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Before we get started, I want to pose a question to everyone. What do you think the most dangerous religion in the World is? Islam? Buddhism? Judaism? Christianity? Hinduism? Well if you talk about the number of people killed by this most dangerous religion…it’s none of those. In fact, the World’s most dangerous religion is Statism. What is Statism you ask? Well, you’ve heard the phrase never to argue about politics and religion, right? The reason is because politics is a religion.

That’s right politics is the act of having faith and a belief in your government. Governments have killed more people over the centuries than all other religions combined! You want to watch this video. It may change the way you see governments of the World…..Including your own.


With that in mind, once you look at the facts of John-John’s death, it looks to be a well planned murder just like what happened to his father. There are no “accidents”. Happenings like this one with JFK JR. are the result of diabolical plans! To start with let’s answer the question “Who would want to kill JFK Jr.?” He didn’t go down the same path as his dad. He had no real known enemies.

As a matter of fact John Jr. kept to himself for the most part. The one thing he did that signed his death ticket was become publicly interested in who killed his father. JFK Jr. was publisher of a political magazine named GEORGE.

It was a publication that was targeting the younger generation. Just before his murder, John Jr. was in the middle of a expose’ about the real conspirators of his fathers murder. The word is he was going to name the names of those involved.

Even though most people are dead (including Bush Sr.) that were involved in the Presidents murder, there are still some families around that have too much to lose to have the truth be told by a credible person like JFK. Jr. George Bush Sr., for one. Bush was was very high ranking in the CIA at the time of the Presidents murder and without a doubt has first hand knowledge of that event in Dallas.

In spite of Bush’s denials about his whereabouts on November 22nd, 1963, there is photographic proof that he was not just only in Dallas, but was at the crime scene!! (LEFT). To start with, lets look at the facts and compare it with the lies the media wants you believe surrounding the murder of JFK Jr.


FACT: When JFK Jr. radioed controllers on the Cape (as reported on Boston TV News) to announce his approach to Martha’s Vineyard, radar showed him to be just where he stated he was and at the correct altitude for the approach.

THE LIE YOU’VE BEEN TOLD: JFK Jr. was in “over his head”.

FACT: JFK Jr’s conversational tone on the radio reveals that he was calm. He was not disoriented. He didn’t ask for directions. He didn’t indicate he had any problem at all. He clearly was confident he was going to find the airport and land.

THE LIE YOU’VE BEEN TOLD: JFK Jr. stalled the plane.

FACT: The radar track shows that he was well above stall speed.

THE LIE YOU’VE BEEN TOLD: JFK Jr. went into a steep turn and lost the horizon.

FACT: There is no reason for JFK Jr. to have been in any turn at all at that point on the flight path leading into the airport. He was already lined up with the main runway at Martha’s Vineyard airport.

THE LIE YOU’VE BEEN TOLD: JFK Jr. didn’t know his altitude and simply “flew into the ocean”.

FACT: The radar track shows him flying at the proper altitude, then (as ABC News put it) “falling out of the sky”.

THE LIE YOU’VE BEEN TOLD: JFK Jr. lost his instruments, and that is why he could not handle the dark and hazy (?) conditions.

FACT: The fact that the radar was getting good data from his encoding altimeter proves his instruments were operating.

THE LIE YOU’VE BEEN TOLD: JFK Jr. would have lost his artificial horizon if the vacuum pump failed in the aircraft.

FACT: MSNBC is the only media outlet to have tried to hype this one, using a self-proclaimed “aviation expert”. His claim is also false, as there is a backup vacuum system in the pilot assembly of that aircraft.

THE LIE YOU’VE BEEN TOLD: JFK Jr. was a reckless pilot.

FACT: This claim was planted everywhere in the media, always attributed to an “unnamed source”. One reporter, Cindy Adams at the New York Post, later had cause to suspect she had been lied to. So did Andrew Goldman at the New York Observer. Interviews with individuals directly familiar with JFK Jr’s flying ability shown on Inside Edition confirmed that he was a highly skilled and careful pilot.

THE LIE YOU’VE BEEN TOLD: JFK Jr’s wife was afraid to fly with him.

FACT: Again a story attributed to “unnamed sources”, and again debunked by the interviews shown on Inside Edition. JFK Jr’s wife had no problem flying with JFK Jr. and flew with him often.

THE LIE YOU’VE BEEN TOLD: JFK Jr. had only 40 hours experience.

