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JESSIE VENTURA “I believe very strongly that if an independent candidate like myself – a rogue – were to get into the President’s race legitimately, if the polls looked like he had a chance to win, I believe that candidate would either be physically assassinated or would be assassinated credibility-wise or in some manner by our government because I do not believe they would ever allow a true independent or a citizen to become President of the United States,” said Ventura.

Rumors that Obama might be assassinated have reverberated through the campaign for over a year now. Is it possible?

Remembering that the Illuminati controls this election and will cause their selected man to win this election, it is sobering to remember that assassination is a tool of the Global Elite. Whenever the Illuminati wants to eliminate an enemy, or to create chaos, they have no qualms whatsoever about turning to assassination.

What I fear is that the Illuminati wants to create a race war chaos in which they can implement their coveted Martial Law and dissolve our Constitutional government. Therefore, an assassination of Obama should he win the Presidency is a distinct possibility.

In this light, the FBI arrested two Neo-Nazi white supremacists can be seen as the first salvo in the conditioning effort to make people instantly believe that the perpetrators behind an assassination attempt on Obama would be white, (Thecuttingedge.org).

To start with, it’s important to note the bizarre characters the illuminati have chosen for this next Presidential election. NONE, and I mean NONE of the candidates made any sense. Make no mistake about it….. Barack Obama and John McCain are illuminati puppets. They were put there for a reason. The strange thing about this is, ALL of these people represent factions the illiminati don’t like and hold in contempt. Keep in mind, the global elite consist of mostly Caucasian males. Most of these people are, racist and sexist. So, they would not like Barack Obama because he is a minority. They would not like Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman. They would not like John McCain because of his age. Illuminati factions refer to older people as “useless eaters” CHECK OUT OUR ARTICLE: SECRET ILLUMINATI DOCUMENT USED TO ENSLAVE YOU, FINALLY REVEALED! There is even evidence of coded messages in the bible indicating an assassination is possible.(BELOW). So, where does that leave us? Why would this election be shaping up like it is? As far as occult power goes,the defeated Hillary Clinton has more than the other two. John McCain is way to old for the power elite to let him have any real power. We have word that McCain is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Let’s face it, to be president and represent the global elite, you have to at least be able to go to the bathroom without wetting yourself first. To understand why Hillary Clinton was unelectable, look at our article: WHY HILLARY CLINTON WAS UNELECTABLE AND NEVER STOOD A CHANCE.

We at TheConspiracyZone see a few reasons why this election might be shaping up like it is. Like we predicted, Barack Obama will be the Democratic choice. We also think he might be the next illuminati puppet President. Now, here are a few possibilities of what MIGHT go down. Barack Obama is really a trojan horse. He is a Muslim at heart and the illuminists want him in power to work with the Arab nations to bring them in to the New World Order. Remember, the reason why the Arab nations are being attacked and bombed by the global elite is because they have a high percentage of the worlds natural resources (oil) and because they DO NOT want to be a part of the New World order agenda. So, to get a muslim in power would be huge for the illuminists to finally bring the Arab nations in to the New World Order cartel. But, remember, Obama is still not an illuminati favorite. It’s very possible that after his job is done which is to bring in the Arab nations into the Global Elite authority, that he would then be expendable. So WATCH CLOSELY who his running mate is. That is now Joseph Biden.!!!!! The illuminati have no problem assassinating one of their own. “See John Kennedy.”

As a matter of fact, we think even the controlled mainsteam media is picking up on the possible future assassination of Obama. Look at this interview with Ted Kennedy from Harry Smith of CBS:

Senator Ted Kennedy, having endorsed Barack Obama for President, has begun his barnstorming on behalf of the candidate in earnest. This morning found Kennedy on CBS’ The Early Show, where anchor Harry Smith, apparently lacking the wit or the wherewithal to pursue a more substantive line of questioning, took the opportunity to do a little whistling past the Kennedy family graveyard:

SMITH: When you see that enthusiasm though, and when you see the generational change that seems to be taking place before our eyes, does it make you at all fearful?

Naturally, Kennedy really didn’t catch on to what Smith was driving at, and responded, “I think that what people are basically saying is that they want a new day and a new generation.”

Lacking a more heavy-handed way of getting his point across, like, say, whipping out the Zapruder film or something, Smith delicately waded back into the matter of political assasination:

SMITH: I just…ahhh—I think what I was trying to say is, sometimes agents of change end up being targets, as you well know, and that was why I was asking if you were at all fearful of that.

Kennedy elected not to speculate on the matter, for once demonstrating that the repetition of campaign talking points can help to paper over a host of media sins.


