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Make sure and read our update on Donald Trump and the covid-19 charade here…did he really test positive?



As is the habit of the Globalists to give us “predictive programming” that is to tell us beforehand what secret plans they will carry out. In this film called “The Last Man on Earth” from march of 2017, the Global elite predicted the corona virus pandemic false flag. They also give a not so hidden hint of what their plans are for Illuminati puppet Donald Trump. Will he finish out his term? Or do they have other plans? You decide after watching this short clip.

Needless to say, it has been a long time since the word “Assassination” had been a serious threat for a U.S. President and there is good reason. Every single U.S. President since John F. Kennedy has done exactly as the Power Elite has wanted them to do. Except for Kennedy. Then, we experienced what the elite did to him.

No President since Kennedy has threatened to abolish the Federal Reserve. No modern day Puppet. er, I mean, President has threatened to take down the CIA. Every time the International Bankers wanted a war to line their pockets regardless of what kind of suffering it causes, they always got what they wanted.

If you have followed this website long enough, you know EVERYTHING is by plan. Nothing “JUST Happens.” In the words of FDR, “In politics, if it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

That’s right, there are no “lone nuts” who masterfully engineer assassinations and then clumsily leave evidence in plain sight that points directly back at them…Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray, Sirhan – Sirhan…and on and on.

Something very strange happened before the inauguration (BELOW)


Keep in mind, it was determined, Donald Trump would win this election. This was determined by the Illuminati as long ago as 2000 and actually much longer than that. We’ll show you proof of that below.

There is no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump is part of the Illuminati, as is Hillary Clinton. He gives (not so secret) “secret” hand signs to this fact often in public: Keep in mind, Dick Gregory says that each time Trump wears a red tie or blue tie, that he is a different person. What that means to me, is he “stands for something else”, depending on what tie he wears… red or blue. BUT! It may signify more than that!! Let’s take a look at what this really means behind the veil!

And again:

Here is Mr. 666 with the Mark of The Beast hand signal. Trump is also an Illuminati programmer/handler for mind controlled slaves.

Here, Trump is doing the Baphomet pose showing who he really has an allegiance to. Doing it with the Bible is just flat out mockery.

Hopefully you can see, Donald Trump and Alex Jones are in the same game: ALEX JONES IS NOT ON OUR SIDE!!! HE’S ILLUMINATI! He’s from a CIA family. Alex Jones is presenting himself as a “truther” who is exposing the “deep state”. Donald Trump presents himself as a renegade who is fighting the “deep state”. Alex Jones is a Trump supporter. These two are working hand in hand. But both are Illuminati and working for the globalists! It’s all a big con game.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Trump was Sarah Palin’s programmer. Palin is a known sex slave to the Elite.

By the way, Jesse Ventura is flashing the not so subtle Masonic/Illuminati hand sign as well. Complete with the Satanic “angel of light” appearing over his right shoulder. That is NOT an accident!

How else do we know Ventura is an imposter and is also part of the Illuminati? Look at the Masonic “Double Eagle” symbol below with the “Order Out Of Chaos” theme with the Illuminati “33”.

Now let’s look at the back of Ventura’s jacket at a wrestling match with the same Masonic Double Eagle. He’s just another Illuminati sellout who is actually controlled opposition just like his buddy Alex Jones:

By the way any surprise Donald Trump was a participant in that same wresting event? They are all actors carrying out a script, in politics just like wrestling:

Trump and Trump supporter and false whistle blower Alex Jones are playing “good cop” “bad cop”. They are both on the same side, but Jones is actually telling the truth about the Power Elite in many instances. WHY? TO GET YOU TO FOLLOW HIM LIKE A PIED PIPER! Nothing sucks people in faster and deceives people more efficiently than telling them a lot of truth mixed in with lies.

Here is Jones again telling us who he is with the Baphomet sign:

And again:

And again, and again:

Here’s Hillary flashing the Baphomet sign:

And Bill Clinton doing the 666:

That’s right, ultimately, they are on the same side and are controlled by the Power Elite which includes the Rothschild dynasty, who control about half the world’s wealth. While Trump is rich, he’s hardly in that category.