FACT: He had 40 hours in that one aircraft. His total experience was about 300 hours, more than enough to qualify him for a commercial pilot’s license. According to FAA statistics, 300 hours made him a more careful and safer pilot than one with 1000 hours, who is more complacent.

THE LIE YOU’VE BEEN TOLD: The weather was very hazy.

FACT: The FAA issued VFR weather conditions that night, and the weather report (mentioned in the UPI story), called for 8 mile visibility.

One witness on shore reported that there was very little haze and that standing on the shore, he could see airplanes out over the ocean on approach to the island, proof that airplanes on the approach could see the shore. This claim is backed up not only by the weather report of 8 mile visibility, but by a weather radar image taken at about the time of the crash.

This radar image is showing haze and fog along New York and Long Island (if this radar image were of clouds, the FAA would not have declared VFR flying conditions that night) but none at all at Martha’s Vineyard. On the morning after the crash, CNN reported that weather could be ruled out as a factor in the crash!

THE LIE YOU’VE BEEN TOLD:: Martha’s Vineyard is very dark and won’t show through the haze.

FACT: That may have been true only a few months ago. However, as evidenced by a Letter to the Editor of the Martha’s Vineyard Times just days after the JFK Jr. crash, new lights installed on the island, lights that point up in the sky, are so bright they are drawing complaints from island residents.

Several witnesses claimed they heard an “EXPLOSION” before Kennedy’s plane crashed.


FBI Division 4 team names Clintons, Bush 41, 43 in JFK Jr. assassination Posted in the database on Wednesday, August 31st, 2005 @ 15:50:11 MST (31296 views)


“One of my family members was related to JFK Jr.‘s grandmother, and although it was not a blood relationship, I had at least a half dozen lengthy conversations with John during the years before he died. We liked each other and hit it off; so this was why John opened up to me and seemed to trust me regarding his future plans to run against either Hillary Clinton for the Senate or George W. Bush for the Presidency in 2000. John had many conversations with my relative; and he gave her permission to discuss his political aspirations with friends so this was not a closely held secret. But what was interesting was that John told me he was pretty sure he could win either of those races.” (“Delbert,” former Interpol operative and CIA Division 4 team member)


The ‘Phoenix Project’ and assassinations

Years prior to serving on this team for three years, Delbert said he was a member of the U.S. Army Special Forces, attached to the Phoenix Project / Operation, on orders to “destabilize targeted governments by murdering government officials, elites, professionals, bankers, military leaders, teachers, professors and medical professionals.”

“This started in Vietnam and then moved to Central America,” said Delbert, adding “I was part of what we called the Bush-Clinton New World Order takeover to place in power selected individuals who received their marching orders directly from the U.S. government. Plain and simple, Project Phoenix required Americans to kill off innocent people to place in power those selected by the U.S. ruling elite; but I left, finding it very objectionable.”

“These activities are still going on today,” said the intelligence insider. “America now uses FBI Division 5, CIA Division 4, and elements from within the Department of Defense (DOD) and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for its dirty work. Five-man Delta teams made up of nationals from Mexico and Ecuador are being trained for house-to-house extraction and murder of American citizens—when the day comes that Martial Law is declared and what little is left of our Constitution is scrapped.“

“These (elements) are counter-intelligence goon squads of trained assassins which engage in covert operations both inside and outside the United States with or without the knowledge of Congress which is supposed to be restraining them from actions against our own citizens. They’re out of control, just a marvelous group of human beings,” said the former intelligence veteran.

With a measure of insight into Delbert’s background and credibility, we asked him to talk about Division 4’s JFK Jr. findings, the specific content of the team’s written accounts and the details of the assassination plot.

While John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. was reported to have died in an accidental plane crash on July 16, 1999, Division 4’s preliminary report reveals careful details dissimilar to those reported by news outlets, indicating what the team described in its report as “classic media disinformation, if not outright lies” pertaining to suspect circumstances surrounding the death of the only son of President John F. Kennedy who was himself assassinated on November 22, 1963 under a similar investigative cloud.

Most families of well-known politicians killed in “accidental” plane crashes were not afforded the opportunity of having a separate outside agency like Division 4 to investigate the evidence of their loved one‘s death as in the case of the son of an assassinated president. The prelim report summary is revealing:

“Subject was a qualified pilot, in control of his flight, flying a reasonably new aircraft, in excellent condition. Visibility was 8 miles. Wind, calm. All indication from Forensics and Physical evidence investigations lend themselves to a violent explosion, either from an altitude or barometric pressure device, or from a Particle Beam laser. [Delbert said Particle Beam laser was left out of final classified report] Aircraft ‘broke up’ in mid-air, as evidenced by wide spread debris gathered from the ocean and several different beaches.

