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In a move so unbelievably arrogant by the illuminists, right after the (overthrow of the current government) assassination of the President, the “crime scene” limo was washed even before it was studied for evidence at the order of Lyndon Johnson.

Johnson ordered the limousine washed and cleaned while still at Parkland hospital in Dallas. The crews cleaned out any bullets that didn’t belong to Oswald’s alleged rifle. Oswald always claimed he didn’t own a rifle. Well, we have the photographic evidence to show you that at least two different bullet fragments were found in JFK’S limo that day. The first is the fragments which the doctors that did the autopsy pulled from the Presidents skull. The second picture is the “magic bullet’ which was found on a stretcher that wasn’t used for Connally or Kennedy. Also, this bullet had no traces of blood or tissue from either man as well and the pristine bullet was not designed to fragment but there were fragments found all over the car like the one pictured here. Obviously, they came from different rifles.

Important evidence regarding the bullet fragments in the wrist and thigh of then-Governor John Connally renders the single bullet scenario impossible. The bullet presented in evidence is complete, save for a small nick taken for analysis. The report states: “The weight of the whole bullet prior to firing was approximately 160-161 grains and that of the recovered bullet was 158.6 grains. The maximum loss of mass of the bullet would be a mere 2.4 grains.

Yet this bullet is supposed to have deposited fragments in the wrist and thigh of the collateral victim, as well as other fragments in the vehicle. The report states: “One fragment, found on the seat beside the driver, weighed 44.6 grains and consisted of the nose portion of a bullet. The other fragment, found along the right side of the front seat, weighed 21.0 grains and consisted of the base portion of a bullet.” These two fragments alone constituted 65.6 grains, indicating at least one other bullet. This contradiction leads inescapably to the conclusion that the bullet in JFK’s throat, the bullet in his back, and the bullet which passed through Connally were three separate shots, and not the single shot proposed by the Warren Commission Report.

The wound in the governor’s thigh is also remarkable for another reason in that the fragments lodged deep inside were not related to the tangential wound just below the skin. As the report stated, “The surgeons who attended the Governor concluded that the thigh wound was not caused by the small fragment in the thigh but resulted from the impact of a larger missile.” This reading of the matter seems to imply that the governor just happened to have some odd bullet fragments in his leg, but that they did not come from the shooting whereas the superficial puncture wound they noted was a result of the shooting. It is plain, however, that if the wounds are unrelated, it must be the fragments that resulted from the shooting and not the puncture wound. This latter wound serves only to validate an assumption of provenance to the bullet presented in evidence, which has no association with the shooting otherwise. Inclusion of that bullet, however, is vital to the case against Oswald because the fact that it had been fired from the Manlicher-Carcano rifle is the only physical evidence linking him to the actual events of the shooting.

The fact of the single bullet probably wouldn’t be admissible in evidence and here’s why.

After doing its magic trick during the shooting, it does another magic thing and works its way out of Connally’s leg all by itself and falls out of his clothes onto his stretcher (despite the fact that the Doctor working on Connally says the bullet is still in his leg after this happened). It is then found by two men, Tomlinson and Wright, who are later shown the CE399 bullet by FBI agent Bardwell Odum and say it ‘resembles’ the bullet they found. That’s the official story. Unfortunately there is no evidence any of that happened. Tomlinson and Wright actually said that CE399 a), wasn’t the same bullet they found and b), wasn’t found on Connally’s stretcher. Odum never did any of the things the Warren Commission said he did and wasn’t involved with CE399 in anyway.

Here’s the actual FBI memo, which was declassified in the mid 90s, saying Tomlinson and Wright couldn’t identify CE399 as the bullet they found –

(BELOW) A forgotten and arcane piece in the assassination folklore. It’s a photograph of all the evidence the Dallas police had taken on the night of the assassination before it was sent off to the FBI. Amongst other things it shows the pistol Oswald allegedly killed Officer Tippit with. And the bag found in the so called snipers nest that Oswald allegedly used to carry the rifle in to the Book depository. Yet it also shows something incredibly significant. Exhibit Number 3 is a humongous fragment of the bullet removed from Governor Connally. This is on top of the numerous smaller bits taken from his body and the numerous smaller bits that remained in his body until the day he died. Case closed folks. The fragments in the photo plus the fragments that remained in Connally add up to more than anything missing from the magic bullet. Simple math tells you these were from at least two separate bullets fired from two different rifles.

