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Before we get started, I want to pose a question to everyone. What do you think the most dangerous religion in the World is? Islam? Buddhism? Judaism? Christianity? Hinduism? Well if you talk about the number of people killed by this most dangerous religion…it’s none of those. In fact, the World’s most dangerous religion is Statism. What is Statism you ask? Well, you’ve heard the phrase never to argue about politics and religion, right? The reason is because politics is a religion.

That’s right politics is the act of having faith and a belief in your government. Governments have killed more people over the centuries than all other religions combined! You want to watch this video. It may change the way you see governments of the World…..Including your own.


Do people realize that during the Vietnam war, America killed more that 3 million Vietnamese! That is not a typo. YES, OVER 3 MILLION!!!!


We’ve often wondered “why” Americans are fooled so easily. In spite of being a nation with tremendous wealth and opportunity along with the ability to gain knowledge, we seem to be a nation of people that are the most gullible in the word. The events of 9/11 really show us that most Americans have lost the ability of using logic as well as the ability to THINK for themselves.

Why is it? Americans, in spite of the most elaborate surveillance systems which can zoom in on a postage stamp from outer space, most Americans still believe the government lie that we can’t seem to “find” Osama Bin Laden?

Why is it? Americans, in spite of the fact no one has ever found a photograph of a plane inside the Pentagon or in Pennsylvania on 9/11 (check it out yourselves) Americans still think planes actually crashed there?

Why is it? Americans really think a hand full of people from a far away land can actually take over four planes with nothing but box cutters?

Why is it? Americans think that 19 Arabs, in spite of having never flown a commercial plane before and were reported as being “lousy students” by professional pilots who “allegedly” trained them, can hit three out of four targets with exact precision?

Why is it? Americans don’t know cell phones don’t work from commercial airlines traveling at 500 mph?

Why is it? Americans don’t know that (2) one-hundred story buildings and (1) 47 story building that were made to withstand the impact of a 727, don’t just “collapse” and turn to dust in a space of a couple of hours? (yes, the laws of physics say this is impossible)

Why is it? That if the “authorities” were so caught off guard on 9/11, and the “hijackers” were vaporized along with the witnesses who had no chance to identify them to anyone..how did they come up with “drivers license pictures and identities” of all 19 hijackers within 24 hours? And why have they never showed all the airport surveillance tapes with any hijacker? And why is it the ones they have showed either have no dates and times on them, or wrong dates and times?

Why is it? No hijackers names or fake names are listed on the flight manifests? (check it out yourselves). And why are at least 8 of the so-called “hijackers” still alive? Check this one out too.

If Osama really did 9/11, then….....

If the worst terrorist attack in Amerikan history was carried out by Osama Bin Laden, then not only was he able to mastermind a rather complicated attack undetected, but it was also one of the most brilliant works of civil engineering, engineering, illusion, stealth, hypnosis, bait and switch, distraction and manipulation of time, space, matter, anti-matter and energy that has ever been demonstrated.

If Osama really did 9/11, then….... He was able to outsmart the entire U.S. military intelligence put into place, outsmart the entire intelligence at NORAD, outsmart all high ranking intelligence at the Pentagon, White House and Military installations throughout the Nation.

If Osama really did 9/11, then….... since all early photos of the Pentagon show the wall still intact AFTER it was hit by a 767, then Osama has such control over time and space that he can have a passenger plane fly over the most highly guarded airspace in the world, crash it into the wall of the Pentagon and make the plane disappear! Remarkable!

If Osama really did 9/11 then…..... He didn’t stop there. He was able to crash flight 93 into a field in Pennsylvania and Presto! The old man does it again! No photo shows any trace of a plane! David Copperfield really needs to find out how he does this.

If Osama really did 9/11, then….... He has the unusual ability to shape shift the entire bone structure of his face! In one month we see him as a man gaunt and dying of a blood and kidney disease and then in a few weeks….viola’! He is now a robust man with darker skin, different nose and cranium structure and apparently cured himself of failing kidneys! I’ve heard of turning water into wine but this is ridiculous!

If Osama really did 9/11 then…..... He has the ability to alter the law of physics!! Since jet fuel burns at 1800 degrees which is far below the 3000 needed to melt steel, Osama has the ability to crash two jets into the world trade centers….and turn them both to nothing but dust and melted steel within 2 hours!!

But wait! There’s more! He can then bring down another 47 story building (World Trade center 7) without ever even touching it with a plane! Since corporations pay professional demolitionists hundreds of thousands to implode old structures no longer in use, I say they just contract out an Arab to fly a plane into the building and within in hour they will have their professional demolition!

We at TheConspiracyZone think Osama shouldn’t pray to “Allah” anymore. We think “Osama” and “Allah” should change places for awhile. We think Allah should live in a cave in Afghanistan, since that seems to be where infinite wisdom for manipulating world events is. We also think Osama should then take Allah’s position of governing the laws of time, space and motion since that seems to be what he’s doing anyway…......

Why is it? Most Americans think our own government leaders would never do anything as evil as 9/11 to their own people in spite of the corrupt history of the men in charge?

Why is it? Americans, in spite of the fact there is a health club on every corner, are some of the most out of shape people in the world?

Well, we’ll tell you why. It’s because most Americans are lazy. They don’t think for themselves. They don’t listen, evaluate and test what they’ve been told. They just accept what they are told…no questions asked. Most Americans won’t take responsibility to make a difference. They would rather leave it to someone else to do. Most Americans are like sheep led to the slaughter. Without the knowledge to ask an intelligent question and even worse, without the courage to do so.

It is the 11th hour friends. We are loosing our freedoms daily that this country was founded upon. And it’s because nobody will stand up and hold those responsible accountable. It is to the point where if we loose our freedoms to the Illumianti it’s because we aren’t a strong enough people who deserve to be free…..We have met the enemy and they are us….Think about it.



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By J Monoco 11/08/2009 04:25 PM

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  1. Adam C Johnson wrote on 03/02/2009 05:35 PM

    Awesome Post! I have nothing to add except that you covered it all. THEY WANT YOUR SOUL, and we are giving it to THEM. Do Your Research Sheeple.

  2. whatever wrote on 04/27/2013 11:02 PM

    I just wonder why they chose arabs as scapegoat for their crimes.I smell conspiracy..!!

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