This can only be caused by an on board explosion, or an attack by a missile or Laser. [Delbert said missile and Laser were left out of final report] Considering the nature of current political leanings of subject and today’s political atmosphere in America, and the before-mentioned facts, there is little doubt that subject was assassinated. In fact, team [Interpol Serial Killer Alpha Team] considers this a Political Assassination of the highest order. It was meant to alleviate a potential threat to the ruling elite. And it succeeded.” [From the JFK Jr. preliminary report, filed on July 19, 1999.

This document has been authenticated by several intelligence agents; and we were told copies have been passed around the intelligence community for several years.]

Four team members and two from another U.S. law enforcement agency who jointly participated in producing the final classified report, filed on August 5, 1999, revealed startling evidence which will prevent a continued cover-up.

The six members of the Division 4 team and others will have to be protected and then subpoenaed for sealed testimony; and the grand jury will also need to hear the testimony of scores of the team’s interviewed citizen witnesses who have thus far remained understandably silent about what they saw and heard regarding JFK Jr.’s tragic death.

Delbert said the team’s probe was rigorous. We found it staggering:

a) 30-40 witnesses were thoroughly interviewed.

b) Ten individuals said they actually saw JFK Jr.‘s PLANE EXPLODE IN MID-AIR!


c) Two witnesses told the team they saw George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush at the Essex County, New Jersey airport with Israeli Mossad agent Michael Harari, (ABOVE) and another Mossad agent who were both seen standing next to JFK Jr.’s Cessna, all four were at the airport just two days before the doomed plane took off with JFK, Jr., his pregnant wife and her sister.


Michael Harari, was an Israeli secret service agent who played a major role in planning Mossad’s revenge attacks against Palestinian militants implicated in the 1972 Munich massacre of the country’s Olympic team. Harari was a legendary Mossad operative who was responsible for, among other things, establishing the agency’s assassination unit, was officially Panama’s honorary consul in Israel, starting in 1981, a year after he retired from the Israeli intelligence agency. But Harari’s ties with Panama began long before then under the previous dictator Omar Torrijos and were so close that when the Americans invaded Panama in 1989 they sought to arrest two men: Noriega whom they caught and Harari whom they didn’t.

d) Several witnesses testified they overheard the murder plot being discussed in the White House oval office.

e) One ‘company’ (CIA) witness at the scene saw the bodies and the damaged plane and told the team a mid-air explosion caused the crash.

f) Approximately 150 witnesses gave individual depositions and signed statements for the final report.

g) Three flight instructors who worked with JFK Jr. testified he was an excellent pilot and had logged a huge number of flying hours since being licensed, he loved to fly and was that good.”

Delbert told us “At the end of July, 1999, during the final phase of our investigation, we talked to several individual sources in the White House who consented to be interviewed as witnesses.”

“We included their testimony in the final draft of the report which was classified until 2025, not currently available to any living individual,“ said the former operative.

“Since concrete evidence of a plot involving three presidents and a current senator in the assassination of John F. Kennedy’s son, who the report said they perceived as a political threat and future rival, would not exactly inspire public confidence in the government, it’s probable that the American people will never see our final un-redacted report,” said Delbert, “unless there are grand jury murder indictments and a public trial.”



“The White House sources we interviewed overheard conversations involving individuals who made the decision to murder JFK, Jr.,” said Delbert, who joined three Division 4 fellow operatives and two other federal agency officials in alleging the following names in the final classified report as having participated in planning the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. after the team had interviewed all the witnesses involved in the case:

The Division 4 team member told us “The meeting to discuss the murder occurred in the White House oval office.

The subjects named in the report who participated in being complicit in the ordering the murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. (by the illuminati) were President Clinton and his wife Hillary. Why would they want JFK Jr. dead? Because he is a threat to them and remember, there is no “left” vs “right” or “republican” vs “democrat”. They all work for the Illuminati and if anyone gets out of hand and won’t go with the program, they will be “eliminated”. Remember, The Clinton’s and the Bush’s don’t have power of their own. They are both controlled by the same factions and follow orders above them, they don’t give orders.

JFK Junior was a threat to the establishment and revealing who killed his father was enough to have the “left” and “right” and their controllers to want him eliminated!

