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James 1:16-18 “Do not be deceived, my beloved brethren.”

Galatians 6:7 “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.”

The dirty deeds of these corrupt Lawyers like Susan Hendrick and Attorneys like her will come back upon them.



An Aronowitz employee said in a court affidavit that Susan Hendrick said “she was interested in leveraging the firm for a settlement so she could pay off her student loans, fund an IRA and take some time off.” “When I pressed Hendrick that her position sounded like ‘extortion,’ Hendrick responded by explaining ‘that’s how it’s done,’ ” Madeleine Daly said in the affidavit.


The following is my testimony as to what happened to me in the illegal foreclosure crisis back in 2008. I give facts along with my opinion of what was really going on with corrupt judges and attorneys. The corrupt, unethical attorney I had to deal with was one Susan Jean Hendrick.

I this latest expose, I want to expose that blatant corruption and abuse of power that went on with the illegal foreclosure crises that affected me personally in 2008.

The corrupt law firm is Aronowitz and Mecklenburg which was Aronowitz and Ford when I was dealing with them and Susan Hendrick was their corrupt lying stooge.

Address: 1199 Bannock St, Denver, CO 80204

Phone: (303) 813-1177

The corrupt attorney that I dealt with personally was one Susan Jean Hendrick (46) who’s job was literally to remove people from their home and in many cases (including mine), remove them illegally. Apparently, she doesn’t practice at this time, but the trail of destruction remains from unethical lawyers like Susan Hendrick illegally foreclosing on peoples homes which she later admitted to (Below) in a Denver Post article.

My case started in 2008 when the “alleged” mortgage holder (Chase Bank), on my Condo just outside Denver claimed I owed more than I did on my monthly payments. I refused to pay the amount that was incorrect and told them I won’t be paying them anything until they correct this problem. Well, long story short, I took them to court and won the first round but as I was looking into this problem, I found out that Chase Bank never actually filed the paper work with the Clerk and Recorder in Littleton, Colorado… to even be my mortgage holder. You see back in 2008 mortgage holders were just willy nilly re-selling people’s mortgages to other banks without filing the proper paper work.

So, I went back to court to challenge them and that’s when Aronowitz and Ford (along with Susan Hendrick) got involved.

This now was a case of ownership and who legally held the mortgage to my condo. On this one, I wanted to go to court to determine ownership of my Condo.

Susan Hendrick along with Aronowitz LLP took me (illegally) to County Court to decide this matter. The problem with this is County Court doesn’t hold jurisdiction in cases that involve ownership. Only District Courts can settle this matter. So what happens? They tried to railroad me by taking this to County Court in Littleton when my Condo was in Denver…do you see how this railroad job was stacked against me?


So, I go to defend myself in Court…yes the one which has no authority to hear my case. I see Susan Hendrick is a dumpy overweight loudmouth with a shrill voice who talks through her nose and looks like she bought her ill-fitting clothes second-hand at Goodwill. She is pale and has mousy-brown hair that looks like it is the same style she had in junior high. She doesn’t look like any professional person at all, much less a lawyer. She looks more like an overweight redneck you would see stuffing her face with fried food and candy at an all you can eat buffet at some state fair. Her picture is difficult to find on the internet as is the case with most unattractive overweight people as they like to remain anonymous when it comes to letting people see what they really look like. Especially those who were complicit in illegal foreclosures like Hendrick. I’m sure people like her want to stay hidden.

Once in court, she then uses a red herring argument that I claimed I was never served so she has the people that served me with her in court. Well, if I was never served, then how would I know to show up to court. This was just a diversionary tactic because I never made such a claim. The claim I made was they are trying to settle this in the wrong court and County Court has no say in any matter of ownership. I even told the Judge that when I took the stand that this being a County Court, he has no authority to even hear this case. On top of that, Chase Bank in addition to not filing the proper paper work to legally be my mortgage holder, NO ONE and I mean NO ONE KNEW WHERE THE PROMISSORY NOTE WAS!! YES, MY PROMISSORY NOTE WAS LOST BY CHASE BANK! In spite of all this the Judge went ahead an illegally ruled against me!!! OUTRAGEOUS! THERE IS NO WAY TO FORECLOSE ON ANY PROPERTY WITHOUT A PROMISSORY NOTE AND HENDRICK KNEW THIS AND PROCEEDED ANYWAY! THIS IS NOTHING BUT CRIMINAL!

