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Barbara Hartwell—Independent Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Journalist. Former CIA (NOC, Psychological Operations.) Black Ops Survivor. Sovereign Child of God. Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Legal Defense and Research Trust. Exposing Government Lies, Crimes, Corruption and Cover-ups. Liberty or Death. Don’t Tread on Me.

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When I first approached Barbara Hartwell a few weeks ago about posting her articles on this site. It was my hope we could get wisdom from a lady that had witnessed the corruption in the United States Government and could share her experience about the dirtbags, lunatics and creeps inside the CIA, and FBI as well as share her knowledge about the crooks and criminals that now run Washington D.C. (District of Criminals). Needless to say, I was thrilled when Barbara decided to share her story with us. (Barbara is pictured with her son Keith below.)

You can listen to Barbara’s KFKA interview where she talks about her mind blowing experience with the CIA here:


Barbara’s information should be taken to heart by every citizen of this nation who cares about what is REALLY happening to this once great Nation. Year by year, decade by decade we are witnessing America being taken over by thugs, rogue cops, liars, perverts and the occult. We’ve seen our freedoms snatched away from us on a daily bases. We see morals that would make the historic inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah blush. We see leaders that actually torture it’s citizens. Never in my life, did I think I would ever live to see the day where the leaders of The United States of America actually try to DEFEND the torture of other human beings.

Forget about what you have heard on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and any other electronic or print media. All you will get is disinformation, designed to keep you confused and ignorant. This nation does not run on the principles you think it does. The leaders that run this nation are using our Constitution and Bill of Rights for toilet paper.

We have published a few of Barbara’s works here on this website. Let us encourage all of our readers to visit her website at www.barbarahartwell.com for an in depth look into our corrupt government’s system from someone who has lived it and continues to endure it’s evil path.

The reason why Barbara’s articles are so important is because what she has had to go through and continues to go through was not by her choice. She was forced into this system at a young age where her God given (inalienable) rights were trampled on by that two headed hydra monster in the United States Government, the CIA and FBI. Otherwise known as Organized Crime. Barbara Hartwell’s situation could have easily been you or I. And it will be eventually, if the current government system get’s it’s way.

Do you see the grotesque pictures of what our rogue government is doing in Cuba? Well, you might say, those are terrorists….WRONG!!!!!! Those are people that our very Constitution and Bill of Rights say are INNOCENT! Have you ever heard INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY? Those people held against their will in Cuba have had no trial—have had no legal representation…. and have NOT been convicted of any crime. Keep in mind, these illegally detained prisoners are kept in that kneeling position for days until they collapse. When they collapse, they are then beaten….yes, it’s disgusting!

Don’t you see that the next group of people they will be able you hold like that are U.S. citizens? Do you realize the reason those images are intentionally put before you night after night is to see if this nation shows any outrage? Do you realize that if the Shadow Government sees that there is no public outcry that they can now proceed to the next stage and that is to do the same things to U.S. Citizens?!

Even though Barbara Hartwell is not in an orange jumpsuit in Guantanemo Bay, she is in a sense just as much of a prisoner RIGHT HERE IN HER OWN COUNTRY!!! Because she has chosen to speak out, our government has hounded her, harassed her, threatened her, isolated her, hit her with exotic weapons and put her in a state of poverty that threatens her very existence.

Through the grace of God, she is getting her story out and all of America had better listen because it is the ninth hour and America is on the brink of judgment for it’s many crimes against innocent people!

The first Government stooge character I want to bring up is an ex-FBI agent named Ted Gunderson.

You all know him. He’s been involved in many government dealings that have received national attention. His claim is that he befriended Barbara in an attempt to help her. The truth is, he is the ultimate “company man” and gave the impression he wanted to help and ended up just being a Trojan Horse in her life. But, the interesting thing about why he first became involved with Barbara was to “help” her. Keep in mind, Gunderson was at one time, a high ranking official with the FBI before he came into contact with Barbara in 1997. The FBI doesn’t get involved with things unless they know exactly what they are getting into. Just because he initially got involved at all to help Barbara…..MEANS HE KNEW HER STORY WAS TRUE!!! Are you getting it? If he thought she was untruthful, he never would have become involved. The only reason for him to do his Trojan Horse job was from an agenda where he knew Barbara Hartwell’s story to be true!

