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NOTE: How you can tell if your programming ingrained in you from an early age, from the school systems has been broken. If you understand and “get” this article, your programming most likely has been broken or is being broken. if it makes you angry and upset, you still need to break your mind controlled programming from the past.

This is a great video by University psychology professor Jerry Kroth on exactly how the Propaganda Machine works to distort our perception of reality:

““A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.””-- Dresdin James

Here’s a video well worth your time to see how mass manipulation of people’s minds works that you can see it all over society today. This will make the rest of this article make more sense:

The bizarre thing about the government’s numerous false flag operations, is the number of people who still believe the ridiculous “official story.” There are people who in spite of looking at airtight evidence like you have seen on this website, still can’t see the truth. Here’s the dynamic that is working.

A good stage hypnotist can take 100 people out to the middle of a redwood forest and convince 90 of them that there are no redwoods to be seen. As the result, 90 people won’t be able to see any redwoods at all. The other 10 who refuse to be hypnotized can still see the trees.

The 90 people who are under mind control will think the 10 people who still see the redwoods are “crazy”, “insane” or “nutjobs” or “conspiracy theorists” not realizing or even being able to realize, it is they, themselves, the 90% people who are the deceived ones…...Sound familiar? How can this be?

What is Cognitive Dissonance?

Psychologists use the term Cognitive Dissonance to explain the brain’s inability to consider opposing evidence in a large part of the population. Governments intentionally create this disorder in the population. That’s how they can get away with creating events like 9/11. If the population in general didn’t have Cognitive Dissonance, governments could never stage events like this.

Cognitive Dissonance is a form of government sponsored mind control.

In religion, there’s a term, Esoteric, to explain why certain aspects prove to be mysteriously hidden from human perceptions.

The model often starts with “Unconscious Incompetence”, which means you don’t know you need to know something. People who are in this category, wouldn’t even be on this website trying to figure things out.

Hopefully, the model then moves to “Conscious Incompetence” (you don’t know, but at least you know you should learn). If you’re on this site, you are probably in this category. Only about 10% of the population ever get here.

Cognitive dissonance is hastening the destruction of America

It is hard not to be deceived by the thin veil of normalcy which covers the trend curve of unprecedented and tyrannical historical events which loom on the horizon.

What I have been describing is a condition called “cognitive dissonance”. Cognitive dissonance is a psychological phenomenon which refers to the discomfort felt at a discrepancy between what you already know or believe, and new information or interpretation. On some level, people with cognitive dissonance really know the truth, but accepting the truth would mean that the person would have to change their thinking and their actions. People who have cognitive dissonance want to maintain the life they have at any cost. It is a selfish and self-destructive act.

In previous days, most of us in the Independent Media did not chastise those afflicted with cognitive dissonance, we thought that over time, our consistent message would bring you into real world of awareness. I think we succeeded in making many Americans aware, however, we did not move many from the cognitive dissonance crowd to action, but we accepted it. Many Americans know how bad things are but they keep hanging on as long as they can. This is no longer acceptable because you are working against the interests of your country, your family and ultimately your own survival. Totalitarian regimes need a significant degree of cooperation from the citizenry or they will not survive.

The cognitive dissonance crowd is comprising a significant amount of that necessary support for tyranny to thrive. It’s Time to Speak the Truth

In order to win this political fight, we need the sound of marching feet. We currently have a shell movement but they don’t because of their addiction to their selfish cognitive dissonance. We need depth and volume in our movement and there are people out there who should be joining this movement. Unfortunately, if we as Americans are going to survive, we cannot tolerate the fence sitters, the people who Thomas Paine called the “Sunshine Patriots”.

I am calling out the cognitive dissonance crowd for being the cowards that they are. You need to look in the mirror, check your manhood and act accordingly. Most of the cognitive dissonance crowd are sheep. However, I firmly believe that there strong people in this group who could add to the resistance. They just need to rediscover their manhood and become far less selfish.

We may not know it, but we now live in Nazi Germany. Your rights are fake, and your government has told you that they will do anything to you that they want. Unless you and people like you stand up and fight back, many of you are going to die in a concentration camp or in a war. Don’t do what the people from our nation did when we pretended that what was happening was not happening! By the time things started happening, it was too late. And all this has happened while people actually go to the polls and VOTE for their own enslavement.

In short, Hitler would never have been able to implement his tyranny without the help of the cognitive dissonance crowd. After all, what kind of sane people would have embraced being a Brown Shirt or let their kids belong to such a ridiculous group such as the Hitler Youth Movement.


The mind doesn’t function based on logic. It basically functions on “pattern recognition”. The same “cult mentality” is used by the illuminati in the events of those like 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, federal reserve income taxes, Democrat vs Republican, the Iraq war, Afghanistan war… etc. It brainwashes people with such magnitude, that they can no longer see the truth and the real issues even when it’s right in front of them.

The reason is because the human brain is based more on pattern matching than on logic.


The easiest way is Repetition. Repetition is also heavily used by cults. The human mind is not a computer. It is a biological organ that can do some logical processing. It is actually more based on pattern recognition than on logic, and that’s something that cult leaders have learned (through pattern recognition) that works on people. Advertising and propaganda work the same way.

There is the BIG LIE fact that if you tell a lie over and over again that people will start to believe it.

The human brain has only so much space. Some people say we only use 1/10 of our brains. If we do have vast memory storage we certainly don’t have equal access to that storage and the part of our minds that we have the most access to are the parts that we think about the most.

Cult leaders exploit that using repetition so that their message is always in the top of the mind. Their message then interconnects with the rest of the individual’s life experiences and connects itself deep into the individual’s self identity.