Both of them were in the room as was Attorney General Janet Reno who JFK Jr. had publicly called to task for her role in Waco and Ruby Ridge operations, FBI Director Louis Freeh, in the room, and former President George H. W. Bush, Lawrence Rockefeller (now deceased), and three Inner Circle Council of Thirteen members who were all teleconferenced into the oval office discussion via secure White House phone lines.“

Quietly taken aback by the revelations, we asked Delbert to summarize the content of the alleged oval office murder plot overheard by the team’s interviewed witness sources, including witnesses assigned to White House domestic security. He said the talks included: THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!


a) Conversation about JFK Jr.’s magazine GEORGE becoming a political vehicle which could threaten ruling elite families and expose past White House crimes.

b) Discussions about blowing up his Cessna, John Jr.’s vulnerability and even carelessness about his plane’s security when warned that suspicious individuals had previously been seen lurking around his plane at the airport.

c) Attorney General Reno’s problems with JFK Jr. criticizing Waco and Ruby Ridge.

d) Speculation about who John Jr. would pick to run against in 2000, Hillary Clinton or George W. Bush. (HE DIDN’T WANT EITHER)

e) Discussion about political family factions and relationships between federal law enforcement, national security and intelligence agencies.

f) Discussion about how the assassination would take place, starting at the airport, with specific Mossad agents named by the subject conspirators without mentioning the actual Israeli agency.

g) General agreement that John, Jr. had become over-zealous in planning to employ “GEORGE to circuitously EXPOSE THOSE WHO WERE BEHIND THE ASSASSINATION OF HIS FATHER.”


As we listened without comment, the Division 4 operative continued: “We were told by the same White House sources we interviewed that FBI Director Freeh left the oval office after the murder plot was discussed and met with Israeli Mossad agent Michael Harari who then met with his supervisor, General Rafael Eitan, considered to be one of the most dangerous Israeli agents who ever lived,” stated Delbert.

Delbert explained that testimony by White House and airport witnesses and others will provide outrageous but credible grand jury evidence that three United States presidents have their own private Israeli Mossad assassins, as well as assassins from several American federal government agencies and will use them to commit treason and murder against other Americans perceived to pose a political threat to their power, a fact surely to horrify Jewish-Americans and all U.S. citizens.

“I had heard that even our own FBI agents literally trembled at the fear of being assigned to watch General Eitan’s movements, since collaborating congressional oversight allowed him to freely enter the United States at any time, using passports under a different name,” the Division 4 special investigative team member said.

[One of the most outrageous documents this writer has ever seen, confirming the existence of Michael Harari and his nefarious Bush-connected activities, was the Colonel Cutolo / Colonel Corone Court Deposition, which we found on www. stewwebb.com.]

Delbert continued his shocking narrative, “About three days before John’s plane took off and exploded in mid-air, Michael Harari, and another Mossad agent were seen with former President George H. W. Bush and his son Texas Governor George W. Bush at the Essex County, New Jersey airport where John Jr. kept his plane.” This fact was also confirmed by separate U.S. intelligence sources who are also willing to testify before a grand jury.

“All four were positively identified by an aircraft mechanic and a maintenance worker we interviewed for the final classified report; but we didn’t include their names or the names of some other key witnesses so that there would be citizens left to testify in case the CLINTONS OR BUSHES STARTED HAVING PEOPLE MURDERED,” said the former Special Forces member.

Delbert’s chilling words provided concrete and credible proof that congressional oversight over counterfeit immigration documents acquired by assassins and terrorists, wide-open U.S. borders and homeland “security“ is so seriously flawed, broken down and corrupted that Senate and House members are permitting known foreign murderers to move around America at will.

Given the state-side depletion of National Guard and Reserve troops which renders the U.S. more vulnerable to foreign enemies while pre-emptive war based on lies is being fought, the physical and economic security of the nation is problematic enough to assert that Senate and House members may literally be conspiring against their own constituents in favor of a clandestine world-wide agenda supported by assassination of “troublemakers,” political or otherwise.

The American-French Alliance (AFA), a tightly-knit and hushed organization of active intelligence community patriots from both countries, is said to be waging an under-the-radar-screen war to stop rogue elements and assassins in the FBI, CIA, DOD and DIA supervised by the White House and directly linked to Al Qaeda and former CIA operative Tim Osman (also known as Osama bin Laden) but also British MI-6 agents from engaging in black operations throughout the United States.


“The preliminary Division 4 team report was written with my partner who has retired and returned to his own country. We were joined by two others from our team and two more from another federal agency in putting together the final report,” said Delbert.

