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Luke 12:2-3 “But there is nothing covered up that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known. “Accordingly, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in the inner rooms will be proclaimed upon the housetops.YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW!

In short, my agenda is to expose the mainstream media (local) and their lies. I saw this first hand when I worked as the Sports Director at KDRV in Medford, Oregon. First, I want to point out the lies and racism I encountered first hand at this affiliate. Here is the pic (BELOW) of the lying scumbag, KDRV News Director Mark Hatfield: He was the worst, lying, manipulative, self serving, incompetent, two faced, hypocritical, racist that I have ever had the misfortune to have with worked with. By the way, if you study body language, look at what his interlaced hands are hiding his crotch and one finger looks like a phallic symbol (coincidence)? Well, he’s got a lot to hide and we’ll have more on the agenda with his young hire Ben Becker (nose picker) later in this article. More on that later.

Just look at the smug “smirk” on his face that professionals who evaluate liars like Hatfield call “Duping Delight” which is common with people (Like Hatfield) who know they are lying and take delight in fooling you! Thank goodness there are thousands of people who read this site and can see what scum of the earth people like Hatfield are all about! Just scroll below to see the globe and see how many people are waking up to these liars like Mark Hatfield. PASS THIS ON!!!!

This is why you will NOT get the real news from local TV. Throughout my years of working in the mainstream media. I can tell you first hand that it isn’t “news” at all. It’s propaganda to get you hooked so they can bombard you with advertisements. And it doesn’t just happen on the national level, it starts at the local level. No question the worst job I have ever had was when I was the Sports Director at KDRV TV in Medford, Oregon when a highly unqualified, incompetent, and in my opinion racist, man named Mark Hatfield was named the News Manager essentially by default. I quit my job, which was a good job in Denver, Colorado to move to Medford on good faith at KDRV. Well, that wasn’t the case. I went to work for the most unethical, incompetent management I ever had to work with at KDRV. Basically, one year of my professional life was lost working for this unprofessional racist management at KDRV and Mark Hatfield was the lying stooge of the hour that I had to deal with. More on that below.

Through my contacts, I understand that at times the station gets nasty e-mails through it’s tip line from former employees complaining about this man. From my perspective, it may be just about anybody because he no doubt made numerous enemies in his time. While I can’t speak about who or why that is happening, I can surely give you my first hand experience and knowledge about my stay there which was some 20 years ago and shed the truth about what it was really like. One thing losers like Hatfield don’t understand is that he doesn’t evaluate people that worked at KDRV, in the long run WE EVALUATE HIM!!! Which is happening now to a worldwide audience.

Looks like four eyes is starting to look like a middle aged lady with bag lady eyes:

In short, Mark Hatfield, is an untrustworthy, lying, manipulative loser. He has a rat face and is kind of troll looking. He’s kind of a cross between Yoda and Satanist Aleister Crowley (BELOW). DO NOT TRUST OR WORK FOR THIS MAN!!!!!

If you work for Mark Hatfield and you feel like you are unfairly being singled out for no apparent reason and you are being criticized when you know you are doing a good job or you feel he is intentionally making your job more difficult than it needs to be, or if you feel like you are being discriminated against (which more people than just I thought during my time at KDRV). You should contact Bob Prather who is the The Chief Executive Officer of Heartland Media: (BELOW)

You can contact him at:

1843 Wesley Road

Atlanta, Ga.




You should also contact The American Civil Liberties Union in Oregon at:

Address: 506 SW 6th Ave #700, Portland, OR 97204

Phone: (503) 227-3186

Mark Hatfield, 51, news director at KDRV for years. He’s a Seattle native with a degree from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma and TV experience in Wenatchee, Spokane and Seattle and some public relations background. Trust us! Hatfield is a lying, poor excuse for a human being that shouldn’t be a mentor for young reporters!! He has his own agenda, he’s a liar, he’s insecure, he’s a horrible human being and hopefully, any new reporter will not be suckered in by this evil loser who cares about no one but his own selfish agenda….the homosexual professional wrestling angle and racist agenda for Hatfield will be exposed below.