It is like a poisoning of the mind where repetitive belief becomes dominant and rational thinking atrophies.

The mind loses it’s ability to reason and reprograms itself to parrot the message of the cult. The cult becomes like a virus that consumes the individual and the person becomes a sock puppet.

This mindset is deeply ingrained into veterans of war and their families. Most Vets, can not accept the fact they were deceived. It would mean accepting the fact that their whole military life has been a lie. That their “purple heart” meant nothing. They want to believe they sacrificed life and limb to keep America free. It would be really hard to accept that they didn’t sacrifice anything for their country, but they sacrificed their lives for the bank accounts of the power elite, killing innocent people in the process.

Why do we always hear the B.S. slogan “pray for America’s troops”? Why don’t we ever hear anyone crying out “PRAY FOR INNOCENT IRAQIS BEING SLAUGHTERED”? Why? Because of MIND CONTROL!!!! Americans don’t value the lives of innocent Iraqi men, women and children because we have been conditioned to believe we are somehow superior and more important than they are. We will mourn for innocent Americans killed in a movie theatre tragedy (as we should), but we as a people won’t think twice about the 1 million plus innocent Iraqi men, women and children who have been systematically murdered by U.S. troops.

You may be interested in this speech from Mike Prysner who was part of this mind controlled system and how he was once deceived into killing innocent people in the middle east. He is now speaking out against the travesties.

Scientists understand that monotonous patterns produce a stupor that renders people vulnerable to hypnosis. Certain low-level frequencies or unperceived waves exist in radio and television, the normal vehicle for mass hypnosis. It is the prime method of controlling huge populations. On 9/11, everything shut down, except our television sets; we were extra attentive and traumatized, the most effective of any indoctrination process.

Many still believe that Osama Bin Laden (A CIA operative) perpetrated 9/11 with nothing but a cell phone and a laptop from a cave in Afghanistan. As idiotic as that is, most people are mind controlled to the degree that it makes sense to them.

There are books put out by stooges like John McCain that refute all the “Conspiracy Nuts”. What he does, is use the “strawman” tactic. He brings out the ridiculous arguments about the 9/11 issue and knocks them down. But he won’t deal with the most credible evidence that 9/11 was an inside job because he is part of the illuminati faction that create events like 9/11. Another tactic they use is to discredit the messenger and ignore the real facts.

Politicians, journalists, and media personalities are repeatedly expressing outrage over the possible construction of the Muslim (Bin Laden) community center two blocks from ground zero. This attention serves to ignite the emotions that we all felt that day, conveniently near the anniversary. It serves to re-establish the connection between 9/11 and the Muslims. It is a psychological operation of the most organized kind. The government has had almost a decade to reiterate their deceptive version of the event. Many naive people, not wanting to complicate their lives with the horrible reality, believe the government/media’s reports, it is easier than acknowledging that they’ve been so easily deceived.

Why big lies are easier to sell than small ones

In the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.

Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying. These people know only too well how to use falsehood for the basest purposes.”

“Lucky for the rulers that the common people don’t think”


Hummm, even a scum of the earth dirtbag like Adolph Hitler knew how to manipulate the masses…

We are what we think. It is what our mind does and what we dwell on that makes us who we are. Our mental processes, our thoughts, are the way we experience reality. The sum total of all the thoughts in our life represents our life experience. If we become a sock puppet then we are surrendering our life experience to someone else. We are being cheated out of what little existence we have. Time is something that is precious to us. We live to be real in the sacred moment.

How cults work

Cults use rituals and repetition to instill their reprogramming on their members. Rituals are things that the group does together to voice support for the group and demonstrate their submission to the cult mind. It can take the form of group prayers, songs sung together, the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance, marching in unison (Military), speaking in rhymes or other acts where the individual demonstrates submission to the group.

These rituals help get the individuals mind into a more submissive state which is necessary when one is expected to believe the most bizarre things without question and without having any knowledge that they are being manipulated. (If you’re a Republican or Democrat, vote your party). Most people are without a clue that BOTH parties are controlled by the same corporations…..so the joke is on the hard core Democrats and Republicans who can’t see that.

As realists, we hope most of you are or you probably wouldn’t be on this site. We do not use repetition to convince people to believe false information on faith. Now, faith is usually connected with religion. But the fact is, most of what you have “faith” in isn’t connected to your belief in God at all. If you believe we went to the moon, if you believe the “official story about 9/11”, you have accepted that on “faith” not “fact.” You are basing your whole concept about this on the “media” telling you the truth. That’s faith folks,not fact.

Our message, is to spend time dwelling on reality. Thinking about reality and coming up with new ideas is healing to the mind. It pushes out the dogma and reprograms the brain to think in a healthy way. We want people to spend their mental time wondering about things, questioning things to test if they are real. That is the distinction between reality based thinking and blind faith thinking. Question us, don’t even just accept what we say at face value….put us to the test. Think, reason and come up with an answer….does what we say make sense?

Cults, (Democrat vs Republican etc.) prohibit questioning, thinking, doubt, and scrutiny. They are not intellectually accountable. Their belief system falls apart when subjected to reason. Our beliefs should be subject to doubt and scrutiny and we should want it that way. If what we believe in falls apart we should learn from that and fix our mistakes. If it doesn’t fall apart then we can have an earned faith in what we believe in because our truth is purified by accountability. The mind is an imperfect tool. It’s not a computer.

To the undisciplined mind, repetition means truth

The human mind is hard wired to survive and do the things it needs to do to make that happen. Logic is something that is learned, and can be learned wrong. Logic is only as good as the sources of information that you trust and put your faith in. The government? The media? So the accuracy of what you believe isn’t as much a function of how smart you are, but what information you choose to believe (Have faith in).


