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Some excerpts below from Pakalertpress

The just-completed London Summer Olympics concluded with the display of such deep occult symbolism that it should cause every discerning person a deep concern.

In the picture, above, a girl is seen riding a Phoenix Bird. Earlier in the closing ceremonies, the Phoenix is seen rising from a bed of flames and hovering in the air.

The Phoenix Bird is a Black Magick symbol of the end of our current civilization, and of its Christ, whom the Bible calls Antichrist.

“All symbols have their origin in something tangible, and the Phoenix is one sign of the secret orders of the ancient world, and of the initiate of those orders, for it was common to refer to one who had been accepted into the temples as a man twice-born, or re-born. Wisdom confers a new life, and those who become wise are born again .” [Manly P. Hall, “The Secret Destiny of America” , 1958, p. 176; Emphasis added]

“The Phoenix … is believed to be a divine bird going back to Egypt … This Phoenix destroys itself in flames and then rises from the ashes. Most occultists believe that the Phoenix is a symbol of Lucifer who was cast down in flames and who they think will one day rise triumphant. This, of course, also relates to the rising of Hiram Abiff, the Masonic ‘christ’.” [Dr. C. Burns, “Masonic and Occult Symbols Illustrated” , p. 123]

The “Masonic Christ” is the Biblical Antichrist! Therefore, the Phoenix Bird is a symbol of the coming Kingdom of Antichrist. The London Summer Olympics was dedicated to the coming Antichrist. This is the only possible explanation of this symbolism.

But, there is more. As Dr. Burns says above, the “Phoenix destroys itself in flames and then rises from the ashes.”

In other words, the symbolism of the Phoenix is that it can arise only from the ashes of the previous Phoenix. The previous Phoenix in occult thinking is this present civilization. Therefore, the current Phoenix must die and be thoroughly burned so that the new Phoenix, Satan’s New World Order, can be established!

With this thought in mind, this New Age quote makes sense.

“Today we are watching the death of civilization…In all fields of human expression…deterioration had set in. Worn-out religious dogmas..the grip of theology..Old political schools..the educational systems…there is everywhere a cry for change and for those new forms in the religious, political, educational, and economic life…which will allow freer and better spiritual expression.” (“The Externalization of the Hierarchy”, by Alice Bailey)

So now we understand that this planned change will involve all areas of our lives and will result in the death of our current civilization. Further, Master D.K. notes that this change will not be easy, nor will it be readily accepted: “Such a change is rapidly coming and is regarded by some as death—terrible and to be avoided if possible. It is indeed death, but it is benevolent and needed…For the progress of the soul of the individual and the soul of humanity, death is inevitable, good, and necessary.” (Pages 114-115; Emphasis added)

Cries are being heard from Environmentalists that our present civilization is unsustainable and must be radically changed or it will die.

That is the message of the London Summer Olympics!

The Closing Ceremony

1) “Three of the main characters of the show were blatant homosexuals: Fred Mercury, who appeared in a giant hologram, George Michael (complete with occult skull belt buckle) and David Bowie. Kate Bush also sang a song where a girl wants to be a man. The new world is androgynous and anti-male.”

2) “Annie Lenox’s boat of the slaves with Lucifer (the guy with the black wings) was perhaps the creepiest part of the show. The singer was dressed as a witch High Priestess in red and black and looked possessed. We wonder what the meaning of the tortured people inside the boat ? The dissenters?

3) “John Lennon’s Imagine song about a united world with no religion was also a highlight of the party.” Lennon’s song, “Imagine” could be the theme song of the New World Order. Many people view it in exactly this manner. What could be called a tribute to John Lennon was also a chance to play the New World Order’s theme song, Imagine. It seems the lyrics go against what the games celebrate, national pride and healthy competition.

Instead, the late John Lennon wants us to imagine a world with no countries, where nation states lose their sovereignty and submit to a world government. A world with no possessions, no Heaven no Hell and no God.

Sounds a lot like a communist, socialist, military dictatorship.

4) A weird octopus appeared in the center of the British flag, without any context. It probably signifies the long reaching arms of the new world order leadership.

5) “The next Olympics will be held in Rio de Janeiro. Instead of Christ the Redeemer, what we saw was the Brazilian singer dressed as Yemanjá. Yemanjá is the pagan voodoo goddess of the seas, aka Leviathan or Cthulhu… what we saw was the torch being passed to the demonic overlord of Brazil. “

5) The last scene was the Phoenix Bird, which we have already covered, above. Therefore, the message of this London Olympics is that the drive to the New World Order is on track and on schedule. We can expect more wars and more crises of every kind designed to propel all nations into this new Satanic system.

Therefore, Christians must aggressively take the news of Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world before the Luciferian night falls when no man can work freely for Jesus. How can we know the approximate time table of Jesus’ return? We must keep our eyes on the formation of the 10 supernations of the earth, as foretold in Daniel 7:7-8.


Occultists suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. Since they don’t trust a loving , forgiving God, they must follow exact rules, symbols and chants in order to please their master, get rewards and avoid punishment and death. That’s the way Lucifer keeps them enslaved. The concept of a God who dies for their sins is alien to them.

Those who love God don’t need to understand all their symbols and tricks. It is enough for us to know that the Illuminati have the power to perform a blatant satanic ritual in the face of millions of viewers all around the world. It seems they are bragging about a coming war and the rise of their anti Christ Messiah. They want people to believe their regime will be fun and peaceful. All the world together celebrating.

Our responsibility is to be watchers and warn people of the coming evil, the horrible consequences of a New World Order and the need to get right with God right now.


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By Joe Monoco



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