So what would Donald Trump have to do to lose favor with the Power Elite?

Well, from the looks of things, it appears that the Globalists have chosen Donald Trump to be the Republican nomination and for Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic candidate.

Hillary Clinton is most likely suffering from a brain injury stemming from a blood clot which causes seizures and bizarre behavior (Below)

Even though Clinton is a Grande Dame in the Illuminati, they still aren’t going to let a women rise to being President. However, the Power Elite are known for sacrificing their own at times if it furthers their agenda. It’s important to watch who both parties pick for their running mate because it’s very possible that is the person the Illuminati really want in power. In any case, watch for an Illuminati “blood sacrifice” surrounding this election which just may include Donald Trump.

But that said, the much more likely candidate for an assassination is Donald Trump. Here’s why. The Globalists “love” Barrack Obama. They brought him up from the ranks and installed him as President for two terms. He hasn’t rocked the boat and as done exactly what the Power Elite want him to do and that is to continue to erode our Constitution. Specifically the 2nd and 4th amendments.

Now what if Donald Trump were to be assassinated (staged or real) by his handlers?

The only other possibility for the Globalists to want Trump dead is if they put him in office and he starts to go against their wishes. Remember, Trump does have an ego and doesn’t have the power or trillions of dollars at his disposal like his handlers do, so if they wanted to, they could easily take him out. But, if this does happen, it will most likely be a staged and planned event.



The Simpsons comes from the term “Sons of Sem” or “Sons of Semites” or Sems-Sons. While Shem and his sons are of biblical antiquity, the Semite is of much more recent origin, dating from 18th‑century Europe. The notion that some languages may be related to other languages was by no means new. Already in ancient times Jewish scholars were aware of the kinship between Hebrew and Aramaic; in medieval times they were able to perceive and even make use of the similarities ­between Hebrew and Arabic in their studies of grammar and lexicography. But it was not until the development of comparative philology in 18th‑century Europe that the notion of families of cognate languages emerged and developed. So the Semites had languages that related to “other” languages. For the “Simpsons” cartoon, that means “hidden” languages relating to “known” languages. Let’s look into that.

One reason we think Trump will be elected is the predictive programming we have seen time after time in the Illuminati controlled cartoon, “The Simpsons,” as well other popular programming. It’s NOT the only one, but it is a clear narrative of what is to come! Don’t for a minute think this is just a “children’s cartoon.” This is one way the Globalists are telling you they have control of all your entertainment and are giving you clues and conditioning you. If you disagree, then read on.

How are The Simpsons able to predict future events with such accuracy?

The Simpsons creator Matt Groening predicted this all the way back in the 1990s. Do you want to know why The Simpsons is so good at predicting future events? The Simpsons is the most acknowledged media outlet that ‘predicts’ the future. But it is not a prediction or a lucky guess. The shows creator, Matt Groening (TOP) is a 33rd degree Free Mason. Mr. Burns represents Jacob Rothschild who is the richest person in the world as he owns the Central Banks and the Federal Reserve. Rothschild is also the head of the Freemasons who are behind world events. Groening doesn’t really predict, he just has inside information on what plans the Globalists want to carry out.

We have seen the same prediction of the events of 9/11 in advance, this one aired in 1997. (BELOW)

We had another one predict the death (or really murder in an elevator) of Prince in 2008.

And in 2000 we had the prediction that Donald Trump would win the Presidency.


March 19, 2000 an episode of the Simpsons [S11-E17] “Bart to the Future” predicted that Donald Trump will be a president. Actually 16 years ago this Donald Trump is elected to be the president of all Americans. (Simple chance or something more sinister?).

Blue suit, very fashionable in 2016 predicted by Simpsons in 2000

Red Tie

Pins on the left side with American flag

Podium purple with red border and white name “TRUMP”

The microphone on the right bending towards him.