That’s why cults are filled with smart people who really should know better, but yet they don’t. One big lie is that the “media is impartial.” More lies are that “CNN, MSNBC, NBS, CBS and ABC are credible news sources you can trust.” Another huge lie is “Our government would never orchestrate something like 9/11”. Only bad people from other countries do that”. Do you see where we are going with this? Arabs did it, Arabs did it, Arabs did it, Arabs did it…Osama Bin Laden, Osama Bin Laden, Osama Bin Laden. Do you see what’s going on here?

Because society is so complex we are required to take in information on trust that we can’t process ourselves. There just isn’t enough hours in the day to think about everything. So what we believe isn’t a result of logical processes, but a result of what information we choose to trust, like the 6:00 news. Our view of reality is distorted through the media and all those associated with it. Because our brains must link into the group mind (media), most of us have chosen, for better or worse, to put the group conclusions ahead of our own. After all, one might ask, how can all these people (news sources) be wrong? If the official story were wrong surely someone would have figured it out. WOULDN’T THEY?

How can millions of people be fooled?

Can millions of people all be fooled? As it turns out – yes they can. You should be seeing that by now. All you have to do is look back to Nazi Germany to see that. The fact that there are multiple fictional stories with millions of followers proves that. Make sure and read our article, WHY AMERICANS ARE SO EASY TO FOOL. It is also so disappointing to realize that we humans are such a gullible species.

If you start with bad information and apply logic to it then you get the logical conclusion based on the bad information you started with. Remember, the illuminati are professional liars with generations upon generations of liars, thieves and occultists in their background who have mastered the art of deception. The Bible warned us that there is a “huge delusion” running rampant on our planet today. But you need not go away not knowing what that delusion is and who is masterminding it…...

6 Ways to Show the World is in Cognitive Dissonance

October 18, 2015

cognitive-dissonance By Paul A. Philips

Followers of the alternative media’s more truthful and unbiased reporting will indeed know that we’re getting a better idea of what’s going on in the world, unlike the vast majority who only see the viewpoint of the mainstream media.

Given that the mainstream media acts as a vehicle for so much propaganda, lies and deception and the vast majority blindly accept what it says, paying scant attention to the contradictory evidence, this leads many into a state of cognitive dissonance when challenged with the truth while defending the mainstream media’s official version.

With the masses not getting the big ‘hey wait a minute’ moment of realization accepting things that are in truth majorly not right, here are my 6 ways of showing that the world is therefore in a state of cognitive dissonance or even denial.

1. Going into agreement with the general consensus of the masses

People blindly go into agreement with the general consensus of the masses because they find it hard to accept that so many can be wrong about the same thing… Can they all be wrong? Yes, of course they can. But then there’s the related peer pressure to agree and fall in line and be one of the crowd…

2. Blindly believing authorities

The whole fabric of our reality has been shaped by accepting authority figures from the very beginning starting with our parents and teachers…

Because this deep programming carries on in adulthood that’s why so many people readily accept authority figures (such as those so-called expert academics and senior politicians… etc.) regardless of what they say, even when glaringly obvious contradiction stares them in the face.

Points 1 and 2 are the underlying tenets for cognitive dissonance. When challenged with regards to 1 and 2 they would also be the underlying reasons for denial.

3. Accepting ‘coincidences’ commonly occurs with those in cognitive dissonance or denial

In effect the masses dismiss the conspiracies by accepting the coincidences.

The 9/11 ‘coincidence’

Indeed, you only have to look at 9/11 to see how people accept those so-called coincidences to believe the official version leading to so many disharmonies…

The bloodlines of the US Presidents ‘coincidence’

How anybody can dismiss the conspiracies related to the fact that so many of the US Presidents are related using mere coincidence as an explanation beggars belief…

The Moon and the total eclipse ‘coincidence’

Another example of dismissing something without question is in the case of the moon and the Sun.

The moon is exactly 1/400th the sun’s size and is 400 moon diameters away from the sun (in reality, not true). That’s why we see a total eclipse from our view on planet Earth with the moon in front of the sun. The fact that this relationship is considered mere coincidence, flatly dismissing the fact that in reality, the sun and moon are the same size and relatively close.

You can read our article on how you have been totally manipulated (through mind control) on not only the earth we live on, but how our entire universe really works:


4. Blindly accepting statements made by the masses and authorities

More reasons for going into a state of cognitive dissonance and denial. Here are some examples.

“Hard work has never harmed anyone”

Of course it has. History tells us how many workers, such as the exploited ones, have suffered serious health problems or even died as a consequence of their hard work… but many go into agreement with this statement without questioning the circumstances.

“Conventional medicine is the only real approach to cancer treatment”

Many people place their faith in the establishment’s conventional medicine to the extent that when suffering with a life-threatening illness such as cancer they ignore the facts regarding the low success rates. Further they may ignore or even ridicule alternative therapies even though these therapies have shown to be successful.


“Vaccinations are safe and effective”

This was a statement made at a Senate meeting by an authority (see video above). In light of this, how do you think the masses are going to react when given evidence to the contrary if they never take the trouble to question the statement?

5. Inability to ‘think the unthinkable’

With the education system and the mass media brainwashing going on night and day, day and night, it’s a wonder how anybody can think at all. Real thinking, as Albert Einstein remarked, means to think the unthinkable.

For many, to go outside of the implanted psyche, go beyond the realms of the programming and brainwashing and think the unthinkable, is just too much for them.

With all the lies and deception in a world where nothing is as it seems requires thinking the unthinkable to discern the truth from lies.