Hatfield is not presentable for clients who want professionals. He has no knack for issues, he doesn’t know “NEWS” and what the viewers want. He has no “people” skills. He just has no value in the world of television for young talent to learn. In short, Hatfield has no value for an up and coming reporter. If he doesn’t like you, which is true for any one with talent, he will black ball you! Because he’s a jealous, no talent loser who does not want people to advance because he can’t!!!! TAKE MY ADVICE! IF YOU HAVE A FIRST JOB! DO NOT WORK AT KDRV!!!

There was a young female reporter/anchor when I was employed at KDRV who was a good talent. For some reason Hatfield didn’t like her (Maybe he hit on her and she wanted no part of it), and she called me to ask her to be a reference. I thought she was great and I was a good reference for her. Not too long after that, a News Director in Duluth Minnesota called me and asked what I thought of her. Of course I gave her glowing references and she actually got the job!!!! Something that wouldn’t have happened if he called liar and agenda Hatfield! Not doubt, he would have given her a bad reference because she turned down is advances!!


He resides at:

307 Morton St.

Ashland, Oregon



e-mail: bills_hatfield@me.com

Hatfield looks like he’s been run from of a lot of places that include:

Eugene, or.

Shelton, Wa.

Bellevue, wa.

Santa Maria, ca.

New Castle, wa.

Omaha, Ne.

Kirkland, wa.

Pismo Beach, ca.

Hummm! If he was valuable, why has he been kicked out of so many places?

Hatfield also has had problems with not following the “Legal Issues” which you would think someone as visible in the community as Hatfield wouldn’t have. If you doubt, look this up!


The following infraction details were found on this record:

Date of Offense


Court Case Number


Court Date


Court Case Description


Court Disposition


Court Offense






Here it is again as it was copied:

When I first walked into the newsroom, I noticed that News Manager Mark Hatfield sported a “Hitler Mustache” (BELOW). You’ll see he was a racist below. Hummm, wonder why he had a “Hitler” mustache? Read on and I think you will see. There is nothing positive I can say about Hatfield. Other than he is a creepy, lying, untrustworthy person with absolutely zero integrity. But keep in mind, it’s not just him. There are clones like him all over America that have the same unethical habits and that eventually comes out in the product you see on TV.

Here’s the one that takes the cake. Mark Hatfield was talking to one of his reporters in a closed door meeting.

And for what ever idiotic reason, he revealed to her that he was “a virgin.” OH MY!!!! What kind of an intellectually challenged individual, that is involved in news, tells one of his reporters that kind of intimate information and doesn’t think she will tell EVERYONE!!

Hey, if you think this is bizarre! READ ON!

What kind of a “News Manager” sports a “Hitler Mustache” especially when his protege, Ben Becker, Makes the most “racist” stereotype on the air of “Once you go black, you never go back” Unless Hatfield is supportive of that kind of bigotry?

I have worked in the media since 1987. I have seen many ugly things that the public needs to be aware of. The main thing I want to get across, is you can’t believe what you see on the news, be it local or national.

What I want to do is share my first hand experiences of what really happens behind the News. It’s not what you would think. It’s not professional like you may believe and it is for sure not to be taken as the truth.

The fact is, the NEWS is NOT there to inform you. What you say? Let me put it another way. The NEWS channels are NOT there to “keep you informed” or to enlighten you as to what is going on in the world around you. SO what is their job? Glad you asked. They are there to sell advertisements and to make you feel unstable and scared so you tune in again to be exposed to the same advertisements.

That’s right, the NEWS is in the ENTERTAINMENT business and NOT the INFORMATION business!

That shouldn’t shock you at all. Because any mind control agency will tell you that “good news” does not sell, but “bad news” does.

It’s all a mind control head game just to keep you in fear and to keep you coming back for more.

That said, let me lead you down the path to “behind the scenes” and what the “NEWS” really is.

I worked at KDRV TV in Medford Oregon in 1996. For ONE year. I emphasize “one” year because that is all I could take of the incompetent and unprofessional management that was in place when I was there. I got along with my co-workers, but Management was a whole other ballgame. They were not to be trusted.