When James Files fired the fatal shot, he claimed he liked to leave his “signature” and would bite the shell casing and leave it at the scene. He claims to have bit the shell casing after firing at Kennedy and left the casing on the picket fence.

In 1987 a man named John Rademacher was digging near the fence and found a black 222 shell casing with indentations on it. That black shell casing is the one shown here which fired a hollow point bullet with a mercury load that pierced the presidents head.

Here’s other photos that defy explanation. —

(BELOW) here is what appears to be two men filming the assassination at point blank range. Why have we never seen these films? —

(BELOW) A bullet hole through the windshield —

(BELOW) Another clear bullet hole above the visor. —

And here secret service men are tampering with the crime scene by cleaning off the limousine before forensics can examine it. Look at the agent with a bucket at his feet. WTF?


Key witnesses were never found. We ran the below excerpt in the first of our articles on the assassination—but it needs repeating:

In the below picture, you can see three men standing on the steps with the best view of the Presidents murder. Only one (the man in the middle) has been identified. One of these men was Emmet Hudson, who is now deceased. Hudson was a groundskeeper for Dealey Plaza who was thoroughly interviewed on record about what he saw. His recollection of the events is sketchy at best as evidenced by claiming the time between the first and second shots were two minutes apart. But the other men may have a great story as they obviously had the best view of the assassination of anyone there that day. The man on the right is an unidentified black male – having been described as black by Hudson and appearing to be so in the photographs. This man’s actions were fairly well documented in film. Within seconds of the shots, the men on the steps appear to be aware of what is happening. They appear panicked, one of them waves his hands and the black man looks around frantically and then runs up the steps. The other man in the red shirt has never been identified either, but you can see they both panic as they witness one of the most horrific crimes scene in American history.

Possible explanation about this couple:

According to Joe McBride’s ‘Into the Nightmare’ (pps. 551-552 Kindle version) it was Evelyn and Arthur King, brother and sister and students at SMU at the time, who were sitting on the bench and eating their lunch which included soda pop.

McBride quotes another researcher Joe Backes who says that Evelyn confirmed for him as recently as 2009 that she saw from her vantage point on the bench a man in a hoodie rapidly pass her on the bench and go to the corner of the cement retaining wall, and then she saw a man in a police uniform, at the picket fence line, fire a shot at the President. She hit the ground when she heard the shot (s?) and that’s what caused the soda pop bottle to crash.

(BELOW) Immediately after the shooting, you can see one of the men here next to the bench were Abraham Zapruder’s secretary, Marilyn Sitzman described seeing a black couple before the shots rang out. It appears the man has a wife or girlfriend who is holding a baby. If this man is alive today, he would, without a doubt, be able to verify our long standing belief that a shot came from behind the picket fence.

Finding them:

Time may be running short as years become decades. If alive today, this couple would likely be in their early 70’s. Chances are at least one of them is alive. There is very little that is known for sure about them. We can be sure that there was a couple present that day who fit the description and who had a young child. They appear to be the best candidate for being the couple on the knoll.

Here’s what can be determined:

* A man and a woman, both African American and both lived in Dallas or the greater Dallas area. (It seems unlikely that someone would have traveled a long distance).

* They were described as being “young” and “20’s” – This puts their dates of birth sometime between the mid 1930’s and early 1940’s.

* They had a child who was probably born in early 1963 or 1962. It’s possible the child was born in 1960-1961 (although the child does appear a bit small for a two or three year old).

* As there are no other children seen and given their age – this was probably their first child. Thus we’re seeking a couple who had their first child in the early 1960’s.

* They were most probably married (given the social consequences of having a child out of wedlock in the early 1960’s – most couples who stayed together would be married if they had a child and likely were married before).

* They probably owned a car and were likely fairly middle class.

* Possibly the best clue: The man on the steps with Emmet Hudson worked “On Industrial” – a reference to Industrial Blvd in Dallas. This man was likely the one seen with the woman on the bench behind the retaining wall. However, even if he was not, he would still be an important witness.