6. ‘Unbelievable’

In line with 5, many people, when explained how the deceptions work and all the related lies don’t get it because they’re in a state of ‘unbelievable.’ They find it too hard to comprehend that they have been so dastardly deceived for so long. That their life-long beliefs (be-LIE-fs.) are untrue and those who they looked upon as heroes are actually villains having an involvement in screwing the people enslaved by the system…

In conclusion

What other examples can you think of related to the above 6 ways to show that the world is in cognitive dissonance or denial?

Those in the state of cognitive dissonance or denial are victims. If they’re willing, they need all the assistance they can get in order to help themselves out of their victimhood consciousness and victim circumstances and become victor.

I hope that this piece has served to encourage those in the know to help these individuals by standing up for what is truthful, fair honest and just.

A compassionate and courageous stand is what the world needs most…

I also hope that this piece encourages living life as an inquiry. Remember, it’s a lot easier to take just a few hours or days… to gather the facts from research and feel liberated rather than spend the rest of your life believing lies.

Truth By Consensus: How To Control Our Thinking. -Zen Gardner

Funny how this works. People actually think they can arrive at the truth by averaging what they hear. That’s how most people are taught to think. I get this argument all the time.

It totally explains the power of the mass media. Just think about this dynamic. How do people arrive at conclusions? What information or lack thereof are they deriving them from? Pretty stark reality if you’re willing to look it in the eyes. People are incredibly similar in their outlook and understandings. And hence behaviors.

Incredibly so. Like we’re following a script.

Look at yourself. How you dress, the expressions you use, what you’re into. No matter what segment of society you’re living in, it’s pretty freaky. I remember when I decided to grow out my facial hair and looking in the mirror thinking, “Am I following some meme being broadcast by these bastards?”

Paranoid? Totally. It’s the only way on this planet. Completely healthy. If you’re not, you’re not awake yet.

Truth is Never Popular

While a defined consensus gets established and reaffirms the status quo, “contrary” eddies of thought and realization make their way through the public psyche. These are carefully ferreted out by the watchdog media cabal and portrayed as “fringe” ideas and “conspiracy theories” of course.

Carefully and dutifully packaged and sublimated into a negative subconscious arena for the mainstream unawakened. Anything contrary is now anathema, resented; spuriously thrown overboard as wing nut conspiracy talk. Typical. And more importantly…very effective and very efficient.

Getting To the Point

I’ll take Truth over BS fairy tales any day of eternity. No matter the pain and seeming loss of emotional or otherwise investments, bring on the Truth. 9/11 is always the standard reminder of how duped the world can be. Plain as the nose on your face those towers were brought down by some sort of exotic and carefully planned out demolition technique, but what the hell.

No one cares. Or very few. At least that’s the portrayal we get and it seems to hold way too much water. People are even afraid to discuss the subject. That’s when you know society has been seriously hemmed in and headed for dismemberment.

As obvious as it is, the Truth can just be right there without people being able to see it. It’s the condition of our “race”…we want to believe what we want and will cloak it in “positive thinking” or “idealism” or imposed bottom line security needs whenever we can for peace and comfort. Very, very sad from the Truth perspective, but oh so understandable.

Group conformity (The Asch experiment) is an important part of human conditioning and Mind Control as seen in the below (Video)

Media assets will attempt to create a false consensus effect wherein everyone will be portrayed as believers of an absurdity or falsehood, and like this subject, the aim is to make you conform and disbelieve your own eyes by manipulating the human need to fit in, working via our fear of exclusion.

Enter Psycho-Sexual Addiction

This psychological pandering we’re witnessing is simply a ploy to keep the masses asleep. The populace has been duped, hypnotized, seduced. It no longer can contain, maintain or control itself. It must have the savories and goodies of the system or it will go berserk.

This addiction is firmly established.

Football, advertising, game shows, reality dramas, zombie and vampire horror and sci-fi movies while sucking down addictive, poisonous foods………”Please bring it on! We want more! We want another reality, not our own!”

Scantily dressed young girls, sculpted effeminate men, cross sexual weirdness of every type and genre….

…bring it on. Chaos is our new middle name, in fact, their manipulated shifting world is apparently our New Normal.

‘Chaos is the new normal’ is as cognitively dissonant as the ‘war on terrorism’. Orwell, you must be howling!

Know what you “believe” about not only their false structure, but our true reality, to the point it’s not a belief. Please know each of those as facts…not an emotional extension of some hope or sense of idealism. Be sure you’re deciding for yourself and not following anything unconsciously.

We’re not used to that kind of truly independent thought, having been taught all our lives to just follow, obey and repeat, so it’s a lot of work and a set of muscles that have to be developed. You’ll see what I mean as it goes along.

Affirming our conscious awakening in spirit, word and deed is our primary purpose and most potent weapon. Not only against the usurpers and the ignorance and darkness that seems to rule our current paradigm, but for the development and realization of the true conscious reality that is there to be expressed into this dimension.

Some of the following excerpts are from Truthin7minutes:

So you’re awakening. And you’ve reached a sort of tipping point that there’s something off about life, but don’t quite know what it is.

Instinctively, we seek out others for guidance. And we latch onto those who possess either hidden knowledge (or seem to be a little smarter than us).

Truth is like the layers of an onion

I find when it comes to tracking down the real truth about life, the best analogy is to think of an onion. It’s got endless layers. Because there’s always a layer of truth waiting for us – ready to cater to everyone on the planet. No exceptions.

The outer layers always caters to the largest number of people…

This layer is known as the mainstream media.

Everything from the news we see on TV (or hear on the radio) to what’s written in newspapers is mostly mainstream news. Most books, trade journals and magazines are part of the mainstream.

