. Whether one believes in the end times or not-they will come upon us. We need the only Son of God,and His beautiful,life changing power of forgiveness in all of our lives. If you are not sure what to believe,I understand just how confusing this life with all its opinions can be. I give you this promise,if you ask God to show you what the truth is-He will show you,and gladly.You do not need to consult anyone else.He will open your eyes and show you that Jesus is the way.He will write the truth in your heart,and breathe it to your tired mind. A veil will be lifted when you accept Jesus as your Savior. I do not say these words lightly, because I have truly been given a new life in our Jesus,with forgiveness,and an assurance that I will someday see HIs face with God our Father in Heaven. I am not talking about joining a new religion,or about joining a certain church. Church does not save you-rather a person did.Jesus died on the cross, and He took all of your sins because God made Him a sacrifice with the most horrific death anyone could ever imagine-just so that you would become spotless,free of any blemish or ugly sin, so that you would now be innocent in God's eyes. Jesus' blood,and death have given you the most wonderful gift one could ever envision-life after death. An eternity with our Lord. A life without condemnation in God's eyes. On the day you ask Jesus to be the Lord,and Savior of your life,the angels rejoice,and your very own name will be written in the Lamb's book of life.(Revelation 20:11-15,Rev.3:5-6)A veil will be lifted from your once blind eyes,and you will be made free,(2Corinthians 3:13-18). And you will become a new creation in Jesus.(2Corinthians 5:17). Nobody is good enough to make it to Heaven on his own-even your very best efforts fall short when presented to God. That is why we need Him so desperately.Therefore, no one can brag about getting to Heaven onhis own-no one.It is a free gift.(Ephesians 2:8-10) Sorry if I went on too much. I have a sincere desire to talk about Jesus-especially now that the time is short. Take care,and God bless you with all that is good,and right. You are truly loved-beyond words. (If anyone wishes to talk to me more about Jesus,and my own salvation experience,or for needing encouragement or prayers for anything-please contact me at fearfully_made_@hotmail.com -I would really enjoy hearing from you!!!!!!)

  8. annonamous wrote on 03/13/2010 07:05 AM

    i AGREE, how can a man have so many people under his wing. Maybe we could all be wrong but i belive anything is possible normal people arent the only ones who do crazy mess. And maybe he does but if let this out on news people wont belive you because he's OBAMA and thats not true because he's so great and he's president. Exactly what that person said if he wasnt under this spirtual whatever you call it he wouldnt have such power he'd be just like kenedy. and because he's the first black president black people will go against you and say ur just jelouse and racist and thats not even the case. I came under the conclusion that this is true because it all started way back when back to when white people slaved black people, witch craft. every president who doesnt belive is assanaited because they don't belive in that mess. my mom said it even has to do with black people . because black pople belived in the lord so white poeple turned to witchcraft. and every president for black people was gone and assainated. this country is still racist and its undercover. we as people have our own oppnion and im not saying im correct it's just a opinon and obama could be just remember anyone who can perswade and knows what their talking about can fool anyone. The government is evil everything around you is ou have to avoid it and belive in wha you do dont worry about thismess your ot getting anywhere

  9. patrick wrote on 06/12/2010 09:26 AM


  10. Michael wrote on 01/02/2013 03:53 PM

    Oprahs network is the own network. Own bacwards is nwo = New World Order

  11. Carter wrote on 04/25/2013 02:48 AM

    I am muslim and before you say Obama's Muslim, just think...no one living by the teachings of Islam would advocate for what he (Obama) does. Such as abortion and same sex marriage as just 2 examples. Those opinions amoungst others wouldnt be the opinions of someone with a true understanding/faith in Islam. Muslim's also believe that we are failible humans in need of God's mercy. Im not saying hes not muslim, but if he is then hes a very misguided one. I enjoy your articles by the way.

  12. Sicily wrote on 11/05/2013 10:45 PM

    Where did the name harpo come from for the character in the color purple? I'm so curious now. I've googled it but doubt ill be able to find the answer right away...there's so much jibber jabber online these days I'd rather hear your answer.

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