There is a high probability that this couple would have mentioned seeing the assassination to friends or family. If the topic came up they may have said something like “You know, I was there when it happened, it was a real shocking thing to see” or something of that nature. It’s also possible that their child would have mentioned it, stating that he or she was in Dealey Plaza when the assassination happened, but was only a baby and either could not remember it or had only a very vague memory of it. Today he or she would be around the age of 48, give or take a year or so.

Do you know anyone who matches this description? An elderly black man or woman (or both) who lived in Dallas in the early 1960s, had their first child in the early 1960’s, was born in the 1930’s or 1940’s, owned a car, worked on Industrial Blvd? Perhaps it’s an uncle or aunt. A friend of the family. A co-worker or former co-worker, a neighbor. If you went to school in the area in the early 1970’s, perhaps there was an African American classmate who mentioned being a baby at the time and being at the location? If you have any information please contact us at:

theconspiracyzone@msn.com —

Another mystery around the assassination concerns “The Umbrella man” and “The Dark Completed Man” Their identities are now known….The umbrella man as it turns out is Manual Artime a CIA man who was involved in the Bay of Pigs. His partner, the dark skinned man who throws up his hand at Kennedy when JFK is shot in the throat, is Eladio del Valle (Yito). Yito was a Cuban exile who possibly was working for the FBI. He had hatred for JFK after he refused to provide air support for Bay of Pigs. The umbrella man’s job was to signal the driver of the limo, William Greer (yes, he was in on it too) that JFK was not hit yet as the car turned from Houston to Elm…that was the original plan, and he was to stop the limo on Elm street. The limo did stop for about 2 seconds and Kennedy was hit twice in the head even though the Zapruder film doesn’t show that. But remember, the Z-film has been altered…..EVIDENCE OF ALTERATION IN THE ZAPRUDER FILM...Watch more about The Umbrella Man in the short video below.

This shocking video shows proof that there were several bullets found in Dealey Plaza immediately after Kennedy was hit that could not be attributed to Oswald:


The so-called bullet hole in the President’s shirt is no such thing; it seems to have been hastily made by snipping along three sides with scissors and then tearing the resulting flap of material off. Notice, for instance, how the rightmost snip extends a little way past the start of the topmost snip which, in turn, extends slightly past the top of the leftmost snip:


What happened to the body?

As Lifton indicated in his book “Best Evidence,” what had happened to JFK’s body somewhere between Parkland Hospital and Bethesda was surgery to the top of the head, which that author figured could only have been to remove bullets or bullet fragments from the head. Accessory end results from that surgery to the head included changing the trajectory of the head wounds so that they appeared as a result of the upcoming autopsy to be wounds that had been fired from back to front, thus implicating Oswald. The majority of the men who saw the corpse come in the first time, in the plain shipping casket and the body bag, all said that at that time the head looked like Kennedy had been shot from front to back.

This tied in with what the Parkland doctors said they saw while they tried vainly to resuscitate the President, but the hole the Bethesda guys saw was much larger. Instead of just being in the right rear of the head as noted at Parkland, the Bethesda wound projected forward into the area of the right temple also. What this implies is that the persons who performed that surgery to the head apparently did not have the time to do the entire job they may have wanted to in the limited time period between Air Force One landing at Andrews Air Force Base and the official motorcade from there arriving at Bethesda.

Lifton had postulated as a result of his research that the body had probably been hidden somewhere on board Air Force One during the flight back to Washington, perhaps in the galley area, possibly disguised as baggage. After the Boeing 707 landed at Andrews, one military helicopter moved in to the right side of the aircraft where arrangements had been made to place a ramp at the right front exit of the plane. It was then that the corpse had been offloaded from Air Force One, Lifton’s research led him to believe. From there it was a short air hop to a place like Walter Reed Army Medical Center where the pre-autopsy surgery could have been done. Then it would have required just a quick ambulance ride or helicopter flight to Bethesda in plenty of time to beat the motorcade as the corpse actually did. Crazy as that situation sounds, it makes sense. The one thing it had going for it was that it did sound so crazy to those among us who believe that everything occurs in a straightforward, step by step fashion in this life. First somebody dies violently, then they are taken by an ambulance to a hospital, then to a morgue where an autopsy is performed, then the report is issued while the funeral is going on or shortly thereafter. Problem is, there ain’t no law that says it has to happen that way. What we expect is a psychological conditioning thing because it usually happens that way. But not always. As was once noted by Sherlock Holmes, once you have eliminated every possible solution but one, then that solution, however unlikely appearing, has to be the correct answer.