The next layer of the truth onion is the alternative media. This layer gives us the (false) impression that they’re challenging the mainstream.

And it doesn’t end there. Because there’s an alternative to the alternative media known as the “esoteric.”

We can think of these layers of the truth as one-way roads that lead us to endless rabbit holes… because once you’re funneled to these new layers, it’s impossible to go back. For example, once you discover that most sports is rigged, you lose your passion and desire to watch sports ever again.

Over many years, we ultimately find out that just about everything in our lives is a whopper of a lie.

That’s where the famous expression, “Are you sure you can handle the truth” comes into play. Because the deeper you bite into this onion, the more disturbing our past might seem to be.

And we can’t go back. Because living in a lie is repugnant.

Welcome to Plato’s Cave

Most people never get past the first layer of the onion. Life’s artificial realities have been brainwashed into them from womb to tomb. They truly live in Plato’s cave…

In the Allegory of the Cave, prisoners lived chained to a wall in a cave all of their lives – facing a blank wall. Shadows are projected on these walls. All they know of life are these shadows and the echoes of unseen objects…

But one prisoner escapes the cave and sees the light… experiencing the world outside of the cave for the very first time. And it’s like NOTHING he could have ever imagined.

If you’re listening to my voice right now, you’ve obviously fled the cave. And you’re looking for answers.

Most escape the cave out of desperation. Usually, they hit rock bottom – either financially or encounter a traumatic experience in their life.

They begin to shed their decades’ worth of indoctrination and slowly seek out answers.

The speed and direction of their path is almost always determined by their “information gap”. This is the acceptable window of information that hooks a person to “find out more”.

If this gap is too big, people flee, literally… they can’t handle the truth as it exceeded their “information-gap comfort zone.”

If the information gap is to small, there’s little in the way of curiosity – and most merely live to die without questioning things.

Comfort is the number one enemy of any truth seeker.

If going through life is too comfy cozy, then the information gap is too small and there’s no curiosity to find out more. That means anything considered even slightly confrontational is too big a hurdle to accept.

This also means the biggest enemy to those seeking truth is “social proof.”

In simple speak, this is “monkey see, monkey do”... it’s the idea of keeping up with the Jones’.

Most of us are hardwired to avoid conflict and stay out of the limelight.

Marketers master the art of catering to their “targets” with social proof. That’s why we see testimonials and endorsements on selling pages. People seek out normalcy. Most want to be just like everyone else. It’s comfortable.

To pull off a con, the scammer must get the victim to let down their guard. This puts them at ease. On the flip side, being tagged as a kook, crackpot, weirdo or conspiracy theorist demonizes people seeking truth. And that’s extremely uncomfortable for most.

Name calling

We tend to quickly end our search for truth when we first encounter “Ad hominem” attacks…I mean no one want to be called a “Conspiracy Theorist.”

Name-calling is a VERY powerful weapon against those seeking out truth. Most are easily intimidated and go back into their “cave.”

Some are able to break through the verbal attacks and forge on.

In fact, I’m seeing this percentage grow as the number of life’s oddities and coincidences are far too many to be believed.

Unfortunately, there’s a perception that we are alone in our pursuit of the real truth about life.

We have this burning desire to track down “gurus” and “experts” to help point out and speed up our pursuit of truth.

When we reach a sort of tipping point, our information gap increases rapidly. We want to speed up our pace of knowledge.

Controlled opposition – leaders of the cults

And those that are tricking us know this. So they give us our “thought leaders.”

These “experts” and “gurus” are formally known as “controlled opposition.” These persona’s and personalities have been trained and groomed to be leaders of truth movements…

They’ve been given gold nuggets of knowledge which gets passed onto us through osmosis. This new information falls perfectly into our now-comfortable information gap. We latch onto our new hero and ultimately become their follower.

This is no different than joining a cult.

But here’s the sinister part… Over time, these cult leaders “go rogue” and then “flip.” And within 6 months or so, they spin us off into “la la land”, and actually lead us away from any real truth.

So who exactly can we trust?

For me, the answer is very very few. In fact the number so low, I can count them on just the fingers of my one hand.

I know, I know. If we can’t trust anyone, that’s INCREDIBLY depressing, right?

I hear you. And I understand why you’d be bummed out.

But let me reassure you that traveling the road of truth alone is actually very inspiring – even liberating. And it ultimately leads you to rubbing elbows with like-minded truth seekers (I explain this a bit later).

100% trust is impossible

Personally, I don’t trust anyone 100%. And quite frankly, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Not trusting anyone 100% doesn’t make me paranoid. Instead, it’s just me being careful. And it always pays off in spades.

My BS detector is on 24/7 alert. And as a result, I almost never get ripped off or hurt.

The added benefit is I’m able to skim the cream off the top and separate the truth from the nonsense.

Every controlled opposition personality gives us truth. They have to. That’s how they hook us in.

I’m able to grab these nuggets of truth and expand my own investigations. I pick up the phone. I ask questions. I’ve also mastered the art of searching the ‘net to expand my search for truth.

These days, I’ve honed the ability to find the most reliable thought leaders in the least amount of time.

Here are a few suggestions to separate the gold nuggets from the nonsense:

Controlled opposition is promoted to the top by the top. Real people spend years trying to spread the word. Most fail to even get 500 views on a YouTube video over the course of many years…

But control opposition gets a lot of exposure. And they get it quick. For example, it’s not unusual to have them upload a YouTube video that gets them 100,000 views in mere days. This is an impossibility for real people without ties to intelligence agencies.

Are they willing to talk? I’ll send off a quick email to those thought leaders and see if they respond.

Most don’t. That kind of tips us off that they’re really not willing to help us.