“Our boss ordered us to re-write the final draft but we refused. We wanted to tell the truth; so they classified the (final report) until the year 2025 despite the fact that we had interviewed scores of witnesses who can corroborate all of our findings. This was August 5, 1999.”

“The obstruction of justice by our ‘upper management’ and the FBI caused so much chaos that they dissolved our team; then they, quite possibly along with the Clinton White House, tried to have me murdered within ten weeks at the end of October, 1999 while working in Belfast, Ireland. I was supposed to be in a car with a friend who was blown apart in the explosion,“ said Delbert.

“That explosion was meant either as a warning or an assassination attempt, and cost the life of not only my associate, but a friend of his as well; so I closed all my accounts, resigned from Division 4 and went underground by November, 1999, for six months,” he said but not before devastating reports had been filed by a team of investigators experienced in tracking evidence and criminals all over the world:

[From the preliminary report]

“Subject, John F. Kennedy, Jr. left Essex County Airport, Caldwell, New Jersey at 8:38 P.M. Friday, July 16, 1999 in a Piper Saratoga II TC. Aircraft was built in 1995, purchased last year by subject. It has been reported to have been in excellent condition simple and comfortable to fly…Visibility was eight (8) miles I say again visibility was eight (8) miles. Media reports of ‘hazy’ or ‘foggy’ conditions are untrue,” said the report.

“At 9:39 P.M. JFK radioed the Martha’s Vineyard Airport giving his location. Subject was completely calm, giving no indication of any difficulties, stating that he was making his final approach, no more than 10 miles from shore and 13 miles from the airport…When he radioed at 9:39 P.M., 17-18 miles West of Martha’s Vineyard, he was at 2,500 feet. When detected on radar 29 seconds later he was at 1,800 feet, 16 miles West of Martha’s Vineyard. He was then lost off radar. No MAYDAY was ever heard. Tower personnel at Martha’s Vineyard Airport verified previous data,” indicating an immediate catastrophic problem.

“Within app. 10 seconds of this final radio contact at 9:39 P.M., an aircraft fitting the description of the subject’s (aircraft) and in that same general location was identified on Radar by both Military personnel and Martha’s Vineyard Airport tower personnel as descending 1,200 feet in 12 seconds—a full, head-long dive, in other words. A reporter for the Vineyard Gazette newspaper told WCVB-TV in Boston that he was out walking Friday night about the time of the crash and say a “big white flash in the sky,” just off Philbin Beach. Luggage, a tire, plexiglass pieces of cowling have all washed up on Philbin Beach.

Said reporter has now partially recanted his story by stating that ‘perhaps it was a bright light from an explosion, but he just cannot be sure.’ Reporter has been ‘gotten to, compromised. Unknown as to who, at this time.”

“Several local news reports initially (reported) that several people SAW and HEARD AN EXPLOSION in the air over the ocean South of Martha’s Vineyard towards Eastern Long Island, at the same time that subject’s plane ‘went missing.’ We have confirmed these reports by speaking with 4 of the witnesses who have asked to remain anonymous. Detected definite fear on their part.”

“All evidence at this time indicates that aircraft was in a fiery, head-long crash dive within seconds after the 9:39 radio transmission. Aircraft was equipped with a radar transponder that transmits a 4-digit ID code and the altitude. Aircraft contained a 406 MHz satellite Distress beacon which would have notified the FAA of exact lat. & long. Device was NOT Activated. Believe reason as aircraft disintegrated instantly.”

“Subject has been reported by all interviewed, including 3 flight instructors, to be an Excellent pilot who did not take chances. Subject had logged many hours and had acquired an abnormal amount of expertise for an individual holding a pilots license for only 15 months. In fact, it has been reported that JFK, Jr. had logged enough hours, and acquired enough expertise to qualify as a commercial pilot! He had passed instrument checks with no reported difficulties. Although subject did not like flying at night, all information indicated he did so efficiently. Media’s reports of ‘pilot error,’ ‘failed instrument test and checks’ and ‘scared to fly at night’ are patently untrue. Standard American Media disinformation.”

“When SK Alpha team began investigating weather anomalies and any possible phenomenon, (weather), Radar images/data that have proven useful in such investigations, to include the observations of Electromagnetic/radio frequency phenomena, were discovered to be missing from the archives for the Eastern Long Island/Martha’s Vineyard area during the two (2) critical hours in which JFK Jr.’s plane apparently crashed/disappeared. This is/was more than suspect. After demanding said data from air control personnel, and receiving stammering red-faced explanations as to it’s whereabouts, team notes data has been intentionally ‘misplaced,’ or in fact lost.”