The man that first hired me was the News Director whose name was Renard Maiuri. He seemed to be somewhat competent and was interested in getting the real story to the people. I found out that was not he case either. I was first hired as the weekend anchor and a man named Jim Hobbs was doing weekdays. They told me once Jim left, I would be the Sports Director and they would increase my salary too. Well, Once Jim left, they did make me the Sports Director, but didn’t want to increase my pay. Liars!!!

I had to threaten to quit before they came through on their original promise. Yes, I know…no integrity at all at KDRV!

Well, not long after I was hired by Maiuri, he went on to other things and was replaced by a News Manager named Mark Hatfield. It looks like he’s now the General Manager.

Hatfield was a disaster! He was inexperienced, didn’t understand news and had his own agenda in mind. He was not respected by the newsroom staff. He was childish and insecure and reminded me of a kid that was picked on all his life and never had any friends but now that he has been given the “power” over legitimate talent, that he was going to use it for his own benefit.

I even talked to other reporters before I left and we all agreed there may be some “racism” with Hatfield and who he did and did “not” get along with. I, being of African American decent, that sure was my feeling. We know his “running buddy” Ben Becker was racist toward blacks as we’ll show you first hand below. His statement on air toward African Americans actually got him suspended….(Once you go black you never go back) he once said on the air! UNBELIEVABLE! That said… he and Hatfield were friends? Along with what? Hummmm!

Mark Hatfield was unqualified. He was a physically creepy guy. He was short, fat, balding, unprofessional and wore the same clothes all the time. The joke at the newsroom was “what green pullover sweater was he going to wear this week?” He just didn’t seem to have a clue when dealing with people. There was another joke around the newsroom that the only way he could get a women to talk to him was to find hot women who would apply for a job and invite them in and give them an interview. We all saw that! We knew that was true, because all the females he interviewed never got hired….... In short, (no pun intended, he was a joke)

So, you may wonder how people like him keep their jobs? Well, it’s really very simple. He’s the only one they can get. Someone who was a real professional from a large market would not want to live in a one horse town like Medford. So, that’s the problem with getting good people in small markets. No one wants to go there, so they have to stick with and promote who they already have. Also, Chambers Communications who owns KDRV isn’t known for their free spending to hire good people.

Hatfield didn’t understand news and didn’t know a lead story if he fell over it. Just to give you an example, he didn’t know the difference between “power lifting” and “bodybuilding”. That should come as no surprise. The guy obviously never did anything athletically in his life. I packages stories, for Medford’s own “Power lifting”, medalists. Male AND Female. I also packaged “Body Building”, Male and Female Medalists. BOTH lived in MEDFORD! But, incompetent Hatfield called me in and said, ” No more weightlifting features!” WHAT AN IDIOT! Medford had world class athletes in their own backyard for “Body Building” and “Power lifting” and Hatfield didn’t know his story from his a$$ in the ground and thought is was all the same! Maybe HE was intimidated by people who were actually in shape because it made him feel like the loser he was!

Here is the female champion he didn’t want a package about that lived in Medford: (BELOW)

And here is the powerlifting champion (BELOW), (That lived in Medford), that Hatfield had no clue about and didn’t want on our station: Maybe he doesn’t know the difference between male and female?


Shortly after I arrived to be the Sports Director at KDRV, Mark Hatfield, in his inexperience, decided to hire a fledgling named BEN BECKER to do weekends sports. Becker was a short, nerd, wannabe who never played sports in his life and had a habit of “Picking his nose” between breaks! YIKES!!!

Well, racist Becker was a disaster too! He was the most immature, incompetent weekend anchor I have ever seen! As a matter of fact, the complaints to KDRV came in by the dozens from irritated viewers! But Mark Hatfield hid them and didn’t let anyone see them. He was SUPPOSED to forward them to the GM. But remember, Hatfield was a lying piece of c*ap that had his own agenda! Maybe he still needed his “wrestling buddy.”

