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Okay America. We should be getting used to this by now. Once again, this latest (Alleged) shooting in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is nothing more than a play carried out by “Crisis Actors” to destroy the 2nd Amendment and take away your rights to be armed.

Before we get started I want to say something to those people who don’t think the U.S. government would ever put out (pre-packaged) news stories that are not real and not say anything to the public about these “FAKE” news stories. Let’s take 2 min. to listen to George W. Bush admit that it has been a “long standing practice” of the government to create news stories in a studio and release them to the public as if the stories were real. Make sure and note how Bush is squirming and uncomfortable admitting that many News stories are fake!

Remember everybody, we’ve seen this all before with “Crisis Actors” playing the part of real people:

Let’s look at this closer. On January 6th 2017 a gunman (Esteban Santiago) entered a terminal of Ft. Lauderdale Airport and (allegedly) killed at least 5 and injured at least some 9 others. Something in the early reporting I noted to be very strange was Santiago was from Anchorage, Alaska and for some reason decided to come all the way down to Florida to do a mass shooting.

Why is this important? Let’s look at the timing. (BELOW)

Well, Well, what do we have here from the Miami Times, dated December 30th 2016? GUN ISSUES TO GET QUICK AIRING IN FLORIDA SENATE

Hummmmm, I wonder what issues the Florida senate will be talking about?

Look at SB 140. It’s a bill to let people with concealed weapons licenses to OPENLY CARRY HANDGUNS AT AIRPORT PASSENGER TERMINALS among other places. Do you see what is happening here and what the game is of the Globalists? Look when the meeting was scheduled. JANUARY 10th! Coincidence that this fake shooting occurred before the meetings on January 6th?

So what is this false flag intended to do? Well for one, it’s to make anyone who is for the 2nd amendment look like a bad guy like Florida Senator Greg Steube who is for your rights to carry guns. WHAT! Most people will say. You mean in light of this most recent shooting there are people who want to allow people with concealed weapons permits to carry guns? Do you see how this psy-op works?

Here’s a short video about this:

As you can see, there was an agenda behind this staged hoax and it all had to do with timing for this new hand gun Bill.

Another problem with one of the witnesses story is this: One of the so-called ‘witnesses’ interviewed live on TV said police chased the gunman down the escalator. WELL, baggage claim is on the ground floor, where he supposedly retrieved his weapon, then started shooting. This is more problems when they use actors in false events like this, they never get their stories straight.

Here are more problems with the official narrative:

Santiago flew all the way from Alaska to Fort Lauderdale, with his gun declared and in baggage. He pulled it out at baggage claim and started shooting. Here’s the problem: If he just wanted to kill people, he could have just walked into an airport and started unloading. But the fact that he flew from Alaska to Fort Lauderdale with his gun declared in baggage makes me think the Illuminists that put him up to this wanted to make a point, the point being that guns should not be allowed in baggage on airplanes at ALL as they can be taken out at baggage claim and used, even though someone could literally the have the same effect by walking into an airport and shooting up people.

This is what people will be calling for now. No guns in plane baggage (which if you don’t know is the inaccessible luggage that is stored under the plane, in which right now guns are allowed to be stored in) because they can be used after the flight is over (although outside of security).

The government would want people to think if they were planning on taking our guns and overthrowing the constitution. After all, if they banned guns in plane baggage, it would severely restrict the transport of guns nationwide and would make it easier for the government to confiscate them. I just find a greater motive behind the way the gunman handled the situation. Now the media (owned by the Globalists) is already questioning whether weapons should be allowed in any part of airplane travel in any form.

So what other agenda does this hoax fulfill?

In embarrassment over failure of the NWO’s “Russia hacked” psyop of lies, the NWO did a rapid pivot Friday and staged a distraction hoax in the shape of a FAKE NEWS staged shooting psyop in Florida. The Florida “event” was not real, just as the Russian hacking account was not real. More and more day by day the truth the government and mainstream media spit an endless stream of fake news lies and staged propaganda, is become more and more well known and starkly obvious. THE GLOBALISTS ARE THE ISSUE.

The baggage claim areas are nowhere near the runway. Baggage claim is usually near the taxi/ bus pickup drop off. If it happened in the baggage claim area which is a non secure area nowhere near the boarding of planes area WHY would they have people assembled in the RUNWAY?

This short video is very informative (CAUTION: STRONG LANGUAGE)

The “official” government videos are getting more and more comical. Look at this one coming out of the latest Ft. Lauderdale hoax:

The oxygen in the blood is red..bright red..but when it leaves the body the oxygen dissipates and then the blood becomes a dark deep red not that bright red that’s outside in that YouTube video… that bright red.. is called.. vampire blood.. sold in Halloween stores..nice try

We’ll have more updates as they come in. But don’t be fooled! This is just another Illuminati ploy to erode the Constitution, take away your freedoms and make you a slave of the Globalists!

Joe Monoco



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By Joe Monoco 01/12/2017 09:02 AM

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