“The head-rest, steering yoke, pieces of the cowling, plexiglass and carpeting were literally torn apart from/off the plane, floating up on Gay Head Beach. This indicates a mid-air explosion, not a stall and crash. Debris from the crash has also been washing up on the West end of Martha’s Vineyard, creating a very wide-spread area of destruction (in other words, the remains of the aircraft are spread out over a very large area of space on the Ocean, indicating a MID-AIR EXPLOSION, not a stall and crash).

“Recorded conversation with air traffic control all indicate a calm, relaxed pilot in full command of the flight, with no difficulties in the final approach. Seconds after the last transmission, the explosion was observed and contact was lost with subject’s plane.”

“Previously mentioned weather and electromagnetic radio frequency data has been lost or misplaced. Since this typically NEVER happens, a cover-up of some sort is strongly indicated….The wings of the aircraft were NOT torn off, which they would have been had subject’s plane gone into uncontrollable dive, as being reported by the American press….If aircraft had had engine trouble, as reported, it should /could have simply gone into a slow glide and made a soft-water landing….NO MAYDAY was ever heard, indicating catastrophic occurrence.”

“Every indicator points towards JFK Jr. having ’had enough’ of this humiliation [report said threats and blackmailing of Kennedy family] and planned on turning his magazine ’George’ into a true political vehicle for change. For the American public, not the New World Order.

In fact, he had already begun this process by publishing factual exposes’ on George Wallace and the Rabin assassination. This alone is enough to have gotten him killed.” “SUBJECT ALSO HAD BEGUN LOOKING INTO HIS FATHERS MURDER, AND HAD DEVELOPED PLANS TO SLOWLY EXPOSE THOSE INVOLVED.” (IN HIS MAGAZINE).

Now look at this…. The videotapes taken by frogmen of the JFK Jr. wreckage is now missing…Hummm, lost the videotapes huh? How convenient. (BELOW).

“The American press/mass media are now releasing news reports that are far from factual. In fact, they can be considered, at best, to be (classic) disinformation, if not outright lies.

In the initial reports that were released, the essential truth of the situation, the facts were being released. However, what is now being reported is (essentially) leaving out the essence of truth and simply glossing over what actually occurred. Again, what we regard as standard American Press procedures, disinformation at best. This strongly indicates a cover-up, or else the truth would still be reported.”

“Although requested onsite by Federal agencies, team has been coerced to ‘back off,’ albeit subtly and quietly. This particular tactic speaks well for itself. We have not ‘backed off,’ nor will we.”

According to government whistle blower Sherman Skolnick, JFK Jr. planned to reveal a well-kept secret that on or about August 1, 1999, JFK JR. WAS TO ANNOUNCE HE WAS RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT as a traditional Democrat or in view of the distrust of both parties, to run as a independent on a third party ticket. John F. Kennedy, Jr., made one grave mistake.

He trusted the presidential campaign officials of Albert Gore, Jr. to know about his plans. That would have interfered with the plans of Gore as well as George W. Bush, the Texas Governor.

The Gore campaign reportedly promised total secrecy, a pledge they never kept. Gore’s people had asked him if he would run as second fiddle on the Gore presidential ticket. He said he originally thought to run against Hillary Clinton for U.S. Senator from New York but decided instead to run for President. THE SECRET GOT OUT.

This fact was also confirmed by separate U.S. intelligence sources who are also willing to testify before a grand jury. All four were positively identified by an aircraft mechanic and a maintenance worker. A coincidence?

JFK Jr. was a captivating speaker and unlike other members of his family was not scared by scandal. He would have most likely swept the field of Presidential candidates. Conservatives and liberals, both could join together to support him.

The FBI covered up the bombing of JFK Jr.’s plane. Skolnick obtained the details of the secret FBI report which was not to have been disclosed for 30 years. The National Transportation Safety Board, NTSB, released a report claiming the JFK Jr. plane crash was due to “pilot error”.

Over the years, the federal crash investigators have covered up several sabotaged plane crashes, for example, FLIGHT 800, and FLIGHT 587.

John F. Kennedy, Jr. was murdered before he could get to his planned announcement of a presidential run. If he lived and ran for President, he would have been 40 years old just after the 2000 election. Sherman Skolnick’s secret FBI report:


1. No declassification until 7/22/2029.

2. This is in deference to the wishes of a senior member of the Kennedy family.

3. Also in deference to the order of the national government and in respect to certain foreign intelligence agencies having reciprocal agreements with the U.S.