But Hatfield was dishonest and sneaky and a lying sociopath with his own agenda. I witnessed this first hand!!!

Mark Hatfield and Ben Becker were two nerds that bonded because they were losers and outcasts in life. They had Professional Wrestling in common. And they later even had highlights of professional wrestling on his sportscasts! YIKES! What legitimate sportscast talks professional wrestling? No wonder these two “liked” each other! What kind of grown men sit around and watch a fake sport that is full of homosexual story lines?

Yea! That’s what I thought!

Let’s be real, who makes an idol of “Gold dust” (homosexual) wrestler besides these two “wannabees” Becker and Hatfield? (BELOW) and (ABOVE).

Here’s more wrestling nonsense that Hatfield was okay with:

And again:

And more weirdness in the wresting world that Becker and Hatfield were okay with. Are you starting to figure out this now?

Later, Becker talked the incompetent Hatfield into to a segment called “Ben’s Big Fish.” WHAT? Catching fish will get ratings? Apparently, Hatfield was okay with this nonsense? Ben’s Big Fish? Here, these two are again are promoting a homosexual agenda!

Becker was so incompetent at the next station he went to, that he actually was talking about black golf balls and said “Once you go black, you never go back.” UNREAL THAT YOU CAN BE THIS STUPID!!! Remember I suspected racism with Mr. Hatfield and how he treated some of his employees? Well, just the fact that he was running buddies with Becker who makes this outrageous racist comment on the air should tell you something. Check it out below:

“Once You Go Black” Line Makes Newscast

When the student newspaper at a recent convention of the National Association of Black Journalists decided to start a column of outrageous quotes, it titled the feature, “Oh, No, He Didn’t!”

Columnist Jose Lambiet came up with a likely candidate Sunday in Florida’s Palm Beach Post.

“Since it seems more people saw WPTV-News Channel 5 sports director Ben Becker’s apology than those who saw his on-the-air racial and sexual comment,” Lambiet began, “here is what he said:

”’Once you go black, you never go back!’

Yikes! Becker is either stupid, or a racist…one way or the other, why is he on TV? Any other alternatives here?

“Becker was winding down his sports segment on the 6 p.m. show Thursday with news about a Nike golf ball the pros have started using. The new ball is black. He made the offending comment while signing off. Yikes!” Lambiet continued.

“The ugly-nose-picking sportscaster, who grossed out many, who has been with the station since 2001, was back on at 11 p.m. He apologized for his ‘inappropriate and insensitive’ words.

“He didn’t want to be interviewed, but his boss, news director Peter Roghaar, told Page, the matter was addressed internally. He didn’t say how.

”’We received four complaints about it between the 6 and 11 news,’ he said. ‘He was just trying to make a joke.’”

It’s no doubt small consolation to Becker, but he isn’t the first to use the line in a G-rated venue. Keep in mind, Mark Hatfield hired this guy!!!


When I worked at KDRV TV in 1996, I immediately knew Mark Hatfield was going to be the worst News Manager I have ever had. I was right! One of the anchor/reporters named Geoffery Riley (who was actually a very good reporter) had his story stained by Hatfield.

Riley was attacked by indigents using shovels in one of his interviews. Hatfield called in the police. The police came to the station to try and find those involved in the attack and “genius” Mark Hatfield, wearing his famed green sweater wanted to know if they had “A WARRANT” to get the tapes! WHAT! The police are trying to help and the News Manager wants the to get a warrant? And beside that, Hatfield was the one who called them in to help in the first place! Like I said, more incompetence.

But the one that takes the cake is what we talked about earlier. Mark Hatfield was talking to one of his reporters in a closed door meeting. He’s probably STILL a virgin after what I’ve revealed!

And for what ever idiotic reason, Hatfield revealed to her that he was “a virgin.” Once again, What kind of an idiot, that is involved in news, tells one of his reporters that kind of intimate information and doesn’t think she will tell EVERYONE!! (SEE ABOVE) —

Once again. these are all things I witnessed! And there is more. For now, I want to leave KDRV TV Medford and talk about more reasons you absolutely can not trust local or national news! —

When I worked for Westwood One and they asked to do an interview with Patrick Ireland. He was one of the kids that climbed out of the window during the Columbine shootings in Littleton, Colorado in 1999.