And they were nearly perfect with the electoral college map back in 2000:

Let’s take a quick look at other “predictions” that came true from “The Simpsons”


Now, let’s take a look at the Illuminati card game that predicted the destruction of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon back in 1995 and what they predict is in store for Trump.:

The first card you will see is entitled “Terrorist Nuke” As you can see, it clearly outlines an attack on the world trade center. It also shows an explosion exactly where the second tower was hit…...SIX YEARS EARLIER THAN THE ACTUAL ATTACKS!! I also firmly believe that both towers were in fact brought down by a “mini-nuke” which also contained Thermite. That is why the towers burned white hot for a month after the attack and there was molten steel at the bottom of the collapsed towers.

If this next card doesn’t convince you, nothing will. It is entitled “Pentagon” Which clearly shows the Pentagon burning 6 years before the actual attack.

The third card in entitled “Population reduction” Here, you can see a skyline which resembles New York City and you can see a “demon smoke face” just like we saw in New York during the attacks. It is an occult practice to conjure “Fire demons” during ritual sacrifices and the twin towers with the 3000 people who were killed were part of this illuminati sacrifice ritual. Remember this card was created 6 years before the attacks with uncanny accuracy.

Below: Real smoke demon face taken on 9/11:

More evidence that the global elite knew about the events of 9/11 as far back as 1989. Look at WWF Professional Wresting back when wrestling was controlled by two people, Vince McMahon who had control of the WWF and Ted Turner who controlled the WCW. Look at two tag teams who toured the nation. One was named “Demolition” and the other was “The Twin Towers”. Here they are telling us back in 1989 that the twin towers will be taken down by a demolition.

Now, it’s not coincidence that this sign was held up at a nationally televised match in 89’ that clearly says: “Demolition Will Topple The Twin Towers”. Also not a coincidence that demolition always won the matches. Another thing to keep in mind is that most of these hand painted signs aren’t created by the fans. They are created by the promoters and are handed out to the fans as they walk in.

Now it looks like they point to a Kennedy style assassination on Trump as well:

Will trump go down the same path that got Kennedy killed in 1963? The Kennedy’s were an Illuminati family. When Kennedy was put in as Commander in Chief, he was given an agenda from his handlers as to what was expected of him. When he decided to do his own thing like making an attempt on taking down the Illegal Federal Reserve banking system. Like taking troops out of Vietnam. Like threatening to fracture the CIA into a million pieces, he might as well have just signed his own death sentence.

Now, when Trump is handed the Presidency he won’t go down the same path as Kennedy. Expect him to do just as his handlers want. If he is taken down before his second term, expect it to be a staged assassination. Trump will go along with it because he has to. The Globalists are way more powerful than he is. If he tried to fight the Rothschild led bankers they would take him out just like swatting a fly. But if the predictive programming comes true like we have been seeing, it wouldn’t surprise us to see the World rocked by a fake assassination.

DONALD TRUMP = 11 letters. You know how the Illuminists love that number 11 to surround their catastrophes.

We know that Trump is a mind control programmer. I recently received this e-mail from a person (who will go un-named for her protection) who Trump has had under his control for quite some time:

I wanted you to know that he (Trump) is very big with (Mind) control. He wanted to control me completely and twice he had the police come to my house with an MIW and had me taken to a psychiatric hospital. To him this was playing and he wanted everyone in my area to see what was happening as he told me he did that so everyone could see he could control me. I was in mind control so a lot of what went on I listened to him. In mind control, he had me crazy in my house looking up things on the computer as he wanted me to find out things about people in order to blackmail them. I would not do anything like that. In mind control you have no perception of time, when you ate, when you slept, etc. I have no recollection of that. He did this to me when I had no idea he was even in my life. In mind control him and I were very sexual but it was not real. It is like being in a movie. He had me very sexual and also he was the same.