VIII. A prominent Republican political adviser shockingly mentioned the possible assassination of Senator Obama!

Coming hard on the heels of Hillary’s mention of the Robert Kennedy assassination, Liz Trotta’s remarks are truly mind-numbing.

NEWS BRIEF: “Fox News Guest Openly Calls For Obama Assassination ”, InfoWars, May 26, 2008

“The Neo-Cons’ sick obsession with assassinating Barack Obama took another bizarre turn yesterday when Fox News guest Liz Trotta openly expressed a desire to see someone “knock off” the Democratic candidate. Trotta, former New York bureau chief of the Washington Times, referred to the Democratic frontrunner as “Osama” before quipping that it would be nice to see both Bin Laden and Barack Obama killed.”

This link allows you to see and hear Liz Trotta say these words! “Both if we could”! “This latest example follows the trend of a bizarre and disturbing corporate media obsession with Obama being killed before he is able to take office.”

The fact of the matter is simple: several public figures have commented in the past months that Senator Obama could be assassinated. Consider these following examples:

“Appearing on The Alex Jones Show last month, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura warned that Obama could be in the crosshairs. ‘I believe very strongly that if an independent candidate like myself – a rogue – were to get into the President’s race legitimately, if the polls looked like he had a chance to win, I believe that candidate would either be physically assassinated or would be assassinated credibility-wise or in some manner by our government because I do not believe they would ever allow a true independent or a citizen to become President of the United States,” said Ventura.

” ‘I say this in all seriousness – watch out Barack Obama’, he added.”

“British Nobel Prize winner Doris Lessing said Obama would be taken out if he became President in February. “He would probably not last long, a black man in the position of president. They would kill him’, Lessing told a Swedish newspaper.”

“Princeton University political science professor-Melissa Harris-Lacewell echoed the same sentiment a month before, saying: “For many black supporters, there is a lot of anxiety that he will be killed. It is on people’s minds.” ” ‘You can’t make a prediction like this – like he has a 50 per cent chance of getting shot’.”

” ‘But the greater his visibility and the greater his access to people, there is a danger’.”

“Some speculated that Obama had been set up for an assassination attempt during a February 20 rally in Dallas, after it emerged that Secret Service gave the order to stop screening for weapons a full hour before the event began.”

We have noted before that the Illuminati loves to “telegraph its punches” before they carry out a plan While I see no written plan to assassinate Senator Obama, it is possible that current Illuminati leadership would set this plan in motion to really shake the American political landscape up prior to this November election.


— Hill: We Remember When RFK Was Assassinated

Clinton cites the Bobby Kennedy assassination while defending her long-running campaign. May 23, 2008— Hillary Clinton today brought up the assassination of Sen. Robert Kennedy while defending her decision to stay in the race against Barack Obama. “My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don’t understand it,” she said, dismissing calls to drop out. Obama’s camp immediately fired back. “Sen. Clinton’s statement before the Argus Leader editorial board was unfortunate and has no place in this campaign,” Obama campaign spokesman said in a statement. Clinton made her comments at a meeting with the Sioux Falls Argus-Leader’s editorial board while campaigning in South Dakota, where she complained that, “People have been trying to push me out of this ever since Iowa.” Obama, the first African-American to advance so far in the race for the White House, has faced threats, sources have said. Robert Kennedy, the younger brother of President John F. Kennedy, was gunned down in 1968 after winning the California primary. He had been a hero on the left for his civil rights agenda and calls to end the war in Vietnam. Barack Obama, has been the subject of threats. Early in the campaign, the Secret Service gave him a security detail at the request of Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Illinois). Clinton criticized an “urgency” to end the campaign prematurely, saying, “Historically, that makes no sense.” She later issued an apology for the remark. “I regret that if my referencing that moment of trauma for our entire nation and in particular the Kennedy family was in any way offensive. I certainly had no intention of that whatsoever,” the former first lady said. Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson defended the comments to The Post, “She was talking about the length of the race and using the ‘68 election as an example of how long the races in the past have gone—she used her husband’s race in the same vein.”


Now, there is another possiblity the global elite might have in mind. That is to suspend the next elections. All it would take is another illuminati staged “terrorist” attack on several U.S. cities, then declare marshall law and the next election would be in limbo and we would have to put up with Boy George W. for awhile longer. With the last staged terror of 9/11, the Bush administration passed all kinds of unconstitutional laws so they theoretically could seize power in the event of another, future 9/11. If this is the case, look for several suitcase “nuke” attacks to be carried out on several huge U.S. population zones.

We feel the first scenario is most likely what is planned. But always remember, the global elite are always capable of changing gears midstream to bring about their ultimate goal which is A NEW WORLD ORDER.


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