We assume that they’re too busy to reply, however I know they’re merely playing a power game – and real people don’t do this.

Are they recruited by the military? Those who join the military represent less than 1% of the United States population. Yet strangely, almost 100% of the truth movement’s thought leaders are current or ex-members of the military.

There’s something DRASTICALLY wrong with those ratios.

Even more telling, controlled opposition often live on (or very close to) military basis.

And get this – an abnormally high percentage of alternative talk radio shows originate in the 512 area code in Austin, Texas. Austin is a hotbed of military intelligence home bases.

EX is not really EX….most of the time. There are a few legitimate whistle blowers but not many.

We naturally assign credibility to those who are an “ex” of something or the other.

For example, if someone is ex-CIA, we assume they’re behind-the-scenes information about how the CIA really works is legitimate.

The unfortunate reality is anyone “ex” is not. Most of the time, anyone in the intelligence agencies never retire. And any information they give us is hardly credible and almost always a red-herring distraction.

No meets and greets

Ask any Pied Piper if they’d be willing to meet up with you for lunch. Their silence will be deafening.

It’s super hard to find real people willing to get together and talk about real truth. You’d think that people would jump at the chance to find like-minded people to rub elbows with. But they don’t. Why? What are these people afraid of?

In order to qualify as controlled opposition, you have to repeat the phrase “CONSPIRACY THEORIST” over and over.

This is a brilliant tactic. After all, who would want to be associated with these weirdos, right?


Perhaps the biggest tip off is that controlled opposition are always talking AT us. It’s a one-way dialog. They NEVER engage in a conversation. They never ask us questions.

They stand on their soap box and give us sermons.

Most continue to get fleeced by these leaders. They’re so charming. And they use Neuro-linguistic programming techniques to put us under a spell.

Revealing real truth to the masses is the LAST thing a preacher want to expose. Because doing so would put these criminals out of business.

So where do we go from here?

Well, we have a choice – to be chained in the cave or to escape the cave.

Once out of the cave, we can’t go back. Because the people inside the cave won’t believe what we’ve discovered.

But that’s okay. Because there’s a growing number of people escaping the cave. And they’re all meeting at my place.

There’s no need to live inside your head any longer. Meetup with like-minded, awake people. Improve your life TREMENDOUSLY. Find out what it’s like to be your own thought leader.

Thecuttingedge makes the following observation:

During the 2008 Presidential campaign, many people noted the similarity of styles and message between Adolf Hitler and Barack Obama. You should not be too surprised, because the coming New World Order is planned to be Nazism revived; the “Nazi Wolf” will return with a vengeance!

But, when Obama tells Americans during his Inaugural address that they need to be motivated by more personal responsibility, he will be mirroring Adolf Hitler’s admonition to his people in the early days of his reign in Germany. Hitler also pledged action to get Germany “back on track”, a promise which resonated strongly with the average German as Germany was mired in the muck and mire of the Great Depression and of the aftermath of the treaty ending World War I.

In all ways you want to count, the planned New World Order will parallel Nazi’s Hitler. What you may not realize is the startling degree to which Presidents Bush/Clinton/Bush have guided America on a path similar to Hitler’s Germany for the past 20 years. One of the first realizations to hit me in 1987 when I began to research the New Age Movement, its New World Order, and its “New Age Christ” was that this final world system was designed to parallel Hitler’s New World Order regime.

Former Satanist, Doc Marquis, confirmed this truth and stated the maxim I will never forget. He said that Hitler was a perfect type of the coming Antichrist for a very good reason: the Illuminati never tries anything new before it tests it out on a small scale first. Hitler was a type of Antichrist and he proved that a demon-possessed Black Magick political leader could mesmerize an entire population of a modern people who were well-educated and who considered themselves rational human beings.


Just in case you haven’t noticed, most people in America and in the World are under a hypnotic “spell”. What is a spell? It’s very real. The science of spell casting goes back thousands of years. It’s basically a form of hypnosis used by World leaders, rulers, popular music, entertainers as well as stage hypnotists. What it does is it lowers your critical thinking and heightens your suggestibility. The TV is the most powerful hypnotic tool in the World. You become more susceptible when you are in agreement with the person casting the “spell” and as you probably already know, no one can be put under hypnosis without their consent. But, you can unknowingly give your consent and that is what is happening regarding this “pandemic”. All politicians are aware of this concept and are trained extensively in it’s art form. TV actors, musicians and the entertainment world are well versed in this occult practice as well.

The “Corona Virus” and those who are under it’s spell are under the same demonic power as those who are involved in cults. Cults all follow the same rules. (1) “Isolate people from each other” (Stay six feet apart). (2) “Separate families and get them to be afraid to be around each other”. (No hugging each other). (3) “Instill fear into the initiates” (If you don’t obey the cult leaders you may die). (4) “Shun those who will not follow”. (Those who don’t wear masks are selfish and a danger to society and are to be avoided). (5) “If you don’t obey the cult leader, you are putting your life at risk”. (Stay inside, constantly wash your hands, think of your fellow human brothers and sisters as potential bio-hazards that may cost you your life if you get to close to them). (6) “Do not question your cult leaders”. ( Listen to the authorities because they know what’s good for you. Dr. Fauci says stay inside and stay safe and as long as you listen to him you will be safe). (7) “Give some outward appearance that you are under the authority and submission to your cult. (Wear your mask so they know who is compliant and who is not).

The reason most of you reading this are not under a spell is because you know what’s going on and are less likely to have given your “applied consent” to be put under this lowed state of consciousness. Most people that are awake understand not to follow programmers like Dr. Fauci, Trump, Clinton, Obama, Bush, Biden, TV “news” people etc. That’s right, they are ALL skilled programmers. But what actions do people have to take to be put under this spell? In short, It’s having belief and faith in people and institutions you shouldn’t. If you believe your TV tells you the truth, you are susceptible.