Also, do this. Do a Google search on Barbara Hartwell. You’ll find many of her articles exposing the parasites inside the U.S. Government. You will also find smear campaigns by many of the people we have pictured below against her. If her story wasn’t true, why is there such an assault on her writings? If she was just one woman who decided one day to make up a story… do you think the government would send out their cronies in mass to silence and discredit her? No!.... Let us put it another way..HELL NO!

Let me tell you, I have spoken with Barbara at length. Let me assure you, this is a very highly intelligent lady that knows what she is talking about. She is not the kind of person who would make up a huge story for nearly fifteen years just in hopes of getting a few dollars from the readers donations. If the Government hadn’t ruined her health, this lady could make hundreds of thousands in the business world if she wanted. All this leads me and the rest of the staff at TheConspiracyZone to one conclusion….. BARBARA HARTWELL IS TELLING THE TRUTH! The governments side of this story just doesn’t make sense. In the words of Judge Judy…_ “If it doesn’t make sense, that means it isn’t true!”_

Now, I don’t want to reinvent the wheel here. Barbara Hartwell has gone to extensive lengths to expose these people on her website which we encouraged you to visit at the beginning of this article, barbarahartwell.com, but for those of you who haven’t heard her story, we want you to see these government dupes, losers and lowlifes who have made her life a living Hell for nearly a decade:


Ohhhh, what do I say? I’m soooooo retarded and can’t think for myself..and there’s no teleprompter…soooo what do I say?


Probably idolized Sam Giancana and Santos Trafficante…but couldn’t cut the mustard, and Kennedy was already dead, so his “bosses” demoted him to harass women and REAL whistle blowers…

BRENDA NEGRI (AKA RANGER RICK) Fairly obvious….couldn’t get a man to save her life (assuming she likes men…that’s a big assumption-- I hear Martina is available)...soooooo, let’s harass real people who actually have a life…

LARRY LAWSON (dude, work a salad in your diet once in awhile, or think about taking up professional wrestling) Maybe Vince McMahon of the WWF would pay you more to fake it with men… then you won’t have to stalk and harass women to make a living.


“White engages in outrageous libel, criminal harassment, stalking (including cyber-stalking) and has made many threats against targets. These include threats of lawsuits (in conjunction with John DeCamp, Ted Gunderson and others); threats of violence and bodily harm, even death threats.”

TODD BRENDAN FAHEY “Psycho-stalker; identity thief; forger; plagiarist; blackmailer; porno-monger; sex-pervert/predator (including targeting innocent children); pathological liar. Obsessive criminal harassment and outrageous libel of Barbara Hartwell since 2004”.



Ronald Cerra (CIA)

Mary Ann Cerra (CIA)

Don Stacey (CIA

Pam Schuffert

Just take a look at the motley crew above. Looks like recess at San Quentin. Those are the kind of people our government uses to stalk and harass people like Barbara. TheConspiracyZone accepts and encourages comments that are intelligent discourse. We will not tolerate more harassing comments toward Barbara. If we get them, they will be deleted so fast it will make your head spin.

Also, the authors of this webpage will NOT be intimidated! So if you’re a government stooge, save your threats toward someone who backs down…we don’t! We have mirror websites and files you can’t get to. So any attempts to hack this webpage will be futile and more evidence we print the TRUTH! And if you do, we can’t wait to expose where the hack attempts came from and your IP address, which we can get to no matter what software you think you might have to block us from learning it.

Right now, we will leave you with one Bible scripture:


SUPPORTED BY DONATIONS: If you find the reports on this website valuable and/or simply because you care, please consider making a donation. All donations, in the form of Christian charity or love gifts, are greatly appreciated and are my only source of material support. No amount is too small, you are helping more than you know.

Postal address for those who wish to send donations. Please make payable to:

Barbara Hartwell Percival

Legal Defense & Research Trust

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Rhinebeck, NY


Thank you for your consideration and God bless you. Barbara Hartwell, Sovereign Child of God, Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.




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