Interestingly enough, Lifton was tipped off to the existence of such surgery by the autopsy surgeons noting the fact to FBI men who watched the autopsy, who in turn noted it in their report that it had been said. Just one of the little things in the record that slipped past everybody until Lifton recognized its true significance and started following up on it. While the two FBI agents deserve some form of congratulations for noting that occurrence when they were informed of it by autopsy doctors, Lifton feels that other branches of the federal bureaucracy really fell flat and possibly were worse than negligent for the part they played in the JFK assassination. The Secret Service, as far as Lifton was concerned, could well have been implicated in the assassination somehow, perhaps on the basis of some individual members rather than as a total investigative and protective agency. The Secret Service, Lifton noted in his book, had the responsibility for guarding the President, and agents of the Service also had responsibility for planning the motorcade route in Dallas.

(BELOW) The actual emergency room where Kennedy was taken.

After Kennedy was dead, the Secret Service had custody of the body, which was the main piece of evidence in the case and was obviously tampered with, thereby destroying whatever credibility that piece of evidence had in a court of law. They also custody of bullet fragments, the limousine (which was altered and repaired prior to being investigated as criminal evidence), and would still have to answer for hustling the corpse out of Dallas so that an independent coroner would have the autopsy done instead of the screwed-up affair at Bethesda. But to put things in proper perspective, we have to remember what Edward Luttwak says in the book “Coup d’Etat.”

He notes that for a coup to be successful at least some important members of the target’s protective agency have to be “turned” so that the security will relax enough for the plot to be successfully carried out. Hopefully the security will be relaxed enough for the assassins to make a clean getaway. Apparently this is what happened in the JFK murder, along with members of either Kennedy’s staff or the White House Secret Service detail also helping to arrange things for the coverup of the crime to be successful. It isn’t too pretty a picture to contemplate, but these things bore looking into by the Assassinations Committee along with the narratives the medical technicians could have provided if Committee researchers would have let them just tell about it. They didn’t. Nor did they even delve into things like whether anybody in the Secret Service or anybody else could have been involved in what so apparently was a plot.

Other areas of course involve a better followup of what Fonzi was doing, which the Committee should have done, and what the Justice Department should have had a try at as per the Committee’s recommendation. What we are left with as a result of all this is the possibility that since no action has been taken as the result of the Committee’s recommendation is that whoever was behind the JFK assassination literally took over the U.S. Government behind the scenes as a result of it. There they probably remain until this day, pulling the puppet strings while everything appears to go on as it always did. But it doesn’t.

All these deductions from real life occurrences constitute fairly serious charges and allegations. It should be remembered that under a relatively open minded interpretation of factual evidence that has been known for years they are the only type of deductions that fit the real life known occurrences and facts as outlined here. And this is only a short summary. Very thick books have been written in very serious, scholarly fashion about the JFK assassination.

But so far there have not been any of them written along the lines of merging all the factual material currently known to the public and drawing interpretations of what the only logical outcome could have been. As noted above, the most probable conclusion a reasonable person could reach is that there was a plot and it succeeded in taking over the government. It’s just too bad that the only investigative agencies with enough clout to investigate a Presidential assassination are run by the federal government. Maybe we ought to form another one that’s independent and sic it on some of these big, unsolved murders of recent history, starting with the JFK assassination. It won’t bring JFK back, but it would wipe the slate clean and give us the answers that are still hidden.