In this case the Judge was crooked, the lawyer Susan Hendrick was crooked as well as the entire legal system was a farce!

How do I know that Susan Hendrick knew this was illegal? because she admitted in 2013 that she knew about illegal activities at Aronowitz and Mecklenburg in the Denver Post article.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Hendrick hotly denied ever representing Aronowitz as a special counsel, telling Mullins that she was preparing to file her own whistle-blower lawsuit against the firm, mostly because she said she was threatened with the loss of her job if she refused to sign confidentiality agreements to silence her.

Aronowitz said the agreements were standard for the industry after nationwide investigations into robo-signing and other misdeeds by the nation’s largest mortgage banks and servicers.

Hendrick said she told partners at the firm about problems she discovered, including bill-padding and other issues of unethical conduct, but didn’t reveal she had been talking to investigators since last August.

Attorneys for the law firm said Hendrick stepped forward after reading a Denver Post story revealing how the attorney general’s office was gathering foreclosure documents from various county public trustees.

Robert Aronowitz “certainly could have cleaned up the practices of the law firm if he were interested in doing so,” she testified.

She gave brief details of telling investigators in March about alleged destruction of evidence while subpoenas seeking documents were pending.

Here’s more evidence that Hendrick knew EXACTLY what was going on the whole time!!!

I for one am very skeptical about Hendrick having any altruistic motives for coming fourth with the truth as a legitimate whistleblower. I mean, for years she was involved with foreclosing on people’s homes, many times illegally like in my case, and she didn’t seem to have any guilt about it then. So what makes her change all of the sudden? I suspect she just wanted to cover her big fat a$$ is some way. Even if she had some remorse (which I highly doubt), then what happens to all the people, including myself, who lost their homes illegally? What recourse do we have? I’ll tell you..NONE!!!!

Just think about what kind of a person like Hendrick takes a job as an attorney to throw people out of their homes illegally. I’ll tell you what kind of person. An unethical, lying, slimy piece of scum..THAT’S WHO!! Look at all the good natured people out there who are not attorneys who try to help the homeless. Well, Hendricks is the opposite of that and wants to throw people out of their homes and onto the street. What kind of a person does that? I’ll tell you what kind of person…a despicable piece of garbage, that’s who!!!! I don’t care who she tries to cover up by “volunteering” at the bottom of this article. Every person who had to deal with people like her know her true nature. She dedicates her life to grow up to illegally foreclose on people? I’ll tell you what. KARMA IS A BITCH! AND SOMEDAY YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW!!!!

My question is this. If she knew about this corruption at the Aronowitz law firm, why did it take her so long to speak up? How long did she know about this all while evicting people from their homes? How many evictions did she know were illegal even while she continued to foreclose?

Yes! Disgusting no matter how you look at it. I always wondered what kind of background someone has who actually evicts people from their homes without any conscience. Here is some of Hendrick’s jobs:

Attorney at Law

Company Name :The Sayer Law Group

Dates: 2014 – Nov 2018

Employment Duration: 4 yrs 8 mos

Location: Greater Denver Area

Maintain full responsibility for all appellate, litigation and bankruptcy matter for the state of Colorado and the senior attorney for national bankruptcy and litigation practices in both federal and state court.

Contract Attorney

Company Name: Bieging, Shapiro & Barber, LLC

Dates Employed: Apr 2013 – 2014

Employment Duration: 1 yr

Location: Englewood, CO

Completed in-depth legal research necessary to draft accurate motions, appellate briefs and pleadings regarding various areas of practice from fraudulent conveyances to foreclosures and evictions.

Contract Attorney

Company Name: Weselis & Suchoparek, LLC

Dates Employed: 2013 – 2014

Employment Duration: 1 yr

Location: Englewood, CO

Senior Litigation Associate

Company Name: Aronowitz & Mecklenburg, LLP

Dates Employed: 2007 – 2013

Employment Duration: 6 yrs

Location: Denver, CO

Maintained full responsibility for all litigation, appellate matters, bankruptcy and contested foreclosure and eviction proceedings taking place in both state and federal court.

Hummmmmm, looks like she’s made a living evicting people from their homes and all the while admits that she knew about foreclosure abuses!!! SICKENING!!! If she wants to do volunteer work maybe she should help the homeless.

Wake up America..before you don’t have an America to wake up to anymore when corrupt lawyers, judges and police are allowed to break the law with absolute immunity!!


By J Monoco 12/01/2019 09:25 PM

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