If you believe in politicians and think you need these individuals to run your life, you are susceptible. If you have “fear” in your heart while watching TV, you are extremely susceptible. Repetition is huge in hypnosis! It’s no coincidence that you can’t turn on the television without seeing something that has to do with Covid-19. If you see something enough, your brain will accept it as truth, no matter how big the lie is. That’s why mostly everything on your TV is “repetitive” and “fear based”. Those are the two most powerful attributes in mind control and spell casting. Studies have proven that the “flash patterns” in your TV (among other things) lowers peoples critical thinking and heightens their suggestibility.

People actually worship at the “almighty alter” of the TV and go back daily for further instruction and that pattern continues to strengthen the mind control most people are under. Do this test, next time your TV is on, watch it’s reflection on a white wall, you’ll see how often it “flashes” from one scene to the next without staying on one scene for any length of time. Studies show this makes your brain highly open to suggestion. The reason most people reading this are not under this spell or delusion is because we are aware that politicians are the ” hired influencers” that lie to us. We are aware the TV is not a source or any kind of information. We are aware of the deception and thus we don’t give our consent to give it control over us like most of the population does. Now, here’s where it gets interesting. When Government types put a hypnotic spell on people through the words and gestures and so fourth that comes through your television.

They also put in “back up” spells to solidify the deception. The people under this hypnotic spell are also indoctrinated not to accept any kind of truth or other viewpoint other than the one which they have been programmed into. That’s why what comes on the TV is called “Programming”. So that’s why when you tell these indoctrinated people the truth, they scoff, become angry and call the people telling the truth names…”conspiracy theorists”, “selfish”, “crazy” and the list goes on and on. What they are doing is reacting to their “backup programming” which literally tells them to become angry anytime they hear anything that contradicts their original programming. That’s why it’s so hard to “wake people up” once they are under this “spell” or “download” which is dropped into their subconscious without them even knowing it.

I encourage people reading this to do more research on this topic if you already haven’t because it explains why mostly intelligent, normal people can believe the absolute craziness and insanity that is going on right now with this “pandemic” and why they just don’t seem to be able to think clearly, rationally and logically. This concept of mask wearing, staying 6 feet away from your fellow human beings, parents not being able to hug their grandkids along with normal people looking at each other as potential bio-hazards is absolute insanity and is nothing but satanically inspired mind control. The incredibly sad thing is people under the influence of this spell are going along with it voluntarily like soulless robots who don’t have the ability to think for themselves any longer.

It’s a tragedy that is beyond belief. I suspect the spell and programed mind control most people are under is now is so ingrained and powerful that only prayer and an act of God himself will deliver them. They no longer seem to be able to be reached with logic and common sense. Do not ever underestimate the power of prayer though. It’s the most powerful tool we have right now and the only thing that will make a difference and awaken the sleeping masses that are going along with this madness. Because in the end, it’s not so much what the Global elite are doing to the American people as it is what the American people are allowing to have happen to themselves. Thanks for reading this post!


In short, as you can see, most people are a product of some form of Government sponsored Mind Control. Yep, they control most peoples reality. Most people just don’t “get it”, not because they aren’t smart, it’s because they are programmed to think a certain way. Unfortunately, even when presented with the truth, they still can’t see it. It doesn’t matter how apparent and obvious the truth is. They are spiritually blind. Like the Bible says: “Satan has blinded the minds of unbelievers”. If someone is blind, it doesn’t matter how bright the light is, they are still blind and can’t see the truth. The good news is for anyone reading this article is this probably doesn’t apply to you, because if you were among the spiritually blind, you wouldn’t still be reading.


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  1. Sonia Arias wrote on 05/31/2009 01:42 PM

    Excellently wiritten. Reasonable, logical, and yet full of spunk. I'm about to study hypnosis and the conditioning of the masses, so the webpage speaks clearly on how suckers have been made in the past, and how the so-called best country in the world (USA) suckers it's people even today, by conditioning, and we react, just like Pavlov's dog. How sad. I hope to free myself from this conditioning and hypnotic trance of the media, and so wonder how I shall act and think, but mostly, I'll probably cry alot because I'll see, everyday, people walking around like sheep.

  2. steven mcdaniel sr wrote on 08/29/2011 06:16 AM

    I must agree. its almost impossible to wake those that are electronically hypnotize threw screen flicker rating and the toxic environment to subliminal messaging. But the killer is that those that buy into this lie use pleaser to sedate themselves to sleep and will go willing to there death.

  3. 1 of 2 wrote on 03/01/2012 10:43 PM

    get ready for when we are called to start its just beging

  4. Pavlov's Bitch wrote on 05/22/2012 09:57 AM

    It is nigh on impossible to meet on an equal level with 'boxheads' - those swimming in electronic soup of media tech. When I was there, I too, was locked in to a tight programme. I read Gerry Maunder (?) Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television. Although knowing that media was bs (i worked in it) this insight afforded me a much richer understanding of how and why it has grown into a monster machine which should be eliminated. Every generation has its 10% - usually the first to get harvested at the wave of 'change'. Yet we come and go as messengers, observers and wholehearted participants in our story of life on the Earth Asylum: Planet of Betrayal and Addictions. We learn to tolerate and even anticipate ridicule from the most afraid. After all, we have each been complicit more or less; it's a 'sticky' system with few if any wise eyes open to help guide the way. Most cannot bust those bubbles of illusion, for what would be left? In the nothing we find the everything. Everything would be there - all the solutions. Circumcision is a major problem generally and progressively as traditions are unquestionably repeated with inevitable tragic results for everyone. This is driven by the illusion of religion worshipping a jealous god who wants our foreskins! Lifeforce, blood and babies. No medical evidence to support it. Babies traumatised in this way are disabled, crippled and very angry. Seems to go along with pederasty/sodomy as well. And that's the truth; that's how 'they' treat their own, the people are programmed likewise.That's what stumps me, is how they treat their own. I understand it but I don't. Psychopathic insanity - there's only so far the sane can go and I've been at this for sooo long. We are subject to mass consciousness above individual will and as this is overwhelmingly stage managed to serve the insane, there's little to be done to avert the inevitable on a significant scale. It's on the deeply individual level where we can be effective and thanks for your work here - it's comforting to find some gems going deeper into the labyrinth.