When Jack Ruby was still in jail awaiting trial, he was visited by Gerald Ford, a member of the Warren commission, along with Earl Warren himself and some staff members of the Commission in the interests of having an interview down on record from the killer of Lee Harvey Oswald. Ruby begged Warren repeatedly to have him taken out of the Dallas County Jail where his life was in danger (Ruby’s own words) and take him to Washington where he could testify freely since he really didn’t want to hold anything back about his part in the Kennedy assassination. Not only did Ruby believe that his life was in danger, but he also felt that his family was in a certain amount of danger from any disclosure that he might make officially about the murder. Interestingly enough, considering Bob Blakey’s theory, he also denied that organized crime had approached him about taking a part in the murder of the President.

It was obvious just from reading the transcript that Jack Ruby was utterly terrified. It was also apparent that he still had enough of a grip on the realities of the situation that he knew Earl Warren could get him back to Washington to testify if he wanted to, since the Commission had a mandate to go out and collect evidence in any way it wanted to. Earl Warren denied at one point to a direct question from Ruby that he could get him back to Washington, though, and that was the apparent beginning of understanding on Ruby’s part that Earl Warren was not really interested in getting him out of Dallas so that whatever he had to say could come out. After that point and repeated failures to convince Warren that it would be worth it, Ruby gave up the effort and lapsed back into his tired story that he had used during his murder trial.

By the time the trial was on, one reporter managed to gain access to Ruby for a private interview. Summers, who wrote the book CONSPIRACY was searching through old videotapes in Texas in 1978 and found a fragment of that interview, which was in the form of a rare television interview with Ruby which had never been shown on national television. Let’s listen to that right now:

Ruby was slumped in a chair during a recess in one of his many long-drawn-out court appearances, and noted that “The only thing I can says is everything pertaining to what’s happened never came to the surface.

The world will never know the true facts of what occurred-my motive, in other words. I am the only person in the background to know the truth pertaining to everything relating to my circumstances.” And, in response to the interviewer’s question about whether Ruby thought the truth would ever come out, Ruby provided a possible epitaph if somebody doesn’t really do an honest investigation. “No. Because unfortunately these people, who have so much to gain and have such an ulterior motive to put me in the position I’m in, will never let the true facts come aboveboard to the world.” What do you think? Does the death of a U.S. President deserve more than that, or not?

In this bizarre video clip, you will see Kennedy’s limo leave the airport. He was supposed to be flanked by secret service at ALL TIMES!! Watch here how his secret service received orders to stand down and their “can’t believe it” reaction: Remember, the rails on the back of the Presidential limo are there for secret service to hold onto to protect the Presidents back at all times. They were ordered to stand down that day…WHY? Emory P. Roberts, Secret Service shift leader (commander) for Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963, recalled SSA Henry J. Rybka from running alongside the JFK limousine at Love Field. Vincent M. Palamara, expert on the JFK Assassination secret service detail wrote as follows:

“Rybka’s dismay and confusion is made manifest by his unambiguous body language: He throws up his arms several times before, during and after the follow-up car passes him. He was not being allowed to do his job and it was not JFK who was ordering the stand-down…Rybka did not enter the follow-up car and was left behind at the airport.

THE NON-PERFORMANCE OF AGENT ROBERTS—The activities of Emory P. Roberts during as well as before the shooting are difficult to understand. As the first shots were fired, he recalled agent John D. Ready, who was attempting to run to the president’s car. The initial explanation for this order the speed of and distance between the cars was too great for effective protective measures to be taken has been contradicted by photographic and eyewitness testimony.

And Kinney, the driver of the follow-up car who was seated beside Roberts, said that his shift leader, upon hearing what he later admitted he immediately knew to be a rifle shot, ordered his agents not to move. Thus, during the most critical seconds of the Dallas motorcade, John F. Kennedy was denied potentially life-saving protection as the result of a direct order given by a ranking member of the United States Secret Service. In addition, the motorcycle policemen were ordered to go no further forward than the Presidential motorcades rear wheels that day..another bizarre move…...by Vice President Johnson…..Ask yourself ..WHY? (BELOW).

What is so bizarre about this is just four days earlier in Tampa, you can see Kennedy had two secret service agents on the back of his limo (below) to provide the President with even minimal security. Why were they told not to be in that position in Dallas? Kennedy would have been very difficult to kill had they have been there on November 22nd.

We will put this video of Kennedy admitting that there is a NEW WORLD ORDER CONSPIRACY on all of his assassination articles on this site.




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