4. POTUS order and national security findings attached.

5. The recovered aircraft shows evidence of an explosive device having been glued or affixed within the tail luggage compartment.

6. Device was apparently actuated by a barometric trigger. Radio signals not ruled out.

7. Tail of aircraft was dismembered from the plane making it front heavy.

8. Study of radar shows the plane fell in excess of 6,000 feet per minute up to radar cutoff.

9. Satellite images supplied by the National Reconnaissance Office record an outbursting flash from the aircraft just prior to it going into perpendicular descent.

10. Tail structure was dismembered just prior to descent.

11. Recovery of a piece of luggage from beyond the flight path of the aircraft correlates with it being hurtled out of the tail luggage compartment at outburst.

12. Preliminary examination of the aircraft shows residue of an explosive device the Laboratory identifies as being the type used by certain foreign intelligence agencies. Refer to POTUS order and findings.

13. Study of Air Traffic Control and other radio signals shows no Mayday report from the aircraft, explained by rapidity of descent.

14. Investigation and examination has been strictly compartmentalized.

A short, perfunctory examination of the recovered bodies was completed. Examination revealed that Carolyn Bessette Kennedy was in third trimester pregnant, the fetus a boy.

The four bodies were transferred to a senior member of the Kennedy family. The Bureau was not informed whether the bodies were actually cremated. Indirect advisories report that the bodies may have been shipped in untagged containers to foreign destinations. Reliable assets are to submit reports.

THE CONCLUSION: JFK Jr. was a qualified pilot, in control of his flight, flying a reasonably new aircraft, in excellent condition. Visibility was 8 miles. Wind: calm. All indication from forensics and physical evidence investigations lend themselves to a violent explosion from a BOMB PLACED ABOARD THE AIRCRAFT!

The aircraft EXPLODED in mid-air, as evidenced by the eyewitness accounts, and the widespread debris gathered from the ocean and several different beaches, and the nature of collateral damage to recovered aircraft parts, and items on board such as the headrest, foot pedals, steering yoke carpeting and so fourth. All showed signs of violent damage, having been “ripped” or blown from their normal positions/locations. This could only have been caused by an ONBOARD EXPLOSION. Considering the nature of the current political atmosphere in America, and the before mentioned facts,

There is little doubt that JFK Jr. was murdered.

In all likelihood, it was a political assassination of the highest order, meant to alleviate a potential threat to the ruling elite.

If you doubt the NEW WORLD ORDER EXISTS, listen to JFK himself admit to this huge delusion. He addresses the problems of secret societies (Skull and Bones, Masons, etc.), along with administrations that think they can conceal it’s activities from the public under the bogus lie of “National Security”. It is in fact a speech where JFK exposes the NEW WORLD ORDER!! Keep in mind also, that Kennedy was obviously aware of this problem way back in 1961!

There is no doubt, JFK was exposing the very ruling elite that eventually had him murdered. This is a portion of the speech that President John F. Kennedy gave at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on April 27, 1961. “The President and the Press” before the American Newspaper Publishers Association.

No doubt JFK Jr’s murder was at the hands of the power elite because he was ready to blow the lid off who really killed his father.




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    John F Kennedy Junior Murder & Egyptair 990 by Andy Law I was involved in the investigations. One of the perpetrators in both of these tragedies, which were not accidents, was identified. Rodney Powell was a CIA officer from 1974 until the "Halloween Massacre of 1979" when he was laid off, moved to Israel, and went to work for the Mossad, utilizing the right of return to become an Israeli citizen. The "MO" with EA 990 was drugging and hypnotizing Batouty, the Egyptair 990 copilot, at the Hotel Pennsylvania in NYC, where El Al also stayed. A "manchurian candidate". Although not in the accident report, you can google to find there were 33 high ranking Egyptian Military officers on board, including Generals - returning home from a training excercise. The FBI did a smear job on Batouty and called it a suicide. In the article below, you will surmise that an EMP weapon was used on Kennedy - probably employing microwaves. It was probably pitched over the side of the "fishing boat" described below. The fisherman were Israelis, they got away. This was Plan B. Plan A was "MK ULTRA" (as above) on copilot/friend that kennedy invited along but he did did not committ. They discussed the route, date, and time on a tapped phone. The "treatment" gives steps 1-2-3-4-5 and there is a trigger word or event. The drugs are amnestic so the “candidate” has no idea what he is about to do. I was told the Kennedy Jr. records are sealed until 2029 by the FBI. NEW ARTICLE: From Wayne Madsen Report “From Deep Inside The Washington Beltway” August 12, 2009 -- JFK Jr.'s PlaneCrash Was Originally Treated As Murder Investigation By Wayne Madsen READ FULL STORY HERE: (scroll down to "skipper") http://rfkjrnews.com/about/