  5. Selena wrote on 09/17/2012 10:29 PM

    I luv it!!! I was hopen ur video wood fool me ... Bt it didnt.. U bring a few points to light... I have almost always p_she against the grain.. I have always staied true to my heart n the quest of succes that i desire in spite of my many ups n downs in life... Ive come to realize that satan wants to lock.. us away for ever... He wants to share no parts of life n liight with us he wants it all for himself!!!n such ugly hearted ppl r willing to hand this trick! The keys to lock his damnself away n always for very little it wood seem! Its sick n sad ... I told ppl of the chip n how it is soon to become mandatory to get in a few short yrs.. Iwas told to come with more reliable sources for sum to believe... Sad it is satan... He is the one behind it for u too report the brainwash info bt nt expose y ppl r followen him! Majes me wounder y u care to say nething at all ... Bt again i enjoyed it i luve the truth n am always seeking it out hopen one day to touch the hands of a man wgo warned us all dig deeper! N may god b with u 1luvblselena

  6. AJW wrote on 10/14/2012 12:07 AM

    Excellent work!

  7. sonny wrote on 10/14/2012 12:30 AM

    dear person please look!!!!!!!!! lisen to john f kennedy his speech and lisen very closely, if you did lisend to me and you watch the speech on @ youtube then you maybe get the hint that this world is ulliminated by a secret society hypnotising the people in this world ( amerika ) and a little bit (europe) ,,,, i hope you will now support the world but your self, and do not get fooled by the media and news it is the ulimination

  8. LightWithin wrote on 11/13/2012 12:28 AM

    Thankyou.... I hope with my heart this reaches more ppl, Awareness of the truth in itself is liberating and u realize that funny weird feeling that something wasn't right that you had was this all along... Death is only an illusion...Only when truth has been known, has life been "lived"... Peace n love to all.... Spread the truth. fear not. The devil and God are both within us. It is the wolf we feed that grows. Both arise from the depths of the source. The source is pure potential. It is what you think it is. It can be anything. Know the truth, then let it go... Like life it is always changing but always same.... If ya know what I mean :) Peace n Love all... Stay positive, dont fight with the negative.. Conciousness creates reality

  9. ignorance wrote on 11/20/2012 12:44 PM

    I am a 22 year old that has been researching this dark force that has gotten control of this world because I had the feeling that you speak of inside of me. I would just like to ask, has anyone ever wondered of the possibility of the government turning on us? Its a sad affair to think that majority of us believe that the government is there to help us live better lives, when in reality they are making our lives hell. I solely believe a day will come when Government would turn on us, abuse their power, and make use of the control they have over us to their advantage. This would be the day where eyes will be opened and everyone will see reality but then it will already be to late. We will be exploited, treated like slaves and and the very last human we have in us will be stripped away. You have written a great article that I feel speaks only the truth and carries so much value, yet there will be people that will write it off as plain trash. I pray for them. If only there was a way to share this wisdom and make it reach the masses, but that seems like I am asking for so much. Thank you for enlightening me. This light will help me stay in reality.

  10. Noetol wrote on 12/20/2012 08:11 AM

    I think about the government turning on us all the time. We are basically zombies to them and you know what the government resorts to in zombie movies! But seriously, the government has so much control they can turn on us and have half the nation turn on the ones that disagree. Just like Hitler.

  11. captnSully wrote on 10/28/2013 09:23 AM

    Amazing i read this site everyday.

  12. Solamon wrote on 01/08/2014 07:49 PM

    Very, very well written and thought over. I would recommend anybody to take their time to read this.

  13. Cheri wrote on 06/08/2014 12:23 PM

    Amazing article I have to say... I would love to be part of this group. I personally only have a couple of people I can be open about of what I SEE and observe. Thought I was by myself practically... but I know what I see.

  14. Ada wrote on 06/11/2014 05:29 AM

    So, how do you use what you know? It is more complicated in my opinion, because by need of feeding oneself one gives time to get money by working, and that job might be something that person does not agree with in core of it-because that job links and supports state that is monster! So one is part of it. One is going to be fearing to lose it in order to feed himself. There is no better weapon than dependency. And if US goes to invade other country: who is US? Not all people who live there? It is not just a name. We are being used, and is not anything new: the Caesars, kings of past would not ask their low people for permission to Iinvade other countries in the name of whole country. The soldiers were paid for their job, were they not? So in case one blames elite for doing things they do; we agree by not saying anything. We are the 90% that goes to attack other country by producing weapons, soldiers, all other needs around that project is made by nation-people! But as elite likes to feel that they give capital for it to run: they are squeezing us get more of what they throw at us. In case of us rebelling there are others to play opposite side, who is going to unite rebels-surprisingly not-after some time we find out is the same top root... Yes, he who does not let us grow our food and have water, has us as machines, throws us some toys to keep busy after work to forget that we are slaves. Nothing new.