I will give you an example, he wanted to come to where I live in a limo and have sex with me in the limo than go to a hotel for eight days and have sex all the time. He was using this because he wanted me to think that this was romantic but he felt it would last a while so he could keep getting attention. The mind control was absolutely crazy and many things did not make sense and their were times he was very mean. I can remember a lot but know that it was him making me do things. I had no idea he could do any of this and he wanted me to tell people outside what he was doing as he was proud of it. Since I am no longer in mind control and I have wanted him out of me for a long time is when he started to hurt me. He has put me in the hospital many times, I have been on a respirator at least four times and almost died. He has me in pain all the time, he does things to hurt me like giving me anxiety, the shakes, scared, sweating, hot tells me to kill myself and has even had me try to do it. He has told me how to kill myself with strong sleeping pills.

I wanted people to know that when they say it did not work I know what they are talking about and it has to do with how much can he hurt me before I give in to me waiting. That is pretty sick to know what he has done to me and not thinking anything of it. I have just been through MRSA which can kill you. He can with mind control make you sick. It was the second time I had it. I was in the hospital for two months and I had surgery on my hip three times to get the MRSA out which is an infection. They could not. I wore a wound vac which sucks out the infection for three months and still had to take intravenous antibiotics went to rehab for two months because I could not do anything and I was still sick. Finally came home, and he started giving anxiety attacks and everything else and would not stop. I know that is a lot more but that is what happened and maybe some people don’t know him to be like that he also threatened me with the mind control and also told me he could make me blind. In trying to get help no one has done anything to help me. He is on my computer as he sees everything.

Even though he had me under mind control their is really nothing I can say as he did not tell me too much. Anytime I did ask him about himself he was not telling. He was very hesitant to tell me anything in case I were to do something about him whenever this is over with. I can tell you he is very cruel and what he has done to me with his mind control is unbelievable that no one would do anything to stop him. He has made me so sick that I have almost died and will lie about anything to get what he wants. Because of the attention I get he wanted me to lye in my bed all day and talk to him because with his mind control he can be doing two things at one time. It is true as he would be up all night bothering me and than sleeping the other side.

All I can say is that I had no idea he was in my head and than no idea how much he found out about me as he knew everything and it has all been for attention. He told me he wants the attention that I get. He did not say anything about work he did not want me to know. Talked a lot about his family and did not care what he said but I think it was mostly lies. I did get the feeling he was very much in love with Marla Maples but she really did not want anything to do with him after a while. Also, a model named C* O (name deleted for her protection), got an order of protection against him once she found out he was interested in her and he wanted no part of his mind control. It was in NYC and she got it. I was unable to get any protection against me. I can tell you he will win this presidency with using his mind control and how he hurts me because people like it and he does not want to stop. Four years ago he told me he would not run because he would not be elected with things about his family. I would just want people to know he really is a rotten person and did not care how badly he hurt me or what he did to me. I have almost died at least 4-four times and he did not care. He told me he liked to hurt me and he also likes to inflict pain. I don’t want anything to do with him as what he has done to me is not funny and he is very sick. I would like him out of my life for good and I know that he can really hurt someone with his mind control. He told me he uses it illegally and I tried everything to stop it. He has had me tazered as he wanted everyone to know he could control me. I did not do anything to him.

I am sorry I don’t know more as he was smart enough not say too much and lied like you would not believe. He even came to me in his normal self and told me that no matter what he says do not fall for it as he will lie about everything. He did.

Of all the above scenarios that would merit an assassination in the minds of the Illuminati it all comes down to this, if Trump does what his handlers want him to do, he’ll be okay, but if not, don’t be surprised if he’s taken out. Most likely not a real assassination but a fake staged one. We’ll see, but rest assured, Trump is one of them and not on the side of “WE THE PEOPLE”...


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By Joe Monoco



If you don’t get it, here’s why:

1 Corinthians 2:14: But people who aren’t spiritual can’t receive these truths from God’s Spirit. It all sounds foolish to them and they can’t understand it, for only those who are spiritual can understand what the Spirit means.

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    I found the article to be very good and an eye opener for those who really don't know what is going on. Mind control is evil and controlling. Everyone should know what goes on and what can be done. I hope it is brought out to the open and people will open their eyes to see what is really going on. It is a great article.

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