  2. andy wrote on 11/24/2009 09:36 AM


  3. rtyecript wrote on 08/24/2011 11:18 AM

    I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

  4. antonio aguilar wrote on 05/01/2012 09:06 AM

    It is very disappointed and sad history that I feel it's real that the Rockafellers don't think on anything other than their own interests so they step over everyone without realizing that people with good intentions are more important than them in this world. And I don't understand why US Congress does not do anything about it to investigate and clarify this ugly and dirty actions.

  5. Michael Jones wrote on 10/05/2012 12:56 PM

    Thank you for this report. I will review its findings. At this time I will say this: It is time to expose these criminals for what they have done and are doing to the world, and the Human population therein. It is not their right, as rights are not given in darkness, but rather they are given in the light of day, and by deeds that help everyone equaly. We will cause an action, if this is true, and that action will be to expose the criminals and their families, for the crimes that they commit and have committed, whether living or deceaced, for all the world to see. You are brave.

  6. dee wrote on 08/19/2013 09:41 AM

    I can't wait til truth wins out in this current climate of the People's Voice! The truths uncovered by Wikileaks and the various whistleblowers on a variety of FACTS previously unknown to the unsuspecting lovely public. In Britain the march is beginning - people stirring against money racketeering FRACKERS! I wish you could get a voice into national publications/media to put your findings out there! Perhaps some decent caring and thinking Americans might start to see the constant repeats of EVIl and work together to stop it.

  7. Rhonda Jeansonne wrote on 08/22/2013 09:29 PM

    I believe every word in this report; however, how can the every day, common person fight this kind of evil? I refuse to vote because I do not trust politicians. It may appear the Bush and Clinton dynasties are powerful; but, they are given power by some other group. Ted Gunderson and Bill Cooper taught me a lot before they were both murdered. They told the truth and were killed. When President Kennedy was killed it hurt me more than when my own daddy died. That grief never left me or any of us. I pray to God in heaven He will bring His justice onto not only the Bush and Clinton families but the evil power behind them. What can the righteous do when the wicked are in power? Our good men keep getting killed, men like JFK and JFK, Jr. Come quickly, Lord Jesus........

  8. Elaine wrote on 11/26/2013 05:07 PM

    I am glad that I came across this article and these findings. I loved John John and admired him and always thought something was fishy about that plane crash. I hope what REALLY happened becomes public knowledge some day.

  9. david t. krall wrote on 06/19/2014 02:09 PM

    6/19/14 from: david t. krall email: truthatlarge@hotmail.com I have always considered the possibility of JFK, JR being "murdered" and masked as an airplane "accident".. just to add some "ammo" and some lucid common sense that cannot be denied or debated is the interest, involvement and close connection and immnese impact JFK would have had on the 2000 election...think about it 1) he would have bridged and assisted in any differences between Clinton & Gore...his family was close to the Gore family...Al Gore Sr, was the first and I believe the only Southern Dem Senator to support JFK for the Dem Nomination in 1960...something that LBJ "never forgot" 2) because of his name, looks, appeal and own strong charisma, he would have made a serious imprint & impact MEGA !!!) on the 2000 election, much more than people ever realize... 3) all that money...BIG...BIG BIG $$$$ to help and spend on Gore...& who ever "talked" Gore into choosing a dweebe/catatonoc closet neo-con like Joe Leiberman as his running mate to begin-with???? All that money, looks, charisma...that"presence" would have tipped the 2000 election siginificanlty in Gore's favor. and changed history... no doubt...even if you don't believe in the murder "theory" of that happened in June (?) of 1999....these points cannot be doubted or contetsed as asides to his death and what impact he would have had on the 2000 election.... alas and lastly, it is my belief that "the son of the slain king could not be allowed to get to close,near or influence, or even having the appearance of influencing the future seeker of the throne by those who, in the recent past killed his father, the king"...just like in the Bible or in tomes like "Tragedy & History" (Quigley) or "The Outline of History" (H.G. Wells)

  10. Tim wrote on 08/18/2015 11:05 AM

    Who did the memory painting?

  11. LOUIS Z wrote on 05/27/2016 12:49 PM


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