I was one of about 100 journalists at Craig Hospital that afternoon. The media were waiting on Patrick Ireland. His doctors informed the press to not ask about the events of that day (at Columbine), but to only ask about how his rehab is going.

That said, When Patrick came out to talk to the media, the first questions were; “DID YOU KNOW THE GUNMEN?” “WHAT WAS KLEBOLD AND HARRIS LIKE?” “DID YOU KNOW THEM BEFORE THAT DAY?”

SO, since it was so obvious that the “press” were not going to honor Patrick Ireland’s Doctor and not ask about the events of that day, Ireland simply said….”You know what, I didn’t see anything.” So, the Rocky Mountain News and Denver Post BOTH said “Patrick Ireland Does not remember the events of that day.” BULL!!!!! That is NOT what happened! Patrick Ireland was so annoyed that the press asked him questions that he specifically didn’t want them to ask, he just want to shut them all down! ONCE AGAIN, I WITNESSED THIS FIRST HAND!!!!

You can not trust the media!!

Okay, another time, I was asked to do the 1-800 number for MCI for the INTERNATIONAL GOLF TOURNAMENT at Castle Pines Colorado. So I was at the press tent for all four days. Let me tell you what happened that the media will not.

My hero Jack Nicklaus was in the hunt in 1988. After his round, the media caught with him in the press tent. Before the media even said anything, Jack, who was sitting in “God’s” Chair (Everyone who has been at the International will know what this is), Jack said..”First, I’m sick of the press misquoting me, everytime I come to Denver this happens and you get some one mad at me. (In this case Jack Vickers who funded the tournament). Nicklaus then said “And I’m sick of it.”

The press tried to apologize, but it was too late….What I am trying to get across, is this happened and not a word was ever told to YOU about it….And it continues to this day with other stories!!!

Next time you sit down to watch the News, just remember who they are and what the real agenda is. Keep in mind, only 6 Corporations control just about everything you read and see in the media. We have known for quite some time now that the flow of information is tightly controlled within the mainstream media system, but one graphic really highlights just how tightly controlled the information we are delivered truly is — and how a total of only 6 corporations run the show.

From Time Warner (CNN, HBO, TIME) to GE (NBC, Comcast), a whopping 6 corporations control 90% of the mainstream media within the United States. And what’s more, the amount of revenues from the tightly controlled mainstream media machine are enough to beat out Finland’s entire GDP, buy every NFL team 12 times, and fund the government bailout of General Motors 5 times.


Read more: 6 Corporations own the media


Follow conspiracyzone on Twitter


If you don’t get it, here’s why:

1 Corinthians 2:14: But people who aren’t spiritual can’t receive these truths from God’s Spirit. It all sounds foolish to them and they can’t understand it, for only those who are spiritual can understand what the Spirit means.

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  1. S.F. wrote on 08/13/2017 05:53 PM

    Yea, I worked with that fool too! Thought he had 100 green sweaters, I guess it was just the same one all the time. Ha Ha! What a douche bag he was.

  2. C.J. wrote on 08/14/2017 01:38 AM

    That is soooooo funny! I worked in that newsroom as well! I remember it like yesterday! I remember the rumor about (Hatfield)"baldie" being a virgin! I can remember the newsroom holding their laughter because "little Hitler" didn't have a clue that he hung himself with his own rope talking about this to his own reporter!

  3. Jim wrote on 08/14/2017 01:50 AM

    Wow! This must have just hit the internet! Yes! Everyone is correct! Hatfield was one of the biggest bigot ever!! That big, fat pasty wussy had no idea about news or sports. I think he's still a virgin! LMAO!!!

  4. Jobber wrote on 08/14/2017 02:06 AM

    Well, I remember most is after Becker was there. That the weather report had to report weather under the most idiotic sports guy ever! Becker, (Under Hatfields wing) made a moronic statement about a tornado that made the weather report look bad. But did Hatfield do anything about it? No! He was to busy with Becker and the homo wrestling agenda!!

  5. SaraG wrote on 08/14/2017 02:51 AM

    Mark Hatfield is a racist piece of crap who will give you a bad reference. DO NOT WORK FOR HIM!!!!

  6. news editor wrote on 08/16/2017 02:43 AM

    Wow! I remember this scumbag from Santa Maria! Didn't know he was run out of so many stations. Yes, Hatfield was a first hand scum of the earth. Can't believe he still has a job! This two faced lying douchebag should be collecting garbage somewhere...

  7. Overnight wrote on 08/16/2017 02:59 AM

    Too much! Social media really gets the truth out! I thought is was just me. Hatfield is not so much two faced, because his other face is upside down on the other side of his bald head! YES! Glad to see the truth come out! This dude was a picked on wussy all his life that thought he could be "the man". Only problem is that "men" should like women and not pro wrestling dudes! Maybe he's looking for other "Big Fish" in the pond of Men!!! LOL!!!!

  8. Ben there done that wrote on 08/17/2017 02:13 AM

    All I can say about my time at KDRV with this lying piece of trash Hatfield is: "YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW" Now the entire media knows about this piece of garbage.

  9. Dr X wrote on 08/30/2017 12:27 AM

    I worked with this Douche in Santa Maria. Can't believe his ugly bald mug still has a job in TV. Truly a nasty human.

  10. New reporter wrote on 08/31/2017 02:13 AM

    "Scumbag" is all that comes to mind with Hitler Hatfield! He still has a job?

  11. Oh! My! wrote on 08/31/2017 02:21 AM

    For sure! Glad there are websites like this who expose corrupt media perverts like this Hatfield turd!! I was a reporter in 99 and I knew this dude was a racist piece of crap! Glad sites like this expose the news media!!

  12. 1999 wrote on 08/31/2017 02:31 AM

    What I remember most about this dickhead (Hatfield), is in his meetings, he would criticize our hard work by saying " This is no good"! How would he know? The newsroom quickly learned that he was an incompetent loser that just wanted to bully everyone's hard work! I have nothing but contempt for this ugly rat face liar piece of scum! Can't believe he has a job still!!

  13. Affer millinials wrote on 08/31/2017 02:41 AM

    Yes, We worked with Hatfield too! Nebraska/Medford. Not on-air but behind the scenes. Glad this website is exposing the truth. When I was a producer there, we all thought Hatfield was gay because he wore that green sweater! We thought it was a statement like wearing green jeans. And on top of that he liked the homosexual references to professional wresting! YIKES!!!! Who would hire this pervert nutjob!!!?

  14. THE GHOST OF KDRV wrote on 09/08/2017 06:43 PM

    HA HA HA HA!!! I know who this fat, pasty, balding, pig face A$$hat is, although I never worked with the guy (Thank Goodness). What this fool didn't realize is that this business is too small to mistreat people because you never know what might come back and bite you in the a$$. Hopefully, any young reporter will google "mark hatfield, KDRV" and learn the truth about who this dude really is and won't take a job with this loser. I know he has peeps in Washington that I'm going to forward this article to, I'm sure they'll get a kick out of it. You really do "reap what you sow" and it looks like the rooter has come home to roost for this lying, manipulative poor excuse for a man. LOVED the "I'm a Virgin" report. Just what we'd expect.

  15. Medford News wrote on 09/23/2017 01:56 AM

    Oh My! This is a blast from the past! I remember the Hatfield- Becker days! If you know what I mean...I thought they were room mates..Like the village people were rooms LOL! Who ever wrote this article is right on! What a piece of lying trash Hatfield was.....He still has a job? I remember what an insecure douche he was, .....I see why no one likes this dude, no body did while I worked the camera's there. The talent I knew couldn't stand him. But I guess fat, pasty racists don't win over too many people. ...anyone who worked with him knows why....glad I'm not the only one who thought this...

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